Letter and Books Sent to Preachers


After the publishing of these first five books the Lord directed me to send a set to each of 36 well known preachers. I did as He directed along with a short letter stating "The Spirit of the Lord has directed me to make these books available for your reading. I pray that you will do as Paul requested Timothy in II Timothy 2:7; Consider what I say; and the Lord give thee understanding in all things." The replies I received in return were incredible. Except for very few, such as Jamie Buckingham, the responses were not even relevant to my letter. There was some continuing correspondence at the Lord's direction to several ministries that ended in them being highly offended at my response. Their actions over the course of time became instrumental in getting me removed from several TV stations. Then in January of 1991 as I was considering all the responses and the actions of these ministries to the books God had me write the Lord spoke these words to me; "Is there not a cause?" I knew that statement referred to David as he spoke to his brothers concerning Goliath. Goliath walked in witchcraft and many of these ministries walk in that same spirit.


Letter sent to preachers(pdf pdf file)



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