South Florida

August 31, 2016


June 1971 God sent me to South Florida to manage a small animal hospital in Opa-locka. I was not a small animal veterinarian; I basically did large animals, primarily horses. In my practice I was used to driving to calls and working in large stalls, barns and pastures. When I arrived to manage the hospital I was confined to a small building with just a small courtyard where people could walk their pets. I felt very restrained. One day not long after I got there I spoke to God, “I’ll be glad to stay here but you are going to have to change my heart.” My heart changed immediately and I was content. I was the only veterinarian in the clinic, only the Lord was my boss. I worked for a woman that wasn’t too trustworthy but I did very well and the clinic prospered.

I started a bible study in my house in Hollywood, Florida. I invited employees of the clinic and they invited others. I taught the bible to mostly those employees and would minister to them even at work.

One Friday night a woman rushed into my bible study. She announced, “This is my fifth bible study this week.” She went on, “I didn’t have time to fix my children dinner so I just fixed them some popcorn.” That was too much for this disciplined father to listen to. I sent her home and told her to go fix dinner for her family. She never came back.

Patti (my wife now in heaven) and I had a woman from Oregon that lived in our house for a month. She had been a missionary to Cuba along with a man and his wife. They shared with me that for five years the Holy Ghost warned them that a cruel dictator would take their county over if they didn’t repent. That cruel dictator has been obvious for many years.

When I took the clinic over they gave me a sawed off shotgun for my protection. I said take this thing out of here the angels of God surround this place day and night. I never had any trouble the entire time I was there.

My secretary of the clinic had worked both in veterinary clinics and in physician’s offices. She was very talented. One day while at work I mentioned a Ouija Board and she ran away. After I found her I asked her why she ran away. “Oh please, don’t say those words.” I asked, “What words?” “No please, don’t say them!” was her response. I continued, “Are you saying the Ouija Board?” She responded, “That thing told me three times to commit suicide.” I said, “What did you do?” She answered, “I tried to.” I delivered her right there from that wicked witchcraft spirit from the Ouija Board.

One day working in my office a woman came in that had all kinds of jewelry covered with serpents. I said something to her and she shouted, “Oh, God told me I was going to meet a prophet today!” When one of my employees heard the conversation she ran away and hid. When I found her I asked, “What is wrong with you?” She said, "People like that speak curses on people and some die"! That employee was a woman was from South Africa. She was afraid of the devil. I told her, “Don’t be afraid of the devil!”

On another day my secretary was standing behind the counter and a man walked in. He started to talk then threw up his hands and ran out the door. Just a few minutes later he tried to hold up a telephone repairman working on a pole. The man ordered him to come down. Before the telephone worker came down he called the police. The police were close by and killed the intended robber.

A man walked into the clinic later that year and said he was opening an attack dog kennel right there about a hundred yards away from me. He had a hundred attack dogs, Doberman and German Shepherds in training. God used him and them to clean up the neighborhood where I was managing the clinic. Things got very peaceful.

I believe the primary reason God sent me to South Florida was to meet Derek Prince. It was during this period of time when I got to know Derek and Lydia Prince really well. I was invited to just come over to their home in Fort Lauderdale any Thursday afternoon that they were in town. Derek and I would do burgers and hotdogs on the grill and then we would have a meal together. We had some good fellowship together. I was there when Discipleship was introduced. I was present at the first meeting. God was leading me and I saw early that the movement was not of God. Not long after that God told me to return to North Texas.

 God bless you,


God bless,


Doyle Davidson

Servant and apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ





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