The Trip To Mexico 1982

Posted July 4, 2016

In June of 1982, a small group of a dozen or so from Water of Life traveled to Mexico to pass out bibles. While there I also spoke in several of their churches along with casting out devils and healing the sick.

Several things happened that made the trip very interesting.

First, before we left Plano for the trip I had an encounter with a woman whose father was a Baptist preacher. She asked me why I did not put more effort into getting people born again. I answered her that it is God that does the work and if God wants people saved He will lead me to do so. I don’t think she was happy with my answer.

However, during one of the meetings, in Rio Bravo, there was a group of people crowded into a small building and the Holy Spirit began leading me to point out certain people and ask them, “What do you want from God?” The first answered, “I want to be born again.” I asked the next person the Spirit led me to ask, “What do you want from God?” They answered in the same way, “I want to be born again.”

This went on for several more, the Spirit would show me who to ask and they would answer, “I want to be born again” or “I want my husband to be born again”, etc.

A lawyer that was with our group interrupted me and said, “Let me do this.” I stepped back and let him take over. He pointed to a person and said, “What do you want from God?” They answered, “Nothing”. He tried it again, the response, “Nothing”. He could not walk in the Spirit. I stepped up and spoke, “Better let me take this.” The gentlemen stepped back. I was led to ask another person, “What do you want from God?” “I want to be born again” was their answer. The Spirit of God led me in that meeting and many were born again. God convinced me and hopefully the person that spoke to me before the trip, that the Spirit of God will lead me to do the work of an evangelist when He sees fit, and they will be born again.

Another interesting thing that happened occurred at a meeting I was ministering in at Reynosa at a Second Methodist Church.

Before the trip I had been speaking to a friend of mine from Bedford, Oregon, by the name of Leonard Keen. He surprised me with a warning, “Don’t let anyone pirate your anointing.” I had never heard anything like this and frankly didn’t believe it was possible, until this trip.

At one point during the meeting I was ministering to some people, moving in the anointing of the Holy Ghost. I walked over and was standing by one of the people from the group. As I moved away from him I sensed the anointing was gone and this person began to minister as I was. I walked back over beside him and the anointing came back to me. I have never forgotten that.

At yet another meeting there was a woman brought that was suffering from insanity. Another woman took her bible and began rubbing it on the head of this insane person and saying, “This is a sword!” This made me so angry at the stupidity of a person thinking that rubbing a bible on the head of a mentally ill person would do any good.


Doyle in Mexico

Doyle ministering in Mexico



 God bless you,


Doyle Davidson


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