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Posted July 14, 2016


In 1984 the owner of Channel 49 Television Station in Dallas/Fort Worth came to Water of Life Church to ask me about sponsoring a couple of Puerto Rican ministries for a television program. As we talked he looked at me and said, “I believe you are to go on television.” I replied, “I believe you are right.” As we were standing there talking God directed me to go on his station Saturday evenings live from 8:00 – 9:00 PM. He responded that it couldn’t be done; Jimmy Swaggart had that time reserved. I answered him back, “I believe God wants me to have it”. I stood with what I believed God said and the station owner picked up the phone and called Jimmy Swaggart’s ministry in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The man on the other end of the phone responded they had decided they did not want that time. God got what He said for me to do. In April we began broadcasting a live one hour television program in Dallas/Fort Worth on Channel 49, Saturdays from 8:00 – 9:00 PM from the station’s studio in Dallas.

In June 1986 I changed our time to Sunday mornings 8:00 -9:00 AM. I would travel to the station and record two programs at a time.

Sometime in 1988 I knew it was time to purchase our own television equipment so we would be able to record television here. We ordered the cameras and all that pertained to them COD (cash on delivery). It was quite a lot of money. I remember when the call came that the cameras were in and they were ready to deliver. I wasn’t sure the money was there, but when we added together the three accounts used by the church there was just enough to cover the invoice. They were delivered and we began taping from here. At first, a crew from Channel 49 came with their video recorder while we would use our cameras.

While recording our television programs this way (our cameras and their recorder) there was a period of time I was teaching the book of Galatians. It was a difficult book to teach. I believe I had done six hours on the first four chapters of the book. I decided to push through and finish Chapter 5 in just one hour and Chapter 6 in the other hour of the two hours we record. When we were finished the television crew went back to their studio and they found the tape for both hours was blank, the programs did not record.


I want to say something here to a young man at that time, I don’t know where he is at now; Tony Montez, God bless you! He called me and said, “Brother Doyle, we made a mistake and the tapes are blank, we didn’t get your programs recorded”. I said, “Tony you didn’t make a mistake, it is my fault. I knew God wanted me to do more than one hour on Chapter 5 and 6, but I wanted to push it through to be done with it.”


So they came back and I did it in four hours, not two, the way God intended.

We then purchased a video recorder and began recording our programs at Water of Life Church in Plano, Texas. In February of 1992 God sent me to go on television, Channel 12, KODE, Joplin, Missouri—the land of my fathers. He then directed me to go on television in Tulsa, Oklahoma; He even told me what channel to go on, KWHB TV 47. I talked to a man named Gary Murphy; he worked for LeSEA Broadcasting at their Tulsa station. He said to send him a tape so he could send it to South Bend to be reviewed by Pete Sumrall. The most recent tape I did was titled “The Law is Not Faith”. I knew that tape was strong and controversial for main line religion. But in a few days I received a phone call that they had been looking for a ministry with integrity to take that hour, and I was that ministry. I have been with LeSEA Broadcasting most of the time ever since.

In 2000 God told me to go on secular television and to call Fox 23 in Tulsa. When I called the station I talked to the sales manager. I asked him what times they had available. He replied back, “The manager of the station and I were talking just one hour ago and the manager said if some ministry would like to do a daily program they can have 9:00 -10:00 AM Monday – Friday. I took that one hour program. I went on Tulsa, Fox Channel 23 on May 1, 2000. I remained on that station until 2007. I had a very good relationship with the sales manager.

I went on to broadcast from a CBS station in Wichita, Kansas, a Warner Brother’s station in Houston, and a station in Los Angles that was owned at one time by Gene Scott.

This ministry then went through a period of the power of darkness, but we came through. We are now broadcasting on LeSEA World Harvest Television, Channel 367 on Direct TV. This station covers all 50 states. We are also on 9 additional television stations, Live stream, Apple TV,
Roku (Channel: Water of Life Ministries),YouTube, and Shortwave Radio.

We are still preaching what we have always preached, the gospel; the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. We expect to keep preaching it until the Lord returns.

 God bless you,


Doyle Davidson


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