God's Grace and Mercy on the Family of

James Madison Davidson

Posted November 9, 2015


For many years I have seen the grace and mercy of God poured out on my grandfather, Luther Albert Davidson. He built Redwood Church in 1924. I grew up in that church. However I never understood the fear of God that was present in the Davidsons.

 A few days ago my great grandfather James Madison Davidson’s life was brought before me. I saw his obituary, death certificate, and other articles written about his life and how he died: tetanus, a most horrible way to die. He had many superlatives written over the years of his life’s success and I thank God for his several abilities in the flesh. But one day God wanted to call the Davidson family into his sheep fold and he visited the man I never knew.

Only his children did I know and some of them pretty well. They were greatly affected by their father’s death but from the death of James Madison Davidson flowed the grace and mercy of God on a strong successful son of his, Luther Albert, his daughter-in-law, Georgia Anna, and his grandchildren, Neva, Floyd, Thelma, Ethel, Lyle (my dad), James, and Carl. All of them were greatly humbled by God’s mercy and grace upon their father and grandfather.

Today as I hear about the life events of James Madison Davidson, there is a reverence, a fear, and a gratitude to Jehovah our God and his son Jesus Christ. I see clearly that James Madison’s sufferings with a death due to tetanus was God’s purpose being brought forth, through the third and fourth generation and out of it sprung Water of Life Ministries of Plano, Texas.

God said he would show mercy on whom he will and he would harden whom he would. I am assured by God that James Madison is in heaven, a Methodist Episcopal. The Episcopals were a hard line Methodist, but nothing is impossible with God.

God bless,
Doyle Davidson
Servant and apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ



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