December 10, 2013 Transcript

Posted January 8, 2016



Transcribed Excerpts from Tuesday December 10, 2013 Livestream Broadcast

Doyle Davidson:


In 2009 Terry Mai left me quickly and went to heaven… here I was left with the people that were still with me... by the mercy and grace of God some stayed with me. God said you’re not going anywhere. ..So I took those that remained with me and preached the gospel and we sung… I took Terry Mai’s recorded songs that we had, that he had left here.. and Water of Life boys … I had them singing with the recorded songs of Terry Mai…there were eleven of them [songs]… in 2011, on April 2nd, one day after my birthday, I sent an email with a $500 check to a ministry of gospel songs that I had heard …back in the 1990’s and… started communicating with them. Then God had me send $1000 at a time to their ministry. Then God had me send $1000 to another ministry of gospel songs… one of the ministries, I gave $32,500 and the other one $11,000. I really didn’t know what God was doing at that time. You see many times you have to wait until you get through something with God and you say, “Oh ya now I see what you’re doing”… sometime in August or September 2012, I ceased to give money to those ministries by the direction of God.


 You know what God was doing during that time was raising up Water of Life singers. Galatians 6: sow to spirit you reap eternal life, sow to the flesh you reap corruption. I didn’t know what God was doing, I just knew God was developing some singers, some singing hearts…ministers of faith and Spirit…I had known for years about the book of Nehemiah where Nehemiah appointed 245 singing men and women and I taught that but I wasn’t’ sure that was what God was going to do with my ministry….so I just kept worshipping God and kept moving with God…and God expanded …the leaders so to speak…we have people that gather all over the United States in their home or other places and they play our Livestream or Roku and they join us in worship and praise singing God’s songs and there are many, I don’t know how many in the United States are that way, plus there are people in other countries foreign countries that do the same thing…well today God started talking to me about giving that much money, which was over $43,000 to two ministries in America because I had obeyed him and sowed to the Spirit God had brought singing people forth, ministering in the Spirit, singing in the Spirit and their faith was growing. Well that became interesting to me. I left here and went home and… started talking to Kathie D and asked her to read to me out of Nehemiah. She read something that I did not ever recall seeing…148 singers with Asaph:


The singers: the children of Asaph , an hundred forty and eight. (Nehemiah 7:44)


I said, well I know about him so I had her look and see something I had forgotten that I had ever done, but she looked in Wikipedia, and two-thirds of the Psalms, (or 100 of the Psalms), they knew the author of them…Asaph was someone I had a lot of respect for. He is the author of Psalm 50 and Psalm 50 is a strong Psalm. Well these singers were Asaph singers and if I remember correctly they are 12 Psalms that Asaph authored and it was a great blessing to have these read to me again and look at them.


Well let’s do some calculations…approximate number of people with Nehemiah was 50,000 and if you combine 148 and 245 (Nehemiah 7: “and they had two hundred forty and five singing men and singing women”) you get 400 singers. These all came out of captivity with Nehemiah, so they had been delivered out of captivity. 317 million people in America I heard that recently…let’s do some percentage work here. 400 singers and a congregation of 50,000. What did I ask you to do next? What would the same ratio be with the population of America? 2.5. million singers, same ratio as in Nehemiah. I’m not saying that’s right but I am saying I don’t think God leads me to play with mathematics anymore. I’m not saying this is God but I am not saying it’s not. 2.5 million men and women in America that have come out of captivity. No they are not all in Plano, they are all over America hooked up with Livestream and America. There are a lot of people in fifty states that join us, and I know that, that’s a great blessing…I don’t know who all is with us that have come out of captivity. I don’t even know if you have come out of captivity.


I will tell you right now I am still fighting some things because God’s people have put me into captivity with their witchcrafts and doubt and unbelief and I’m fighting to get out and I’m going to get out, thank God. I’m going to get out; I’m going to follow the Spirit of God and come out of captivity and the others here and in America and other areas of the world will also come out of captivity as I walk out of captivity myself. It’s all done by the Spirit of God and the gospel and faith, following Jesus. So I’m rather excited but I’m going to say something that’s in my Spirit:


That 2.5 million people in America that’s out of captivity will lead the “great deliverance” and the “weeks of the harvest.”




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