Timeline of the Life of Doyle Davidson                     


  Posted May 29, 2014

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 April , Born Sarcoxie, Missouri to Lyle Luther and Alba Sarah (Miller) Davidson.


Graduated from Sarcoxie High School, (attended 1st grade through 3rd grade at Banner School, 4th in Olathe, KS and 5th grade through 8th grade at Redwood School).

Menial jobs upon graduation then went to work at a funeral home in Joplin, Missouri.



Joined the United States Navy, reported for duty on February 1, 1952.

June 5, Married Patti Tinkle in San Diego, California.



October 12, Left San Francisco to serve in Yokosuka, Japan for about 27 months.  Four years in the U.S. Navy as a hospital corpsman.


October 27, Kathy Jane Davidson was born in  Oakland, California.




Patti and Kathy joined me in Japan. Kathy was almost six months old when I met her the first time at the Haneda Airport. We lived in Japanese housing in Kamakura.


December 28, Released from United States Navy.

September, attended Joplin Junior College (one semester).

1957  Transferred to University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri.



August 1, Called of God to preach the gospel on the campus of the University of Missouri. Excerpt from What is the Gospel?:


 In August 1958, I was rotating the tires on my car. I had just been accepted into the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Missouri after being discharged from the United States Navy. Suddenly, the presence of God was all around me. lt was as though a cloud of clear gas surrounded me. God's words encompassed me as He said, "I do not want you to be a veterinarian. I want you to be a minister of the gospel." There was a great fear with the presence of God, and I found myself sitting there in the street praying aloud. I could not believe that it was God, however, and I went ahead and entered the School of Veterinary Medicine in the fall. Several years later, God showed me that my unbelief was the reason I did not obey Him when He initially spoke to me that day in 1958.”


September, Entered School of Veterinary Medicine.



Veterinary students and entrepreneurs, Doyle Davidson and Bill Green, delivered a load of hay from Mount Pleasant, Iowa to Columbia, Missouri the summer of 1960.




May Graduated School of Veterinary Medicine.

Summer, Worked in central Tennessee as a veterinarian, attending to champion show horses.  "Two Testimonies"



February, passed the Texas State Board of Veterinary Medicine.

February, Moved to McKinney, Texas, employed by Derry Berry King Animal Clinic. The last time I saw Dr. JP was at the Wyatt Cafeteria in Plano on a Sunday, after services. His wife’s name was Donna. In our conversation I asked him if he died tonight “do you know if you would go to heaven?” He answered, “Yes sir.”  I went on to ask, “Do you believe that Jesus died and was buried and rose again?”  and he replied, “Yes I do,” with a big smile—one of the most pleasant men I ever met.


January 1, opened “Office of Doyle Davidson, Veterinary Hospital.”


August 1, began construction of 121 Veterinary Hospital. Plat Map - Hwy. 121 Veterinary Clinic property; Copy of Deed-Hwy 121 property;


February, first phase of 121 Veterinary Hospital completed.

May 1, Second phase of the hospital partially completed and Charles Rodney Butler joined me as a full partner in a sole proprietorship.

God saved my life. (Saved me from a bull and a stallion).


God told me to sell my hospital and practice and obey him.


January 2, sold my interest in my veterinary practice to Dr. Butler along with 121 Veterinary Hospital.


March 31, In the Holiday Inn, Sherman, Texas at 3:00 AM God ministered to me Isaiah 30:1 "Woe to the rebellious children saith the Lord, that take counsel, but not of me; that cover with a covering but not of my spirit, that they may add sin to sin."
May, God reveals his plan to me for my life in John 15 after I asked, “Who do I get with and who do I follow?"

 "Fruit That Remains"

June , Chicago, Illinois called by God to pray for America.

July 24, Baptized in the Holy Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues in my bed at midnight; following that was baptized by immersion in a swimming pool by George Hedges, Lydia Prince’s son-in-law.  (A Life Lived Wholly Unto God: page 23)

God said, "Return to the land of your fathers."  We went back to Sarcoxie.


August God healed my wife Patti on our way back to Sarcoxie from Tennessee.


God healed my Dad when I prayed for him when he thought he was dying.


A royally bred stallion I owned was injured and the Lord said, "God giveth and God taketh away."

January, Vision of deep water: “You are about to get into deep water, don’t look to the right or to the left or listen to any man or you will drown.”  "The Natural and the Heavenly"


I wanted my house sold and got on my face before God and prayed Psalm 100. Testimony: "God sold my House".

June, God sent me to manage Turnpike Animal Clinic, in Opa Locka, Florida. (Pg. 21, A Life Lived Wholly Unto God)

September, While living in Hollywood, Florida, God commanded me to pray for revival in North Texas.  "North Texas Revival"



May, Returned to Texas and lived in the Denton Holiday Inn for ten weeks studying the book of Romans, specifically the first five chapters. "Learning to be Thankful"

August 4, Purchased 6- acres with a house and two out-buildings in Argyle, Texas. I had been out driving every day, looking for property to buy and one day I saw a small sign, “Property For Sale,” and that is where God put me.

August, I was building horse stalls inside an outbuilding on my 6-1/2 acre property and a Baptist preacher drove up the lane and asked what had brought me to Texas; I followed him to his van and asked him if he would like to know more about the baptism of the Holy Spirit and he said no. I proceeded to tell him about the Holy Ghost, he left quickly. Six weeks later a young man drove up on his motorcycle and asked to talk to me; he was the youth pastor from the same Baptist church. He received the baptism of the Holy Spirit that day with evidence of speaking in tongues. He drove away on his motorcycle and I never saw him again.

November, Started a home bible study. A man came to my bible study one night and I was teaching on the baptism of the Holy Spirit, generally there would be about 25 or 30 people at each bible study and he sat in the back corner that night. After the meeting was over and everyone had left, he came up to me and said, “Dr. Davidson, I’m Tim, my dad is a front man for Billy Graham’s ministry. I have heard a lot of people teach about the baptism of the Holy Spirit, but I have never heard anyone teach it with the clarity you teach.” I asked him if he would like to receive the Holy Ghost and he declined.


Testimony: "They are not waiting on me, I'm waiting on them"  Ephesians 1:17-19



Spring, Taught a men’s group in Argyle United Methodist Church on Saturdays for six months.


"Have you considered praying?" (God delivered a foal.)


God healed a stallion (Intestinal tract stopped functioning)


Mike Reed came to my house and through him, God showed me the foundation in Hebrews 6:1,2.


August,  My introduction to casting out devils when I was in Argyle. (The woman who was tearing the napkin).


Sometime in the sevenities, when my wife Pattii was being difficult, I asked our daughter Kathy to agree with me according to Matthew 18:19 that the power of the devil would be broken over her mother, she was delivered and was a changed person.


Sometime in the seventies God began talking to me about Josiah, the king.


June, went to Israel, called into the ministry Sunday morning, June 16 at the Garden Tomb; spoke at Christ’s Church two days later in Jerusalem for 10 minutes.  "Two Choices"  "Anointed to Preach the Gospel"


Joined "Intercessors of America" (John Talcott)

Closed the home bible study after three Sunday afternoon meetings. Gave myself to prayer following that, repaired foundation of house that I had purchased: "Learning to be Thankful"



Sometime in the mid-seventies God delivered me from a spirit of sorcery in Argyle.

Lengthy discussions with Derek Prince concerning discipleship movement.


God healed my daughter Kathy's nerves.


I cast the devil out of a woman while eating a bowl of ice cream.


God sent me to a men's conference in Kansas City, Missouri and while in my hotel room I was so oppressed by the devil I could only speak "Jesus" and I could barely get it out. But I broke through after praying "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus a few times."

"Who Am I?" God ministered 2 Samuel 7 to me and I prayed verse 25 over and over for a year:

"And now oh Lord God, the word that thou has spoken concerning thy servant, and concerning his house, establish it for ever, and do as thou has said."


Thanksgiving Day miracles (Wally Edge and Peggy Edge)


God showed me in the word, "leap for joy."


June, Sold Argyle property, moved to Carrolton, Texas to pray. Continued discussions with Derek Prince concerning discipleship.


God healed my knees as I walked and prayed Isaiah 53:4-5.


God ministered Luke 6:38 to me and said: "You have been taught get money and give, but my son said, 'give and it shall be given'".


April, God told me to return to McKinney, Texas.
May, Purchased a new home in Fairview and opened a new office for my veterinary practice.

June, God gives important instructions involving returning to First United Methodist Church of McKinney, Texas.

June, I was invited to be a substitute to teach the adult Sunday School Class. Following that class Church leaders met me in the hall and long time friend of mine Laud Howell stated we need this man teaching in this church. Following that impromptu meeting I became a teacher of the Fellowship class, president of the Fellowship class and a certified lay speaker in United Methodist Churches of the North Texas Conference. (Laud Howell went to heaven May 2014 and there were 100 singers at his funeral service.)



September 17, Ministered at the United Methodist Church , Anna, Texas. My message: "What Is The Gospel?"

Met Terry Mai in the United Methodist Church (Choir director).


March God ministered Ezekiel 3 to me and said, “I’m sending you to America…and they won’t hear you.”

Layed hands on Terry Mai at my home in Fairview and the Holy Ghost came upon him and I cast devils out of him for 15 to 20 minutes.  He then spoke in other tongues. Terry's testimony: Down Like a Dove.



January, I began conducting meetings on college campuses and community schools.

February, I had opportunity to purchase 121 Veterinary Hospital as it went into receivership.  For three days the Lord said, “Do you want it?” at the end of the third day my reply was “It is not what I want it, is what you want.” The Lord wouldn’t answer me.  After a few minutes of me asking “What do you want?” He replied, “I don’t want you to have it.” 

February 7, Seed of Abraham Ministries' charter was signed January 10th by myself (Doyle), Pattie Davidson, Terry Mai and Kathy Mai, and accepted by the Secretary of State of the State of Texas February 7th.

April, God spoke to me to “Go to Plano and speak to the people of Plano.”  "Prophets and Teachers at Antioch"


 August, arrived in Plano, Texas as the Lord had instructed and conducted Sunday and Wednesday night services in Meadows   Elementary School.


November 24 Chartered Water of Life Church of Plano, Inc.

Early 1980s: God gave me a vision in the early 1980’s of acres of black people sitting erect.  He gave me a second vision with people with their backs to me wearing white head covers that also covered their shoulders and back and had a dark band around their head.

Purchased property at 18th and Ave P, January 4, we took up residence.

July, God told me Jezebel ruled Plano.

October, went on 5 day/week radio with a 14 minute program in McKinney, then Irving, 2 stations and grew to 20 stations from New York to Florida to California. 

Started Water of Life Christian Training School in Plano;

May The Lord said to me: "You are plowing in good ground, keep plowing."


June, Traveled to Mexico with a group of twelve, passed out bibles and preached the gospel, casting out devils and healing the sick.  



January  "God miraculously saved the church property from foreclosure and proved to me that God was with this ministry."


During our mens prayer meeting one eveining I experienced what appeared like serpent bites all over my body and as I was praying I was taken up in the spirit.


September, Began receiving Word of Faith Satellite.

April went on one hour television live, Channel 49 Dallas, Texas


September The false anointing entered into my ministry.

October, led a group of 44 people on a tour in Israel. Met Ezekiel Guti from Zimbabwe, Africa in the Tomb of the Garden by divine appointment.  "Divine Appointment"


July, The Lord told me the Church could not discern it's right hand from it's left and that he was "...going to judge the United States of America with your mouth." (written in "He Rose Again")


January, Traveled to Harare, Zimbabwe to minister to Forward in Faith Churches for 15 days; took an offering to Forward in Faith for $17,000. We also paid our own expenses there and back.



March, Discontinued Word of Faith Satellite. Following, we had the Maranatha group by satellite, Kenneth Hagin by satellite.

August, God instructed me to give of Water of Life Ministries’ money away and a little later do the same with my own personal giving. "1986"

August 8, I lacerated my wrist while hanging a 2 x 2 ft. ceiling light fixture. "Medicine is a Curious Art"


Sept 1, Special meeting of the trustees-- Ralph Edge ordained as a minister of the gospel and also included renting property in McKinney for a mission.


January, Purchased chairs for the sanctuary.

September, God promised a great deliverance. "The Great Deliverance:"

September, Opened a mission in McKinney, Texas. "1987"



October, Added a second year to the Christian Bible Training School; Jim Clark went to heaven, a profound impact of God’s mercy and love on me and my ministry. "1988"


  Sometime in 1988, Engaged a Methodist spirit of divination that shook me for three days.


 November, Received a request from a pastor in Africa for tapes and God directed me to send ten teaching tapes.


In 1988 or 1989 God gave me a vision of a child in a womb. "And what is this?" I asked. "That is your son."


Brought Lazareth Maselera to America. "1989"

Moved the mission from McKinney back to Plano.


Leased 4011 West Plano Parkway for a second sanctuary. "1990"

Published the five books. "Books"

Sometime in the nineties God told me he never sent anyone to get people saved.

Spent 10 Sundays teaching Jeremiah 51 and 52…Iraq would not fight. From this teaching I could see Iraq would not fight and publicly said so. "Jesus Rules Through Praise and Worship

Nine additional apostles appointed.

Opened our offices in Harare, Zimbabwe, Africa.


January 19 (Sunday) I was speaking on Sunday morning at the West Side Church. As I finished and started to turn to the right the Spirit of Prophecy came up inside me. I knew by the Spirit it was a powerful prophecy and I didn’t move. The prophecy began with this, “Thus saith the Lord; the thing that I have promised you will come to pass in this season.”


Went on national and international television and satellite, beginning with Joplin, Missouri (February 9, 1992) and Tulsa, Oklahoma (February 16, 1992) and also short wave radio on all of LeSea Broadcasting. "1992" . "Testimony of going on WHT LeSEA"

August, Established jail ministry to Dallas County jails.

September, God directed me to deliver Terre Brown.

October, My appendix ruptured. While in the hospital God gave me a vision of men marching, six abreast, dressed in crimson.  I got out of the hospital the day Bill Clinton was elected president. Terre Brown's remembrances of Doyle's stay in the hospital.


Closed 4011 West Plano Parkway meetings and moved everything back to Water of Life Headquarters; helped Bartholomew Manjoro open Faith World Ministries; the apostles began Saturday and Sunday radio. "1993"


Lester Sumrall speaks at Water of Life. "Personal One on One with Lester Sumrall"

July 14, First crusade in Joplin, Missouri. "1994"

July 28, First crusade in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

August, First crusade in South Bend, Indiana (served breakfast paid for by Water of Life Ministries)

December, Christmas dinner at El Chico Restaurant.


Second meeting with Lester Sumrall. "1995"

November, Thanksgiving in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the Southern Hills Marriot.

Invited other ministers to speak.


February 28, My Dad, Lyle Davidson, went to be with the Lord. "1996"

April 28, Lester Sumrall went to be with the Lord.

June, Began flying corporate jet from McKinney, Texas with Windstar Aviation, Joe Restly.

June, Last time we passed the plate, installed a treasury in the sanctuary for offerings. "1996"


Crusades in Anaheim, South Bend, etc. "1997"

Dinner at the Ft. Worth Marriott.

Terry Mai recorded videos of his songs.

December, Launched Water of Life website on the internet, www.doyledavidson.com


In the late nineties I needed to get a permit from the city to fix a gas line at the church and as I drove to the city I said, "Be with me Lord." He said, "I am with you always Doyle"




January 4, My mother, Alba Sara (Miller) Davidson, went to heaven.


March, Identified the false anointing. "1998"


September, Stopped traveling and taught at Water of Life on Friday and Saturday nights.


The warfare was great. "1999"


"I believe it was the year 2000, I prophesied, 'God will open the eyes of Israel in 2018 and they will see Jesus.'"


January, Patti, my wife had a stroke. "2000"

May 1,Went on secular television, canceled all religious television stations. Began teaching the book of Romans.


May 15, $5000 gift to Int'l Fellowship of Christians and Jews - On Wings of Eagles program (Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein) to bring Jews from Russia to Israel.


June 14, $5000 gift to Int'l Fellowship of Christians and Jews - On Wings of Eagles program (Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein) to bring Jews from Russia to Israel.


I met Mel Tari in Plano.


Mel Tari and Bartholomew Manjoro joined me on the broadcast. Work of Righteousness: "2001"


Tongue and interpretation: “Vengeance is mine, I will repay saith the Lord.”  "2002"

Body of Christ meetings in the Metroplex.


January, As I was speaking these words came: “The Sword is in the land.”  "2003"

February 6 , My wife Patti went to heaven. Patti fell and broke her hip Tuesday Feb. 4th and developed a blood clot and went to heaven on Thursday Feb. 6th. (Obituary)

July, Began to visit the states and pray for the country.

September Kenneth Hagin and Derek Prince died, within five days of each other; both men resisted my ministry.

December, The last week in December I recorded a television broadast in which I stated through the Lord: "The power of darkness is hitting your ministry as it did the Lord's."  It is notable that my wife Patti went to heaven, and both Kenneth Hagin and Derek Prince died prior to that.


January 4. “The power of darkness is hitting your ministry as it did the Lord’s.” "2004"  "Power of Darkness Audio"

April, Lisa leaves the church.

June 30, I gave away my 2,400 sq.ft. house , all the furniture, and the 1-1/4 acre property and moved into  a two bedroom furnished apartment in Chase Oaks Apartments in Plano, Texas. 

July, Flew to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on a private corporate jet, paid for at my own expense, picked up my oldest sister and brought her back to Plano for a week.

August, I saw two parent doves and a baby dove on my patio at Chase Oaks Apartments.

August, Lisa went with me on a chartered flight to New Mexico and prayed as we had previously on all the other trips.
August, Lisa said to me “You met your match!” I prayed about this for a week; God set it up for me to meet her. “I have decided to accept your challenge.” (Ten days later I was arrested at her direction.)
September 9, Went to Lisa’s home at the direction of God and was arrested for public intoxication.

September 10, Finished praying for the United States with Tallahassee, Florida.

October 25, I sent a fax to the Chase Oaks Apartments management, giving thirty days notice I would vacate my apartment on November 24.


November 18, I found the house in Plano God had for me and signed the contract.

November 22, I received the news that Dena Schlosser severed the arms of her baby and the child died.

December 8, Moved into my house. I had a bed, refrigerator and stove that day.

December 26, A major earthquake occurred off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia which caused the single worst tsunami recorded in history, with a death toll estimated at 170,000 people.


February or March, I Met “Big Red.” "2005"


March 5, Mel Tari, Welmientje Margaretha Tari and Peter Payouw arrived in Plano to do a series of meetings.

March 28, I recorded a program confronting Baptists spirits. I did not want to air it but God said, “Show it!"

April 21, Lisa stood before me in her front yard, pointed her finger at me and said, “You are going to die and your ministry is coming down”.

May 31, I confronted the spirit in Lisa on several occasions and drove it out of Plano.  She and JR moved out of town.

August 29, Hurricane Katrina made landfall in southeast Louisiana causing major damage and the loss of 1,833 lives.

September 9, One year from the day I went to jail, I woke up and my head, neck, and shoulders were numb, no feeling.  My spirit immediately took over and started praising God; my intellect was saying “This is the only way out.” After some 15 or 20 minutes, most of the numbness was gone and within an hour I was fine. 

September, A friend who attended Water of Life was scheduled for a hearing in Federal Court in Dallas for a deportation hearing. I was questioned by the woman federal prosecutor.

October, I had a serious attack of the devil. My head said “you are dying” but my heart said “you are not.” I wrote a will and then tore it up. God revealed himself to me as Jehovah.


October, God revealed himself to me as Jehovah. (Photo of Doyle at the front entrance of Water of Life.)

December 23, The Lord paid off my house.

December 27, While sitting alone in El Fenix Restaurant, the Lord spoke to me these words, “JR lied to Lisa and she believed his lies.” 


February 13, Subpoenaed to testify at the Schlosser trial at 8:00AM; actually called to the witness stand on Thursday, February 16.

April, Delivered Terre Brown for nine days with Terry Mai and Basil Clark.

April 29, Delivered Terry Mai for more than an hour, on a chartered flight to Joplin.

May 20, Bill Castor’s wreck.


June, Walking and praying on the athletic field and God said to me: “As Paul and Silas were in the jail at Philippi singing praises and praying and the power hit and shook everything, you and Terry Mai will bring that power to this ministry.”


August 2, God calls the church to fast for Israel.  August 3, posted "God Calls the Church to Fast for Israel" with  prayer in Joel 2 "Spare thy people oh Lord..."


January 2, Terre Brown appointed as prophetess to lead the women in the dance.
January 17, We began broadcasting our programs live on the Internet.

June 9, Delivered many from the false anointing. "2007 Video"

June 17, Trip to Israel. "2007"

June (end) Meeting with Ezekiel Guti for 45 minutes.

September 13, I went on a Daniel fast for 21 days.

September 26, We started the men walking in the sanctuary.


January, Kathryn Currier joins Water of Life staff.

March 1, I woke up spitting up blood (Bright and dark blood).

March, Terry Mai found where Lisa was living.

March 27, Met Lisa, she was still in rebellion. "2008"

June, Installed a Security System throughout the outside of the church.


June 12, "As I left the barbershop after my haircut and started my car, Terry Mai's recorded song "It Is Finished" was playing and as he sang the words, 'victory is here,' God anointed those words."

June 17, Lisa’s testimonies were discovered in archives.

June, (a Sunday morning) I said that God brought my ancestors to America so I could preach this Gospel.

July 2, I posted Kathie’s testimony “A Nation Bringing Forth Fruit” Matthew 21:42:

July 20, Prayed a prayer that God would manifest himself to us and a baby dove appeared under my car.

August, I spoke to Kathie D: “You most certainly are a prophetess, and if you have anything to say to me I will hear.” She emailed later: “Don’t forget that this prophetess came out of your heart!”

August, Purchased the new parking lot for WillowCreek Church.

September 24, I overcame a spirit with Lisa, praying through severe chest pains and throat pains for approximately thirty minutes.

September 26, I prayed, binding witchcraft from 7:40 AM until 3:20 PM becoming very weak. I overcame the weakness when a recording of Terry and Kathy Mai singing “I Proclaim the Name of the Lord” began.

October 13, I broke through the socialism spirit in our government. Terre Brown was delivered at about the same time.

November 2, Two days before the national election, the Lord spoke to me early Sunday morning telling me to speak to Candidate Obama; “…His hand is against you, because you have lied to His people and you’ve made promises to His people that you cannot keep.”  "Message to President Obama" clip.

November 4, Obama was elected president of the United States.

November 23, The last day that Terry Mai led worship. Candace played an instrumental piece on the piano and there was a powerful move of the Spirit. "A Memorable Day in History " ,  "Video Description-April 9, 2011"


January 8, Terry Mai went to the hospital.

January 10, Terry Mai diagnosed with malignant lymphoma.

January 14, Terry Mai sent home from the hospital (was scheduled to see the doctor and begin chemotherapy January 27).

January 18, Kathie D came to live in my house.

January 20, With the inauguration of Obama, the spirits that came with his administration, and the Roman spirit that God had brought me to pray against, brought great pressure on my soul and by June my eyes had dimmed so that I was no longer able to read, even with my glasses.

January 25, Saw vision of a woman, called Terry Mai and talked to him.

January 26, While praying strongly, Terry gave up the ghost and went to heaven. "2009"

January 28, During Terry’s visitation service, boys from Water of Life began to sing with a recorded song of Terry’s at funeral home, beautiful move of the Spirit.  I noticed Paul Peter’s voice.

January 29, Terry’s celebration service; the Mai Girls sing together for the first time in public with “Sometimes Alleluia.”

January 30, David Kaspareit appointed Water of Life trustee.

January, Kathy Mai, Candace Mai, Ashley Mai and Rachel Mai were ordained as ministers of music, (gospel ministry).


June and August, Tongue and interpretation given "...He wants to lead you in the valley of the shadow of death, he wants to restore your soul..."


August 7, Afflicited with a cramp in left leg, could not straigten it. Kathie D prayed with me and the cramp left and I could straghten my leg.


August 9, Tongue and interpretation: "you're not going to die..."

November 12, In Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, Kathie Davidson gave a prophecy: "...I watched those sails cross the ocean..."

December 12, Up before dawn praying, in a great wrestling match with a spirit; overcame in about 2-1/2 hours.  Traveled to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma upon arrival was informed Oral Roberts had fallen and broken his hip.  I continued to wrestle in prayer, three days later Oral Roberts died. (Oral had resisted my ministry and never accepted it.)

December, Joined Facebook and launched new web site.


January 3, Prayer for the United States ("...It be far from you Lord to tax the righteous and to reward the wicked...") aired live on the internet. Was aired on television Jan. 10th..


January, David Kaspareit, a trustee of Water of Life Church, Plano, Inc., ordained as a minister of the gospel.

March 4, Night vision of Terry and Jesus while ministering in rural America. "2010"


March 6, Doyle gave a prophecy, 2nd hour Livestream program: "Fear not the Lord is mighty in you, in battle; the Lord is strong, don’t be afraid, you’ve got the authority..."

March 13, Prayer: “Lord wilt thou tax the righteous to reward the wicked? That be far from thee Lord!  Shall not the judge of the whole earth do right?” 

Spring, First attack of the devil which produced vomiting.

April, First time we read from the pulpit the unanimous opinion of the Supreme Court of the United States in Church of the Holy Trinity vs. Untied States, February 1892, that this [United States] is a Christian nation.

April 26, Delivered a group from witchcraft, including Kathie D. The following day Kathie’s aunt died.

May 1-2, Became very weak, nausea, vomiting, the next day Kathie D’s uncle died.

May, Meetings begin in Navo, Texas. (Continued through September.)

May 14, Terre Brown joins myself and Kathie D to pray. God spoke the words to me from Matthew 18:20: “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

May 17, Power of God shook Terre Brown for five minutes; God spoke: "Put your worship on Facebook."

May, Water of Life Church of Indiana (South Bend) is dissolved.

May 29, Ashley Mai and Casey Alvis wedding.

June 16, First meeting with Roy Frady, pastor of Willow Creek Fellowship. Early in June he had met with me and requested that I come teach them, stating, “I want what you have.”

June, Plantersville, Texas meetings discontinued.

July 15, Sent email to Bob Mumford and spoke to Charles Simpson to notify them I was preparing to speak about Discipleship.

There was much deliverance with Kathie D.

July 29, Posted: Challenging The Spirit of the Movement:

August 4, Posted: Challenging the Spirit of the Discipleship Movement cont.

August 11, Posted: Challenging the spirit of the Discipleship Movement, cont (I Don’t Have A Slate)

August, God instructed me to bring Robin Oberst in to join our prayer group.

August 16, After ministering to Robin Oberst, I blessed John and Carol Ferguson (Robin’s parents) for more than 1-1/2 hours, in a great conflict with a headache; began overcoming the witchcraft associated with Faith Temple.  John was one of the three initial trustees of Water of Life Church.

August, Returning to Plano from Navo meeting, set Anthony Reece free from attacks of the Jezebel.

October, (Late) While praying the Lord spoke to me about doing a meeting in Muskogee, Oklahoma to minister to the Native Americans.  "2010"

November 25, (Thursday) Thanksgiving meal with a group of eleven in Muskogee, Oklahoma.

November 26, First meeting in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Served barbeque lunch followed by praise and worship.

December, God led us to bring the books written in 1990 back out to the public in digital format, available on line.

December 9, Casey Alvis was ordained as minister of the gospel and appointed as a trustee.

December, God began speaking to me about baptizing in the name of Jesus, and being baptized for our ancestors.  We began baptizing in this manner December 14 and will continue to as God directs.

December 17, Dinner and prayer meeting in Muskogee, Oklahoma.

December 18, Barbeque lunch and praise and worship in in Muskogee, Oklahoma.

December 23, While praying for four women (Kathy Mai, Terre Brown, Robin Oberst, Kathie D) I came under attack; during the evening, afflicted with nausea and diarrhea.

December 24, Attacked greatly during the day and evening. Spent much of the night in the downstairs bathroom (along with Kathie D) in strong prayer; at one point said to God: "My life is in your hands."

December 25, The Spirit of God coming up through my body causing pain.  During live stream broadcast meeting under much affliction, nausea.

December 30, Posted: “Affliction and Persecution for Righteousness Sake”:

December 31, Anthony and Misty Reece, Kathy Currier came into town. Dinner at the Kathy Mai's and was able to eat. Prayed much, tongue and interpretation:  “… Don't be afraid.”


January, Spoke about the Kingdom of God going to the American Indians. Also spoke on Heb 10.  Coming out of the  attack I’ve been under. Spoke about "Give me ten years!” (To preach the gospel to the Indians)

January 7, Drove to Durant and went into the Choctaw Casino.

January 21, Dinner and prayer meeting Muskogee, OK  "2011"


January 22 Barbeque lunch and praise and worship meeting Muskogee, Oklahoma


January 29, Dinner at the church in the Fellowship Hall for thirty-five people, celebrating 40 years service to God.

February 1, Two weeks of bad weather, ice and snow

February, Remainder of the group associated with Betty Brinson left Water of Life Ministries.

February, Lawsuit filed against ministry.


February Launched Doyle Davidson twitter account.

February 18 Dinner and prayer meeting at Muskogee, Oklahoma.

February 19 Barbeque lunch and praise and worship meeting at Muskogee, Oklahoma.

April 2, God led us to “God on the Mountain” song by the McKameys.

April 14, God led us to the show records of Hail to Genius, including a picture of him showing at the 1973 Tampa Charity Horse Show in Florida ridden by Bonnie Byrnes.

April 16, Drove to Jim Bray's former Wildwood Farms and also drove to the farm I owned in Texas.

April 22 Dinner and prayer meeting at Muskogee, Oklahoma.

April 23 Barbeque lunch and praise and worship meeting at Muskogee, Oklahoma.

May 21, The Spirit of God prophesied (through me): “Obama cannot dictate to Israel.”

May 22 (Sunday), Tornado hits Joplin Missouri (5:34PM).  Following evening service, talked with Curt Hurley, he was in his yard in Anderson praying, heard the tornado go over his head, and I assured Curt I was praying with him. Posted (7:57PM): "Resist the devil in the name of Jesus and he will flee. Bind the devil in Jesus name and he will flee. Tornadoes are of the devil. We are with you in this war. Join us at 9:00pm with the broadcast.

May 23, Early morning , I woke up very sick and weak. I could barely stand. I spoke to the Lord, “I’ve got to have some help, I need your mercy.” As I talked with Kathie D I began to overcome and began to pray for the people of Joplin. Then, on the news, I heard the video of a woman, caught in a convenience store as the tornado was approaching. You could hear many in the store crying, screaming and giving direction, but through it all you heard her voice first steadily say, “Heavenly Father” and then calmly and deliberately speak, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,” over and over as the tornado passed through. All that were in the convenience store were spared. Her prayer along with mine provided the strength for me to overcome all my weakness.
Audio clip of her prayer


May 24, Tuesday, Posted: "I want all of you to stand fast in faith and don’t be afraid about the storms. You will have to pray but God will not give us anything that we cannot handle. I’ve had no reports of injuries or deaths from people that walk with me in the gospel. Doyle”

May 27, Talked with Curt Hurley about ministering in Joplin, within a few hours Curt had an office and was serving hot meals on the parking lot of the destroyed high school.  Drove to Muskogee, Oklahoma, had dinner downstairs in the Civic Center.
May 28 Barbeque lunch and praise and worship meeting in Muskogee, OK.

May 29, Drove to Joplin, Missouri after second hour live stream broadcast completed.  Saw tremendous devastation. Met with the Hurleys.

May 30, We served hot meals to several hundred in Joplin, Missouri.
May 31, Again served several hundred hot meals and talking and listening to survivors and responders.

June 2, Lawrence Katzfey called Kathy Mai and told her of a man he knew that needed some help after Joplin tornado, "even $50"—Kathy called Curt Hurley and Curt met him and gave him $500.

June 3, God put it in my heart to build a house in Joplin and I told Curt to build it for the gentleman Lawrence Katzfey said needed help. After Curt talked with the man, we learned he was the son of the owner of Jesse Long's Truck Stop, who I knew.

June 10 During my morning walk in the church parking lot, "James Silas,” a man with a religious demon met Kathie and I on the parking lot and railed and railed on me.
June 18 Barbeque lunch and praise and worship meeting in Muskogee, Oklahoma.

June 26, Water of Life Boys sang "I Am the Messiah" for the first time.

June 27, The Lord directed me to look into my paternal grandmother’s ancestry.

June 28, Kathie D, researching for me, learned my great-grandmother was Native American.

June 29, Received an email from a distant cousin with the notes written in John Whitaker's bible. "Whitaker Family Bible Notes"

July 5, $50,000 in the fund to build the house in Joplin.

July 6, The Hurleys cleared the lot for the Joplin House.

July 28, Drove to Missouri. Footers complete, blocks being laid. Viewed Davidson gravestones and Miller gravestones, Center Creek, my farm and the farm I lived on as a boy. Meeting at the Hurleys, Anderson, Missouri.

July 29, Drove to Mt. Vernon, met with my sisters, Dorothy and Glenda.  Returned to Joplin house, rained. Dinner in Muskogee, shared about 1980's, the founding of the ministry and praying Jimmy Carter out of office.

July 30, Barbeque dinner and praise and worship meeting in Muskogee, Oklahoma.

August 15, Barbeque lunch and praise and worship meeting in Muskogee, Oklahoma. First time ministering since learning I was of native American descent and we had no Native American band to sing.  Meetings in Muskogee for the three churches (Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas) to worship.

August 18, Meeting at Hurleys in Anderson, Missouri. Worshipped with live stream out of Plano. Spoke about the Joplin house and God dealing with the Hurleys.

August 19, Bound witchcraft all day. Evening meal and prayer in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Spoke of our job and spoke to Doug McGaw.

August 23, Sick, vomiting after 11:00am, in intercession, then at 12:51 magnitude 5.9 earthquake hit Virginia (DC). The Washington Monument and the National Cathedral suffered damage.

August 27 Five plumbers showed up to plumb house at Joplin, Missouri.

September 8, Kathie D and I saw the improvement in my eyes, I could read the lettering on Fox News, purchased a tablet and I read the word of God on live stream.

October 25, The Brown Brothers introduced "Eternal River".

November 11, Veteran's Day, powerful day of intercession.

November 15 Deliverance for Kathie D from Roman Spirit.

November 16 While praying at home in the afternoon the Lord said, "take off your shoes, you are standing on Holy Ground” God was speaking to me about America and as Jesus commanded Joshua in Joshua 5, I obeyed and took my shoes off. Posted: “America The Beautiful”

December 9, began praying twice a day with worship every evening.


January 17, After speaking to Terry Bybee started feeling much pain in belly.  Called David to join us, Kathy Mai came, the rest of the staff. Overcoming the spirits that are trying to destroy me.

January 19, Curt Hurley commented on Facebook: “God is certainly dealing with the hearts of the people at Water of Life Missouri. There was a strong flow of the Spirit tonight and unity among the people. Thank God we are praying out of this darkness that had us bound! I appreciate everyone that is praying and believing God to overcome. God bless you, Curt”

January 24, Posted about the vision of the scorpion. Asked Curt Hurley to shut down Water of Life Church of Missouri.

January 30, Powerful night in prayer, much pain, gathered together and prayed.  At 7:30 started breaking through, 7:45 even more, 8:00 much overcoming.

February 4, We sent the money to buy the appliances for the Joplin house, and with that I posted that I have fulfilled my obligations and we are finished with the house.

February 8, Conversation with Curt Hurley, Curt said: “I'm not going to follow DD, I'm reading Matthew and getting a revelation of the Gospel.”

February 15, Michael Scott and Curtis Jackson who have been with Water of Life since 1999 joined the prayer group.

February 29, Kathie D delivered of witchcraft of the Jezebel from the Kalps and Smalls especially.

March 13, Lawsuit filed.

March 29, Kathy Currier found the testimony of Elliot Hodge.

March 31, Kathie received a prophecy during prayer, “Four hundred years ago I sent my people to this land and gave it to them, for them to become a nation...." Doyle's eighty-year celebration dinner for forty-five people at the Saltgrass Steakhouse.

April 1, Eighty years today,  God speaking to me about my upbringing in the Holiness movement, especially Levi Burkhart, Elliot Hodge and Paul Smith.

April 3, Began reading aloud, "A Life Lived Wholly Unto God-A Testament of the Grace of God on His Servant;" twelve tornadoes touch down in the Dallas area.

April 5, Finished the second reading of “A Life Lived Wholly Unto God.”  During prayer, exhorted people to pray from the heart (belly). Received final papers, first case dismissal.

April 7, Posted testimonies: “A Life Lived Wholly Unto God, A Testament of the Grace of God on His Servant.”

April 10, Posted a notification on Facebook for Phyllis Stansbury, to give an offering to the Old Country Church Radio program.

April 11, Phyllis Stansbury called, I told her we are sending her $5000 for her radio program, The Old Country Church.  (She shared she was preparing to cancel the program on some stations)  Began researching radio stations in rural areas to broadcast our programs.

April 12, Signed with: Bonham, TX radio station KFYN 1420 AM at 6:00-7:00AM and 4:00-5:00PM Sundays; Pittsburg Kansas station KKOW 860AM for 10:30-11:30 AM and 6:00-7:00PM.

April 13, Signed with KJIM 1500 AM Dennison/Sherman Sunday mornings 11:00AM-12:00 Noon. 

April 15, First broadcast on radio in KFYN-1420 Bonham and KKOW-860 Pittsburg, Kansas.

April 20, Friday, Post: “I heard this song when I was but a small boy and I wondered what it must be like for a person to know they were walking their last mile of the way. Be encouraged whoever you are because you must soon see Jesus.”
April 21, Charles Colson, former Special Counsel to President Richard Nixon passed away. (Chuck Colson had walked his last mile, he is with Jesus.)

April 22, Night vision of the son of perdition that has invaded the United States of America. "3:30 AM Night Vision"
 First Sunday radio in KJIM - 1500 Sherman, Texas.

April 27, Night vision in early morning hours of a man I know in a strong religious spirit of witchcraft. "Night Vision-Witchcraft"

April 28, Night vision of motorcade of cars without tops and windshields: idolatry. Posted:  "Consider These Words"

May 13, First program with Aaron Wolpin running sound for live stream broadcasts.

May 16, Anthony Reece completed the transfer of building in Broken Arrow. They are free from it.


May 20, Paul Peters made his debut on radio on my radio program in New York City.

May 26, Saturday, Rural praise and worship meeting at the Onion Shed in Farmersville, Texas.

May 27, My sister, Dorothy Mitchell, went to heaven at 3:30 am.

May 30 (Wednesday) Attended funeral service for Dorothy Mitchell. The Mai Girls sang “It Is Well With My Soul” and “Jesus Messiah;” was sick when returned home to Plano.

May 31, Tough praying at church (evening), became weak, down to the floor, somewhat better later on.

June 1 Friday, At midnight very weak, excessive diarrhea and vomiting; while on the floor, three or four loud roars came out. Went to sleep near sun up. 

June 9 Began reading the United States Constitution aloud by the Spirit of God on live stream broadcasts.

June 13, At 5:00 PM enough pressure I considered not reading the Constitution on live stream, but overcame by 7:00PM and did read. Pain during the night, broke through with much diarrhea.

June 18, My cousin's wife, Joy Davidson died. Went to Neosho, Missouri and checked into the hotel the following day.

June 20 (Wednesday) Night vision 3:00 AM of praying for the states that the power of God be upon each state.
 Attended graveside service for Joy and was asked to pray and did so. Glenda Schoen sang, “It Is Well With My Soul.”

June 24, First day of 100 degrees; read 1 Samuel 28 about familiar spirits: this spirit is in the Catholic church because they pray to dead people.

June 28, Posted: "Neosho Vision"

June 30, (Saturday) Praise and worship at the Onion Shed in Farmersville, Texas.

July 1, First Sunday broadcasting on KTNN.

July 14, God gave me a prayer: “Change the policies of the Federal Government.”

July 16, No dancing or tambourines during live stream broadcasts until God changes it.

July 19, (Thursday) Moved the chairs in the sanctuary back to the way they were in 2007. 

July 20, Night vision early morning: In a single story house, heard loud music, screaming and then a heavy rainstorm. At 1:30am our time James Holmes entered a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado and shot over 50 people and killing 12.

August 2, Posted: Zechariah 12.

August 11, (Saturday) Mitt Romney introduces Paul Ryan as his running mate, wept for several hours that morning.

August 16, Told Kathie D to email lawyers about damage to her house in Frisco.  Lawyer replied, apologizing for ever getting involved. 

August  29, (Wednesday) Posted: “Today I had Psalm 1-40 and Psalm 89 put on my tablet. These Psalms are full of the gospel and are powerful prayers. I prayed more than 70 of these Psalms, repeating many. I was greatly encouraged that I was able to pray these aloud. About 6:00 pm I really began to feel the pressure from my praying these Psalms. When the 7:00 pm service was to begin I was not able to stand up and say anything but I knew I had a group of people with me, led by Paul Peters and Water of Life Boys and the Mai Girls. I could worship and praise God as the hour progressed and I continued to overcome. I came home and I am still overcoming the principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places. I thank God who always causes me to gain the victory through praise, worship, and thanksgiving. God bless America! Doyle”

September 1, Posted Jeremiah 51, “God's Battle Axe.”

September 4, Posted: “This afternoon as I was considering our country and the mess it is in today with all the wickedness that is present in it, the Lord said by the Spirit out of my mouth, ‘There are more of us than there are of them.’ I knew immediately God was referring to scripture in 2 Kings where Elisha was surrounded by the enemy and the young man that was with him was fearful and God spoke out of Elisha’s mouth:”

September 6, Kathie D put her house in Frisco up for sale.

September 7, (Friday) Woke up to sprinkler zone running all night, shut off valve was accidently broken off. Without water the remainder of the day and evening.

September 9, Up all night praying (along with Kathie D) felt like I was in a straight jacket, vomiting and diarrhea. 

September 11, U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans were killed in an attack in Benghazi, Libya.

September 19, Shelby Jane was born to Casey and Ashley Alvis.

September 21, Drove to Joplin, visited my great-grandfather Newell Miller's old property in Newton County.

September 22, (Saturday) Worship and praise meeting on Sarcoxie Square, Spirit of God was great, about 100 attended.

Debbie Geer saw an eagle soaring overhead during final song.

October 4, Spoke to Dick Leggett about the vision of Jimmy Moore; “God’s Warning 40 Years Ago”:

October 7, Added Terry Mai's videos to the live stream broadcast. Shared about Terry Mai while introducing five of his videos during evening meeting.

October 13, Doyle spoke a message to Israel on the livestream broadast: The time has come for Water of Life Ministries of Plano, Texas to be sent to your land on Facebook, Live Stream, Roku and shortwave...The time is now- the time is now-the time is now- my servant has been sent to you."  Posted the first Message to Israel; Acts 2.
Messages to Israel and Jews All Over The World and End Time Messages for the Gentiles and Also the Jews

October 17,  Kathie D learned the title company sent information about the house (numerous liens on the house from the IRS and State of Texas). 

October 20, Worship and praise meeting at Fairfield, Texas, great worship.

October 21, Sunday evening the Faith Brothers played the cymbals for the first time while they sang.

October 28, Sunday Morning broadcast took off my shoes during the song, “Standing on Holy Ground,” everyone else followed suit. Spent the afternoon in prayer.

October 29, Hurricane Sandy slammed into New Jersey.

November 6, (Tuesday) Election night, Obama re-elected.

November 10, Praise and worship at Muskogee, Oklahoma in the Rainbow Division Memorial Amphitheatre. Much affliction after returning home to Plano, called for help from prayer team.

November 18, First day our radio program broadcasts in Israel.  Sharing with the Church, the grace on Elliott Hodge is on me and it is ministering faith to me.


November 20 (Tuesday) Kathie D closed on her house in Frisco; learned the IRS lien of $55,000 had been removed.

November 29, Very sick that night, contacted people to pray, broke through around 11:00 PM;  (U.N. General Assembly voted overwhelming the next day –Thursday—to recognize Palestine as a “non-member observer state” at the United Nations.

December 3, (Thursday) Began praying Isaiah 54:17 when I woke: "No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against me in judgment I condemn in Jesus’ name. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord.”

December 4, Woke praying hard, left arm and side hurting, broke through. Also learned today, our ROKU channel went public, now have the ability to live stream on small devices (smart phones, tablets, etc.)

December 8, Praise and worship meeting in Denison, Texas.  Policeman arrived during meeting and said the music was too loud. Showed him our permit and turned the volume down. 

December 9 (Sunday) Went to the Brown’s this evening and fellowshipped with them and the Carpenters; spoke about Ezekiel 22.

December 10, Roku reintstated our channel on ‘new’ category (1252) Evening spent in hard prayer, coughing up clear liquid; Went to sleep at 11:30 PM.

December 11, Under great attack, prayer team prayed with me in  fellowship hall at 1:00, power of God helped much, went home,  blessed my enemies for over an hour, more improvement, went from being unable to swallow to eating dinner.

December 15 (Saturday) Paul Peters sings alone with Terry Mai's songs for the first time.

December 28 Gave several people $500 to give to the poor.


January 1, Late in the evening the U.S. House of Representatives voted on the 'fiscal cliff' bill (Taxes on incomes of $400,000 and up will increase.)  My prayer, “Lord, will you tax the righteous to reward the wicked? That be far from you,"  kept their plan from fruition, our taxes will not be going up.

January 13, Read from my tablet.

January 17, (Thursday) Posted Daniel 11:20-35 (Daniel Prophesies of the Antichrist) and asked if this might be America; eyesight worsens.

January 18, Drove down to Navasota , invited Anthony and Misty Reece to our hotel room, had two hours of fellowship and told them I believed Daniel 11 was about America. Kathie D gave a tongue, I interpreted “…those I gave you cannot be lost…didn’t I teach about Peter, Elisha and Elijah? They cannot hurt you, speak boldly…” 

January 19, Praise and worship meeting in Navasota, Texas, beautiful day. Spoke on Daniel 11; feet were numb, shouted until I overcame it.

January 20, Eyesight very dim, could not read the tablet or walk the aisle at church; President Obama sworn in for second term.

January 23, Spoke on how God had blessed Collin County and then posted “Righteousness Exalts Collin County”:

January 28 Begin three day fast seeking a right way. Prayed at 10:00 AM, 1:00 PM, and Kathie D and I again from 4:14-6:00; could not see anything, asked "Lord, is this sin, or is this for your glory?"

January 31, God ministered Isaiah 35 to me.

February 5, Posted: “On January 20th, 2013, a stronger Gentile spirit moved into our land. It has required some different types of praying, but yesterday evening I was sure that I could overcome this spirit now. I was led to just give thanks and amen. That I’ve continued to do. I want to encourage all of you to do the same. The Body of Christ rules in this land in the name of Jesus! God bless you, Doyle”

February 10, Donnie Cauthorn posted audio about prophets and apostles and how his family had despised them.

February 11, Pope Benedict the 16th announces he will step down January 28. (Has not happened in 600 years) Kathie D talked with IRS agemt. February 19, Kathie D met with IRS agent about the house liens; he will deal with title company.

February 23 Praise and worship meeting in Mount Pleasant, Texas, volume lowered to not offend neighborhood, people were not using their faith to praise God.

February 24, Instructions to people to use your faith in praise and worship.  Donnie Norman asked if I was more like David than Paul, I agreed.

February 25 Recorded audio “Message to America- The Name of Jesus”: Posted: “Sorcery, The Great Destroyer”

February 28, Posted: “Judgment of All Antichrists” hard night, called prayer team to pray about 1:00AM, little sleep.

March 2 (Saturday) Woke up and said “there is a voice activated phone out there for me.”  There was and I now have one. Posted: "A Divine Appointment in McKinney"

March 3, Paul Peters was ordained as a minister of the gospel.

March , While at Saltgrass Steak House, God delivered a message to me and I posted: “Divine message from the room with the bull: That antichrist spirit that is speaking pain on America, I reward you double pain and double to all other wickedness you are doing to America! God bless, Doyle Davidson.”

March 10, Kathie D delivered of spirit of abolitionism, received more deliverance at evening meeting from religion. 


March 15, "I had a vision of a small boy, I knew it had to be John D."

March 23, Praise and worship meeting in Bowie, Texas.  “We have held ten outdoor worship meetings in a row and the weather has not interfered one time and I give glory to God.”


April 2, Glenda Schoen ministered solo and with the Mai's while visiting Texas.

April 6, (Saturday) Livestream with CD only and Faith Brothers.

April 7, Posted video: Daniel 11:20-28 from evening Livestream broadcast.

April 11, (Thursday) After dinner became necessary to stop along side of the road and cough up more of that clear liquid.  Lester Sumrall once said he coughed up a clear liquid that he believed was associated with fear and when he was finished he no longer was afraid of anything; eyes are improving, changed the lighting and added some tissue boxes on the front row of chairs in the fellowship hall and was able to walk at a pretty good pace, unassisted. (Kathie had been leading me for three months, prior to this day).

April 12, Dinner at home, coughing up more of the clear liquid, able to finish dinner. Roku numbers, 2581.

April 18, Posted: Today 11 of us were praying...binding witchcraft in the most powerful time I have ever prayed with this group.

April 20, (Saturday) Joplin, Missouri praise and worship meeting; flew sixteen to Joplin in a Lear and King Air 200. Over 86 people were at the meeting.

May 4, Meeting this morning with Dick Leggett and Ron Ross, talked to them about the Roman spirit and Daniel 11.  Ministered two powerful audios of prayer this evening about love of money and redeemed from witchcraft. "Be It Unto You",
"God's Will Be Done"

May 7, Posted an audio addressing those that were attacking Terre Brown, "Repent You Sinners."


May 19, Posted video of Terry and Kathy Mai singing “Come Let Us Worship the King.”


May 26, Tongue and Interpretation  - Doyle Davidson and Kathy Mai - May 26, 2013 AM meeting:

“That’s a supernatural language spoken through Kathy Mai by the Holy Spirit. That’s normal in the Church of Jesus Christ, normal. It’s not abnormal Christianity, there’s no such thing as abnormal Christianity saith the Lord. Why do you mainline people talk about what you teach and what others teach does not compare to what you say. For the Lord would say to you mainline people, you’re the one that’s out of order, not my people for my people are those that walk in the gospel and serve me with their spirit in the gospel saith the Lord and you mainline denominations that like to boast about who you are, you have brought great judgment, great damnation to America through your unbelief, through your rejection of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. You say, let’s turn to the gospel of Luke and you read a verse or two or more out of Luke, that’s not the gospel, the gospel’s the power of God, the gospel is the Kingdom of God, the gospel is power, great power is coming forth in the earth in these last days and those that call themselves mainline you are out of line. Humble yourself, repent, believe the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ for it’s the power of God unto salvation. Thank you Lord”.

May 28, I asked Kathie D to agree with me that we receive the total amount due for taxes before the end of the month.  We received the remaining amount today.

May 29,  Spoke about the tongue and interpretation I gave in 2002 with Lisa “Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord, I will repay,” and Kenneth Hagin and Derek Prince died fifteen months later, five days apart. Paul Peters and the Brown Brothers opened the praise and worship for the first time with three songs.

June 1, Woke up with pain in stomach, prayed for a little while. Kathie D read the Drudge headline, “Report: New Iranian Missile Launchers Could Overwhelm Israeli Defenses.  I had her look up ‘fireballs’. In Zachariah 12,13,14 which she read to me.  We posted  Zach 12:1-10, ‘The Word of the Lord to the Enemies of Israel;”  I and later said, “There are no part-time prophets!” I realized God was talking to me, “if a person is an end time prophet then you must be here through the end times.” JR and Lisa were seen at Luby's Cafeteria at Richardson, divine appointment.

June 6, (Thursday)  Nick, the Development Officer for the University of Missouri Veterinary College stopped to visit me, we had a good visit, I shared with him how I was called by God and sold my hospital. 

June 12,  A couple of days ago I talked of not taking the King Air jet,  but another jet to Joplin, but continued to  pray and said I would leave it up to God. Today we learned the King Air was taken out of the fleet, we will be taking the Hawker instead. 

June 16, Spoke at end of first service: “witchcraft with the music, so loud cannot worship in faith.”  Adjusted the music, evening was much better.

June 19, Posted Phillipians 2:10; warned about speaking the spirit Terre Brown walks in is not the Holy Spirit.

June 20 With the posting: “Confronting the Discipleship spirit” came much pain, from 1:15 to 4:00, blessed people.

June 22, Praise and worship meeting in Joplin, Missouri. (Took Lear 35 and Hawker 800 with 16 people)  Missouri Democratic Women's Caucus meeting was being held at our hotel and every room was full. Initially our live stream broadcast went well, but the worship was heavy and oppressed and there were difficulties with the sound and the live feed was interrupted numerous times, but overcame and the archived broadcast is evidence. Quartet ministered for the first time (Love of God), also the Hurley’s and Glenda Schoen.

June 23, Terre Brown began to learn to run the sound. (Terre has a good ear). Confronted the spirit with the Hillsong group. 

June 24, Posted “Be Men in Understanding:” 

July 2, Posted: “Revelation 18:8 Happening Today”:

July 6, Saturday, Plane crash in San Francisco with 307 on board, only 2 dead: Posted

July 10, Much pain in the morning, evening service walked in the midst of the dancers the entire hour but very nauseous. Prayer group prayed with me in my office, following the service, overcame.


July 15, A special trustees meeting was called. From the minutes:
The Board of Trustees made the decision to authorize the use of contributions made to the Love Offering for payment of salaries to other ministers other than Doyle Davidson, as the Lord directs; also to give to widows and the poor, as the Lord directs as of this date, July 15, 2013. A public announcement was made on Live Stream and Roki last evening July 14, 2013 at 6:00 PM.

July 20, Praise and worship in Joplin, Missouri.   Much pain when I boarded our plane, broke though just after we landed. Spent about an hour and 30 - 40 minutes in intercession.  Kathie D received ministry. Terre Brown helped David Kaspareit with the sound. Glenda Schoen ministered two solos.

July 21, Afflicted with diarrhea, unable to begin the program, joined in about ten minutes later. Did not worship the second hour, told everyone I was going home to pray with the program, prayed about two hours.

July 24, Wednesday, Posted "Foolish Water of Life People." Conversation with Curt Hurley for over thirty minutes on the phone.  Today God said to me, “Obama is just a man.”

August 9, Night vision of twenty-four leafy trees.
August 24, Saturday Joplin praise and worship, best spirit there yet.

Sept 5, Recorded three audios binding the Roman spirit, Babylon spirit and witchcraft spirit. "Roman Spirit Bound", "Babylon Spirit Bound", "Witchcraft Spirit Bound"

September 21, Singers improving; Brown Brothers sang "Sojourner" for the first time, Glenda Schoen sang: "Where Should I Go But to the Lord," and Kathy Mai, "Holy Ground."

September 26, Phone call from Steddie Muserera, shared about it on Facebook.


September 27, Friday, Facebook- Email to Steddie:

  Good morning from Plano! I woke to a pleasant surprise that you responded to me on Facebook!  You can join us with our programs on live stream 10 hours a week at: http://www.doyledavidson.com/live.shtml  We broadcast live from Plano Sundays at 10:00am-12:00pm and 6:00-7:00pm Central Time, Mondays thru Fridays 7:00-8:00pm Central Time and Saturdays 1:00-3:00pm Central Time.  You can also watch a recorded program from our archives: http://www.doyledavidson.com/audio.shtml  God bless you! Doyle” 

Sept 29, Sent money to Steddie Muserera in Harare, Zimbabwe.

October 4, Friday, Terre Brown and Kathie Davidson were ordained as ministers of the gospel. (Roku 2834)

October 5, Received an email this morning from Steddie in reply to mine: “Steddie, how about an update. Doyle”: 

Steddie’s response:

“Greetings APOSTLE. We should be able to complete the set up today. I installing receivers in town at my office so that during weekdays people will also watching your recorded or live sermons and Saturdays too. I have been fasting and praying this whole week for the success of this program. Asking God the way forward and praying more for you servant of God. Our reunion is from God and he wants you to continue mentoring and guiding us as one ministry. May he continue to guide in his work in Jesus name.

I have managed to secure both items for 956 dollars. I also helped pay for the hall and office also used some for food. I thank God for providing equipment for a good price. Starting Monday the spirit of the Lord is pushing me to write and let you know what has been happening all along in the last 18 yrs. Thank you, baba Doyle.”

My reply:

“Steddie, I just sent you $XXX by Western Union. It should be there soon. Also I will be sending you $XXX /week as the Lord has directed. Thank you for your update. God bless, Doyle”

October 8, Kathie D became sick when we woke up this morning, headache and weak, ended up on the floor. I began to have pain, after praying for awhile we overcame and Kathie was soon up on her feet. Kathie was praying, “God said, fear not for I am with you.”

October 13, Vision of a red cow in a storm.

October 15, Emails to Steddie Muserera (Subject: water wells)

Doyle: “Steddie, we were very interested in your sharing about believing God for water to drink. We have before had funded for two wells to be dug in Mozambique. Do you know of an area in Zimbabwe that needs a well and a way for you to oversee the project and what the cost would be? Doyle”

Steddie: “I may sound selfish Apostle, but right where I stay we only get tapped water once after 3weeks. It would be a blessing to my own community and myself. We have 2 source far using wheelbarrows and if you may need to sponsor two I will be glad to visit and identify a remote area. Cost for one will be a total $3950 including tank and stand. Steddie”

Doyle: “Steddie, When can we start to drill a well? I will send the money when you need it. Doyle”

Doyle: “That well is for your community. Steddie, at that price $3,950, I would like to drill 3 wells. We will drill yours first. Doyle”

Steddie: Thank you Jesus bless my Apostle, Steddie”

October 24, Posted: “Antichrist in America (Daniel 11:20-28)”:

October 27, Saturday, Praise and worship meeting at Joplin, Missouri, good meeting, ministered powerful things about the gospel, prosperity and the Holy Ghost.

November 1, Underwriter of Title Company is going to pay their portion of the lien on Kathie D’s house in Frisco.

November 2, Saturday, Terre and the Browns introduced "Looking for a City."

November 8, Posting: When I heard that Steddie’s community did not have a consistent water supply I was grieved. This email this morning has ministered comfort to me:

“Thank you for the money. God will bless you continually and abundantly. Good morning Apostle! Even before total completion of the well my community is already enjoying water from it. We shall be sending you photos on the completion and the excitement we all have. This is one thing I never expected would happen, but your God is faithful. Once through with this project, I will then concentrate on promoting my recorded and live streams at conferences and other forums. Good day! Steddie” 

God bless,
Doyle Davidson
Servant and apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ

November 14, Postings:

“I have contributed to Forward in Faith Ministries and Faith World Ministries. Now I believe God wants me to help Steddie Muserera build a conference center in Zimbabwe for Spring of Life Ministries.  God bless,  Doyle Davidson, Servant and apostle of The Lord Jesus Christ.”

“Beginning tomorrow $XXXX /week and more will be sent to Steddie Muserera, Spring of Life Church in Zimbabwe. It is a great blessing to me and Water of Life Ministries to continue our work in Africa and Zimbabwe.  God bless, Doyle Davidson, Servant and apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ”

November 17, (Sunday) Water of Life Boys ordained as ministers of the gospel.

November 20, Livestream broadcast video: "Message for America":

November 21, Kathie D read on the Livestream broadcast, the testimony of Elliot Hodge’s accident and dying and going to heaven three times.

November 26, (6:18PM) Posted:  Just before the live broadcast started, which I am now watching on Roku, the song recorded in Joplin with the Mai’s, Glenda Schoen, and the congregation, “Victory in Jesus” came on. The anointing on that song destroyed the yoke of pain in my body. Praise the Lord!! Doyle: (Had asked prayer team for prayer about 5:00PM, did not go to the church for evening meeting.)”


November 27, Terry Mai's father went to heaven.


November 28, Thanksgiving service/program and reception.
December 21, Posted “The Roman Spirit Crucified Jesus” December 24, Taught Revelations 13.
December 26, Attacked by the devil, binding witchcraft until 2:30 AM, awake at 7:30 AM, bound witchcraft until 2:30 PM, overcame, pain free.


January 4, I said to God, “I have no more faith,” God replied “I will give you the gift of faith.”  Praise and worship meeting in Joplin, Missouri. Kathie D posted her first video, "What Do You Believe?" and after listening to it I said "Now I know what you are to do, you are a preacher of the Gospel."

January 9, Posted: “For several months I have seen a man in a vision that I believe opposed my ministry. I bless this man in the name of Jesus.”

January 13, When I awoke I said, “God is my helper.”  The Spirit of God spoke, "Bind the strong man."

January 16, Surpassed 3000 on Roku.

January 18, Praise and worship meeting in South Bend, Indiana. At the close of the meeting, friends of Water of Life Ministries told me of their offering check being mailed back to them with six pages of Expose DD in a manila envelope.

January 19, Posted: God said to me, “Expose DD is an abomination to God.”

January 27, Announced on evening Livestream broadcast, Kathie D will soon begin her own radio program ministering the gospel in Pennsylvania with a thirty minute program including Water of Life singers. Isaiah 41:10-12.


January 30, In great distress, told Kathie D to text Terre Brown and tell her "You must do "God on the Mountain." She text back, "I will do it soon."  Began to overcome soon after. 

February 8, First air dates for Kathie D’s radio programs in Cleveland, Ohio and Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

February 9, Living Water of Life International, First Big Sunday Meeting, Harare, Zimbabwe.

February 15, Praise and worship meeting in South Bend, Indiana.

March 6, Posted audio of “Power of Darkness” aired on January 8, 2004

March 9,
Began new format on platform for Livestream broadcast; program streamed live and recorded at 11:00 AM CST and re-broadcast at 7:00 PM CST.


March 13, Posted: “Ministers That Spoke At Water of Life Since Opening Day”:

March 14, Livestream broadcast 11:00AM:


“The Lord would have you to understand something in Daniel Chapter 11 verse 20-28. There will be a man that follows President Obama into the White House and he is right there in Daniel 11. You can find him, you can find out what kind of person he’s going to be, amen….be not deceived, God is not mocked. Whatsovever things you sow, so you will reap. If you sow to the Spirit, you will reap to the Spirit, if you sow to the flesh you will reap corruption. So be not afraid to speak the words of God by the Spirit because they will most certainly come to pass.”

March 20, Kathie D delivered from spirit of rebellion on platform on Livestream broadcast at 11:00 AM.

March 23, Took on the spirit of abortion.

March 24, Posted “Prayer of Faith” asking God’s forgiveness.


March 26, Bound the chief ruler of Dallas/Ft. Worth.

April 2, 11:00 AM broadcast Glenda Schoen sang “Mansion Over the Hilltop,” and sang “Just A Closer Walk With Thee,” at 7:00 PM broadcast.

April 13, Posted comments referencing John Hagee’s book, “Four Blood Moons, Something is About to Change” and Daniel 11.


April 14, Interpretation of tongue:


The Lord would say unto you, wait not for the latter rain, the latter rain is already here, wait not for the latter rain, the latter rain came at the first, wait not for the latter rain, for you're waiting for something that has already taken place. Wait not for the Messiah, for the Messiah is already here. The Messiah came 2000 years ago, the Messiah’s name is Jesus, he’s present in the world today so stop waiting for something that God has done years ago and believe the gospel that is presented to you regularly on this broadcast saith the Lord.

April 26, Posted: “America, God Is Speaking To You The Following Words”:

April 29, No Livestream broadcast at 11:00 AM, in great distress.

May 1, Taught Isaiah 47 on Livestream broadcast at 11:00 AM.
May 4, Prayer: “Father in the name of Jesus, I break the power of the devil over every person, every woman, every man in Jesus name, loose the power of the devil from them and let them go free now, amen!”  Ministered Jeremiah 8:9-22; Kathie D ministered from Matthew 9:10, “Balm of Gilead.”

May 6, Interpretation of tongue:


“The Lord would say unto you, resist the devil and he will flee from you, resist the devil and he will flee from you, resist the devil and he will flee from you, but you must resist in faith and strength and he will go, he must go, he cannot stand against my servant. Have I not said to you, no man will be able to stand against you? So rebuke that devil, rebuke, resist, send him on his way.

May 9, Announced God is moving the Reece’s and Denny Hurley to Plano and there is resistance.

May 10, Woke binding witchcraft. Spoke some words to Kathie D, broke through. Woke again at 7:10 AM, started praying the prayer the Lord told us to pray, in Matthew 6.

May 12, Taught Proverbs 8, Jesus is our wisdom.

May 18 (Sunday) During morning Livestream Broadcast: Donnie Cauthorn, Bob Carpenter and Anthony Reece anointed congregation and Water of Life staff and all who were present in the building with oil and I prayed the following prayer:
Heavenly Father, In the name of Jesus I want to thank you because your word says so. Your word says so. Amen. Let the redeemed of the Lord say so. Right now all of you ...I am redeemed by the blood of Jesus, Amen, from all of the power of the devil, delivered from sin and ready to serve the Lord with my whole heart. Amen. Thank You Father. Amen. Bless God. Now Father, in accordance to that word in James 5, based on your word, there's no shadow or turning in you based on it when you say do it and we do it then you respond and I expect that the people that I'm praying for that you will heal their souls that you will heal their bruises, heal their wounds, forgive their sins, set them free completely from the powers of darkness so that they can hear your voice and obey you and walk upright in the gospel.
Many delivered and set free as the singers ministered and myself and others made intercession.

May 18, (Sunday) During evening Livestream broadcast: Again anointed all with oil, (Donnie Cauthorn, Bob Carpenter, Anthony Reece) and I prayed the following prayer:


Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, whom I serve with my spirit in the gospel, I pray the power of God rest upon every person, every person that hears my voice, or hears the Spirit that I minister, thank God. I speak mercy, grace, mercy and grace, the gift of faith, the working of miracles, and the gifts of healings on all that are anointed, I speak grace and mercy, the gift of faith, the gifts of healing, and the working of miracles upon every person that the anointing touches their spirit body or soul and I pray and I speak mercy, grace, gift of faith, word of wisdom, amen thank God, gifts of healing and thank God, the working of miracles on every person thank God and Satan, I bind your power in Jesus name. Thank God.

May 25,  (Sunday AM) During Livestream broadcast elders anointed all with oil and I prayed the following prayer:

Heavenly  Father, in the name of Jesus, I want to thank you. In obedience to your word, according to what is written in the book of James, thank God, I remind you of what it says, in the name of Jesus, and if any are sick, call for the elders of the church, anoint with oil and the prayer of faith will save the sick and if there are any have sins, the sins will be forgiven. So now I believe what I’ve just said and what I’ve prayed and expect you to do what your word says through the Spirit, that you worked in Christ when you raised him from the dead.

May 25, (Sunday PM) During Livestream broadcast, read Psalm 91, elders anointed all with oil and I prayed the following prayer:


Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus, heal the sick souls, heal every sick body, heal every person with bruises, thank God, and wounds, thank God, and putrefying sores, heal them Lord in Jesus name and heal their souls in the name of Jesus.

May 26, Posted: “May 26, 2014 (I am like the righteous that flourish like the palm tree…)


May 30, Anthony and Misty Reece relocated to Plano from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.


June 4, (Wednesday AM) Three tongues and interpretations that morning. "Interpretations of Tongues". Kathy Mai to go on radio.


June 4 (Wednesday PM) Live Stream Broadcast: Prayed Joel 2:17and "...wept between the porch and the altar."


 June 7, Prayed for Terre Brown: redeemed from generational curses; prayed later the same for Kathie D.


June 8 (Sunday PM) Livestream Broadcast, addressed sin, (turned in seat, knelt, stood up, etc.) most animated.


June 9, Woke up with the word cherubims in my spirit.


June 14, Live Stream Broadcast, Tongues and Interpretations: "Interpretations of Tongues" Kathy Mai instructed to be on set for Live Stream broadcasts.


June 15 (Sunday AM),Debut of Sweet Sixteen (God Sacrificed the Lamb);  Interview with Kathy Mai and family.


June 18 (Wednesday AM) Live Stream broadcast: Three tongues and interpretations. "Interpretations of Tongues"


June 18 (Wednesday PM) Interview with Mike, Pam and Paul Peters.


June 22, (Sunday AM) Interview with Terre and the Browns.


June 22 (Sunday PM) Interview with Water of Life Quartet.


June 23, Live Stream Broadcast: Two tongues and interpretations. "Interpretations of Tongues"


June 26, Posted "I Have Been to Heaven"


 July 1, Posted Vision of Heavenlies


July 2, (Wednesday) Praying in the afternoon, saw vision of heaven with what I believe to be stables.


July 3,Posted: International Dinner


July 4, Live Stream Broadcast: Bernadette Rossato on set.


July 5, Live Stream Broadcast: Bernadette Rossato on set.


July 6 (Sunday AM), Live Stream Broadcast: Terre Brown debuted "One Day At A Time"


July 6 (Sunday PM) Live Stream Broadcast: I saw a vision of streets of gold above Sweet 16 as they ministered in song.


July 8, Posted Audios: "Obey Jehovah" and "You Will Return"


July 9, Kathie D. shared vision of Jesus' on the cross.


July 27, Posted: The days of the revelation to Daniel are at hand. "Daniel 12:3"


July 18 (Friday) Live Stream Broadcast: Pre-recorded worship, knew I must pray. Posted audio "My Warfare Is Not Carnal".


July 23 (Wednesday PM) Live Stream Broadcast: Terre Brown debuted "That's What The Cross Is For" .


July 26, Posted: "I Have Been to Heaven"


July 25, Live Stream Broadcast, Terre Brown on set with Doyle, first time.


July 28, Posted audio: "Heaven Opened to Me Again"


July 29, Posted audio: "Revelation 18:2"


July 31, Live Steam Broadcast: Spoke of vision this morning of a woman: "...the hand of the Lord is upon you..."


August 9, Posted: "God Stopped My Direction."


August 12, The Lord directed to begin riding my stationary bike.


August 19, Posted: 25.4 miles


September 1(Monday, Labor Day) Livestream Broadcast: Spoke about Daniel 11:20-28. Watch and pray.


September 3 (Wednesday AM), Livestream Broadcast: Two tongues and Interpretations. "Interpretaions of Tongues" Also spoken:


September 3 (Wednesday PM) Livestream Broadcast: Two tongues and interpretations. "Interpretations of Tongues"


September 4, Livestream Broadcast: Three Women: Ministers of the gospel, Kathie Davidson, Terre Brown and Kathy Mai.  Posted Audio: "God Knows"


September 5, Posted Audio "It is Victory in Jesus"


September 7, Sweet 16 debuted, "I Proclaim"


September 8, Posted: Romans 4:17 with this statement: "This is the way God sees those that walk with me in the gospel. He sees them perfected and that's the way I see them."


September 9, Posted: "...the heavens are open and the streets are gold..."


September 10 (Wednesday AM) Livestream Broadcast: Shared vision of daughters of Zion and songs playing during vision; Kathie D, Terre Brown and Kathy Mai on set.


September 11, Posted: "Jesus Will Be Your Lord or You Will Be Destroyed"


September 13, Livestream Broadcast: God is teaching my hands to war.


September 14 (Sunday AM) Livestream Broadcast: Terre and the Browns: "Worthy the Lamb"; God is convincing more that I am called as a witness to Jerusalem and Israel, Acts 1:8.


September 18, Posted:


September 22, Livestream Broadcast: "The harvest has begun, the great deliverance spoken of in 1987 has already begun, with me." Kirby and Greta Pierce visited. Posted: "Interpretation of Tongue of 4-18-2010"


September 24 (Wednesday AM) Livestream Broadcast: Under great tribulation, a yoke resting on my neck, from people walking under the law.


September 25, Posted: "To All Water of Life"


September 26, Posted audio: "Prayer For The Body Of Christ"


September 28, Woke at 4:00 AM, thinking of many things--heard: "manifest sons of God". Today God is telling me I am a son of God.


September 29, Livestream Broadcast: Prayer:


"Father, in the name of Jesus, open the eyes of the blind, turn them from darkness to light, turn them from the power of Satan to God, forgive their sins, make known their inheritance among the sanctified and sanctify your people with the faith of Jesus Christ that is within me and I give you praise and honor in Jesus name, amen."


September 30, Powerful livestream broadcast: Faith, the Spirit of God, Jesus' faith, Jesus' body...his body could not do him any good...something is about to happen. Jesus had a commandmant...I saw in the night, you've got it, you have it made, you've got that same faith in you that raised Jesus from the dead, thank God, and that same faith in you that mixed with the gospel healed that sick body and broken body; my life made some changes in the night season, wide awake, meditating on these words of the cross, the gospel.

Posted the Mai Girls: "On Christ the Solid Rock"; Posted audio message "On Christ The Solid Rock" and transcript.


October 2, Posted Luke 19:11-27. Reposted "America the Beautiful." Water of Life Singers began ministering on their own YouTube channel.


October 3, Posted: A monumental post. Denny Hurley and Kathy Mai delivered the sound and video equipment from our Joplin, Missouri meetings to the Joplin Salvation Army.


October 7, No Livestream Broadcast; Entering into his rest; "I am conforming many to my image."


October 9 (Thursday) From Livestream Broadcast: "Words to America" video; "Words to America Transcript"; Posted: Kathie Davidson speaks as a prophetess. "America will not be the same after November 4."


October 11, George Jackson in hospital.


October 13, Posted audio message "Message to the World;" Transcription  "Message to the World;"


October 14, Posted audio message: "Here Ye These Words." Anthony Reece, my assistant.


October 16, Livestream Broadcast: On my face before God for 15 minutes, giving thanks, gave thanks for all Water of Life Staff and singers by name, overcame. 


October 17, Livestream Broadcast Video: "Prayer for Sanctification of God's People."


October 20, Livestream Broadcast Video: "One Hour Prayer For Sanctification of God's People."


October 21, Livestream Broadcast Video: "Binding Witchcraft and Prayer For Sanctification of the body of Christ."


October 23, Livestream Broadcast: Shared greater revelation of the suffering of Jesus: Video:  "Jesus in the Garden and Testimony of the Horse."


October 27 (Monday)  Livestream Broadcast: God speaks to me about Israel: Video:  "God Speaks to Doyle About Israel"


November 5 (Wednesday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "Prayer for Wounded Spirits,"


November 5 (Wednesday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Encouragement for the Body of Christ," "Transcribed Exhortation."


November 6, Livestream Broadcast:  "Romans 8:26 and Paul With Phoebe." Described night: pain, asked for prayer, began overcoming with groaning.


November 7 (Saturday) During worship on Livestream Broadcast saw things in the Spirit that were very sobering in regard to end times, the  tribulation. "John D Will be Born" "The Faith of Doyle's Parents"  Transcript: "The Faith of Doyle Davidson's Parents.."


November 8, Posted from the Barn: "2 Timothy 2:11-14" (We will reign with Him)


November 9 (Sunday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "The Mark of the Beast,"


November 9 (Sunday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "The End Times." Audio message: "Intercession for the End Times"; Kathy Mai's first radio broadcast to Israel aired on shortwave.


November 10, Livestream Broadcast: "The Great Tribulation - Daniel 11"; Kathie Davidson's first radio broadcast to Israel aired on shortwave.


November 11, Livestream Broadcast: "Ruling and Reigning Through the Great Tribulation."


November 12, Livestream Broadvcast: "Not All Men Have Faith."


November 13, Livestream Broadcast: "The Word of the Kingdom."  "Exhortation and Interpretation of Tongue."


November 14, Livestream Broadcast: "Walking in God's Faith" , Posted: "Hebrews 3."


November 17, Livestream Broadcast: "Hour of Power."


November 18,  Livestream Broadcast: "Beginning Words"


November 19, (Wednesday PM) Livestream Broadcast: Ephesians 3:15: For this cause I bow my knee.


November 20, LIvestream Broadcast: Ephesians 3:1-19: My prayer focus is on the family of God.


November 22, Livestream Broadcast: Ephesians 3:13-21: Bowed knee as these scriptures were read.


November 24, Woke with these words: "Kingdom of God suffereth violence and the violent take it by force and then "Hebrews 13:15: "By him let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is the fruit of our lips giving thanks continually." Then later heard the song on television,. "God Bless America." My heart was just filled, filled with a determination that the church of  America would stand. It was incredible how I felt. (Daniel 7:4)
Livestream Broadcast: "The Body of Christ Will Not Be Moved", "Interpretation of Tongue."


November 25, Livestream Broadcast: "The Head and Not the Tail"


November 26, Livestream Broadcast tongue and interpretation given: "Transcribed interpretation."


November 27, Livestream Broadcast: "The Heart of Josiah." (Transcript)


November 28, Livestream Broadcast: Posted: God's purposes for Terre Brown's life becoming more clear.


November 29 (Saturday) No Livestream Broadcast: Much pain, intercession, "Who am I?" While in my office on the floor, 1 Chronicles 29:13-15; Exodus 3:11; Exodus 32:7-14 were read to me.


November 30 (Sunday AM) Livestream Broadcast: Read the scriptures that were read Saturday in my office and I stated, "You are my people." God led me to have Terre Brown play, "I Have Returned" on the piano, (no singing) and I walked among my people.


November 30, (Sunday PM) Livestream Broadcast: Taught about groanings that cannot be uttered, the sounds of the Spirit. Romans 8:26-27. The hand of the Lord is heavy on alot of people for resisting God out of my mouth.
I expect to see much greater things in Terre's (Brown) life after today.


December 1, Livestream Broadcast: Daniel 12:3 And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmanent; and they that turn many to rightousness as the stars for ever and ever.
"One thing I do know, that I lead a remnant of my people."


December 2, Livestream Broadcast: At the end of the program, requested listeners to email and let me know they had received the gospel I preached.


December 3 (Wednesday AM) Livestream Broadcast: At the end of program, displayed the email address: gospel@doyledavidson.com and asked listeners who have believed in their heart the gospel that I preached, to email and give their name and tell me they were born again.


December 6, Posted images on Facebook of aerial photos of MU Campus where the presence of God fell on me and said, "I do not want you to be a veterinarian. I want you to be a minister of the gospel."


December 7 (Sunday PM) Livestream Broadcast: Prayed, bound witchcraft for about 10 minutes, then into worship. At the end of program, "Friends, we pushed in to the Kingdom alot! We pushed things off, thank God. I have been waiting for this night to appear. Tomorrow will be better."


December 8, Livestream Broadcast: "Temptations".


December 9, Posted audio message: "Intercessory Prayer". (with groanings that cannot be uttered).


December 10 (Wednesday AM)  Livestream Broadcast: "Intercession", (with groanings that cannot be uttered).


December 10 (Wednesday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Deliverance from Bondage"


December 11, Livestream Broadcast: "Garment of Praise".


December 12, Livestream Broadcast: "Never in Despair".


December 13, Livestream Broadcast: "The Set Time is Come", updated foyer, 101 miles.


December 14 (Sunday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "A Generation Created to Praise the Lord."


December 14 (Sunday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Terre Brown's Music Ministry".


December 15, Livestream Broadcast: Began teaching the book of Romans followed by Kathie Davidson's first live radio program.


December 16, Livestream Broadcast: Teaching Romans 1:18-21 followed by Terre Brown's first live music program.


December 17 (Wednesday AM) Livestream Broadcast: Teaching Romans 1:20-28 followed by Kathy Mai's first live radio broadcast.


December 17 (Wednesday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "The U.S., Cuba and Jehovah".


December 19, Romans 2:1-5 (Last day teaching Romans, too much war.)


December 20, Posted: Overcoming Jezebel and her witchcrafts;  Posted: "Deuteronomy 8"; "120 Miles"


December 21, (Sunday AM ) Livestream Broadcast: "Matthew 23:1-5" teaching; Audio: "Reminder To America";  Posted: 1 Corinthians 4:15 (Hugh Campos);


December 21, (Sunday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Matthew 23:1-15" teaching.


December 23, Livestream Broadcast: "Mark 1: Casting Out Devils";


December 24, (Wednesday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "Disobedience and Gospel" (Romans 1)


December 24 (Wednesday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Power Against Unclean Spirits";


December 25, Livestream Broadcast: "Two Christmas Specials"; Posted: "Ephesians 3:13-15",Awake at 4:00 AM praying, the Lord talked to me about a messenger sent to buffet me. 


December 26, Livestream Broadcast: "God is in Control"; posted audio message: "Charlatan Invades My Ministry".


December 27, Livestream Broadcast: "Who Am I?", 100 miles.


December 28 (Sunday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "Establish His House Forever-Part 1".


December 28 (Sunday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Establish His House Forever-Part 2".


December 29, Livestream Broadcast: "The New Man", Great distress this am, set my will on the name of Jesus. After about 4 hours, God began talking to me about the new man. The new man in me is praying 2 Samuel 7:25. Posted: John 10:10.


December 30, Livestream Broadcast: "The Beginning Days of Argyle".


December 31 (Wednesday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "Mark 7- The Heart of a Man"; "...nutrition puts more people in bondage than anything I've ever encountered."


December 31 (Wednesday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Terre Brown's Solo Ministry"; Terre Brown debuted "Who Am I?"




January 1, Livestream Broadcast: Bound witchcraft, deceit and lying divination.  "God Removeth and Setteth Up Kings" (1963 Pres. Kennedy assasinated),


January 2, Livestream Broadcast: "Mark 1 - These Signs Shall Follow",


January 3, Livestream Broadcast: "45 Years Ago",  Kathy Mai gave a tongue and interpretation on her Friday Livestream Program. "Interpretation of Tongue (Transcribed)", "2000 Miles".


January 4 (Sunday AM), Livestream Broadcast: "Glory in My Infirmities", Misty Reece ordained as a minister of the Gospel.


January 4 (Sunday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "1 John 2".


January 5, Livestream Broadcast: "O Foolish Galatians".


Januarty 6, Paul Peters began today, opening the Livestream Broadcast, ministering in music, accompanied by Candace Mai on piano. Livestream Broadcast: "Mercy Will Never Depart this House"; posted Jeremiah 51:20.


January 7 (Wednesday AM)  I woke up at about 3:00 AM with buzzing in my ears. I was in intercession all morning. Livestream Broadcast: Paul Peters, Kathy Mai and the Mai Girls and Terre Brown ministered the gospel in word and song. "Perfect Praise Stills the Enemy,"


January 7 (Wednesday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Terry Mai's Life",


January 8, Livestream Broadcast: "Temptations".


January 9, Livestream Broadcast: "The False Anointing"


January 10, Livestream Broadcast: "The False Anointing-Part 2", "115 Miles".


January 11 (Sunday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "God's Eternal Purpose for the Last Days"," This morning reminds me of the beginning of WWII," [World leaders meeting in Paris, France today.]


January 11 (Sunday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Preach the Gospel and These Signs Will Follow,",


January 12, Livestream Broadcast: "Introduction to Witchcraft", , Posted "Isaiah 54:17",


January 13, No Livestream Broadcast, Wrestling in prayer. Posted message to "Roger".


January 14 (Wednesday AM) Began praying early: "Let the angel of the Lord chase my enemies and persecute them", "Let God arise, let his enemies be scattered;" Livestream Broadcast: "Let God Arise;" Mai's ministered "Horse and the Rider",


January 14 (Wednesday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Big Bad Wolf",


January 15, Livestream Broadcast: "Believe His Prophets", "I'm in a very difficult straight over my country." Posted Gaither/George Younce video "Suppertime", Posted: "A Friend of Mine.", "Prophecy/Exhortation" from Kathie Davidson's Livestream Program.


January 16, Livestream Broadcast: "Confessing Your Faults,", "Suppertime is here for the church." Posted: "1 Samuel 30", "Psalm 68, 35", "I forgive everyone."


January 17, Livestream Broadcast: "Read the Psalms", "125 miles,", Posted: "Proverbs 6:32-35,",


January 18 (Sunday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "Have the Faith of God,", Posted: "Jeremiah 18:1-2",


January 18, (Sunday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Blessed is the Man Who Endureth Temptations".


January 19, Livestream Broadcast: "Purifying Your Soul", "Prophecy/Exhortation" from Kathie Davidson's Livestream Program; Posted: "Exhort the Body of Christ.", Posted Patty Page: "Tennessee Waltz".


January 20, Livestream Broadcast: "Receive Forgiveness of Sins by Faith"


January 21 (Wednesday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "Ministry of Music", There is a great attack against me and my ministry.  Prophecy/Exhoration (Kathy Mai's Livestream Program), Posted: 1 Timothy 2:1-8 and 1 Peter 5:8-10 with these words: "I want to encourage the Body of Christ in America and throughout the world to be watchful and vigilant in the political realm. I believe that 2015 and 2016 will see major changes in the governments of the world."


January 21 (Wednesday PM) Livestream Broadcast "Power Packed Hour of Praise", (I was in my office praying during broadcast.),


January 22, Livestream Broadcast: "Ministry of Music"; (In a great battle -  in my office praying during broadcast); Arthur Davidson went to heaven.


January 23, Livestream Broadcast:  "Psalm 143": "This is exactly where I am walking this very day." Posted "Ephesians 4:26-30"


January 24, Livestream Broadcast: "The Government Shall Be Upon His Shoulders" : "85 Miles"


January 25 (Sunday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "Always Favor Israel,"  "Today I speak to America, Israel and the world from the book of Isaiah, chapter 60."


January 25 (Sunday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Water of Life Singers"


January 26, Livestream Broadcast: "History Of The Davidson Family;" Roku: 3369 subcribers.


January 27, Livestream Broadvast: "Songs Of The Past", Audio message: "God Is Effective In My Life"


January 28 (Wednesday 11:00 AM) Livestream Broadcast "Demonology 101",


January 28 (Wednesday 7:00 PM) Livestream Broadcast "Ephesians 3"


January 29, Livestream Broadcast; "Be Joyful In All Things"


January 30, Livestream Broadcast: "Jeremiah 1"


January 31, Livestream Broadcast: "Obeying God's Commandmant" "130 Miles"


 February 1, Livestream Broadast: "Pearl of Great Price - Part 1 w/Terre Brown"


February 2, Livestream Broadcast: "Pearl of Great Price - Part 2 w/Kathy Mai"


February 3, Livestream Broadcast: "Pearl of Great Price - Part 3 w/Kathie Davidson"


Febrary 5, Liivestreasm Broadcast: "Devils"


February 8, Kathie Davidson delivered her first Sunday morning Livestream Broadcast message from the pulpit at Water of Life, Plano, Texas: "The Wages of Sin is Death.", with the Mai Girls opening with worship.


February 9, Livestream Broadcast: "Let us Return Unto the Lord";


February 10, Livestream Broadcast: "Prophetesses"; Announced: Kathy Mai Ministry would be in Joplin March 14, 2015; Kathie Davidson Ministry would be in Joplin April 11, 2015.


February 11 (Wedesday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "Revelation 18:1-8",


February 11, (Wednesday PM) Livestream Broadcast: ""Demonstrating God's Power"


February 12, Livestream Broadcast: "Strong is the Lord Who Judges Her" (Rev. 18)


February 13, Livestream Broadcast: "There's Only One Gospel"


February 14, 3400 Roku subscriptions. Livestream Broadcast: "The Anointing Destroys the Yoke" (Shared testimonies of life, and as I did, Terre received deliverance from much pain.)


February 15 (Sunday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "He Was Satisfied" (Kathie Davidson);


February 15 (Sunday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "The Book of Jude";


February 19, Much pain and affliction, no Livestream Broadcast. Vicious attack of Satan.The mutual faith of  David's Kaspareit and mine, broke the power of Satan over me.


February 20, Livestream Broadcast: "Doyle's Boyhood" (Levi Burkhart);


February 21, Livestream Broadcast: "Financial History of Water of Life";


February 22 (Sunday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "Who Hath Believed Our Report" (Kathie Davidson);


February 22, (Sunday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Experiences With Discipleship Movement";


February 23, Livestream Broadcast: "The Gospel Makes You Stand", Made the statement: "Jehovah preached the gospel to me in Argyle. Denny Hurley appointed to minister with Sweet Sixteen. Posted: Reading the Psalms Mondays and Fridays.


February 24, Livestream Broadcast: "Giving Thanks Continually", Made the statement:


"I have something to say to the powers and principalities in the heavenlies. To declare unto them the manifold wisdom of God, by the church which I am an apostle, amen, that the internet was invented, made, created by Jehovah, God, Almighty God, for the sole purpose of preaching the gospel to the end throughout the world. Nothing can stop the gospel from being preached to the end it is written Matthew 24:14. Now that you know that, praise God."


February 25 (Wednesday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "1 Samuel 25 - Abigail", (I have four Abigails with my ministry)


February 25 (Wednesday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Roots of the Discipling Movement"


February 26, Livestream Broadcast: "More Experiences with the Discipleship Movement"


February 27, Livestream Broadcast "There is Coming a Great Deliverance," "I have come to see in this great deliverance, the power of God in this movement will heal everyone."


February 28, Livestream Broadcast: "Songs From Redwood Church,"


March 1 (Sunday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "Saved From What?" (Kathie Davidson)


March 1 (Sunday PM)  Livestream Broadcast: "Learning to Walk With Jesus,"


March 2, Livestream Broadcast: "Women Preach the Gospel,", Announced Doyle's Monday-Saturday programs with Kathie Davidson, Terre Brown, Kathy Mai and Candace Mai will be aired on LeSEA shortwave antennas.


March 3, Livestream Broadcast: "It's a Blessing to See What God has Done.", Financial Contributions: Kathie Davidson to receive love offerings (by the Board of Trustees);  David Kaspareit ordained as an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ;


March 4 (Wednesday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "This Ministry Covers the World",


March 4, Livestream Broadcast: "God Has Been Faithful,"


 March 5, Livestream Broadcast: "God Will Train You,"


March 6, Livestream Broadcast: "Songs of Praise", (Kathy Mai opened the broadcast). When I awoke, soon began powerful intercessory prayer, God showed me in a vision, a man's face, three times. As soon as I identified the person, much of the attack left and a great breakthrough by 11:00 AM. My birthday, April 1, 2018, will fall on Easter.


March 7, Livestream Broadcast: "Persecutions and Afflictions,"  Today I saw in the spirit two men who resist specific purposes of God; Posted Luke 14:7-11;


March 8 (Sunday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "Justification" (Kathie Davidson and Doyle Davidson), (Kathie read Isaiah 66:5: "ye that tremble at his word;")  Announced on Facebook: Sunday 10:00AM Meetings schedule;


March 8 (Sunday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Traveling the 48 States," (Also, Isaiah 66:5: "...ye that tremble at his word;")


March 9, Livestream Broadcast: "Forgive Everyone and Loving Your Enemies," (Talked again of God visiting me Saturday night and ministering Isaiah 66:5), Posted: "You of a Fearful Heart, Be Strong."


March 10, Livestream Broadcast: "Be Strong and Fear Not;"


March 11 (Wednesday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "Give and It Shall Be Given;"  Posted: Reception Report for LeSEA Shortwave radio programs.


March 11 (Wednesday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "This Gospel is Covering the World;"


March 12, Livestream Broadcast: "Expanding the Ministry;"


March 13, Livestream  Broadcast: "Victory Is Here;", Tongue at the end of program (Kathy Mai): Interpretation; Signed contracts with LeSEA for 6 hr. block of programs on all eleven shortwave antennas. Posted: 8 Things Smith Wigglesworth said about today; Posted: The American Dream is the gospel of Jesus Christ;


March 14, Livestream Broadcast: "Being a Doer of the Word;" "104 Miles;" Posted: 8 Things Sermon (Smith Wigglesorth) with comments by Doyle; Kathy Mai Ministry ministered at Holiday Inn, Joplin, Missouri. 


March 15 (Sunday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "Crucified Through Weakness"'(Kathie Davidson and Doyle Davidson);


March 15, (Sunday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "One Heart and One Soul";


March 16, Livestream Broadcast: "Ezekiel 13";


March 17, Livestream Broadcast "Remission of Sins That Are Past"; My friend, "Jim Bray" with "news articles";


March 18 (Wednesday AM) Livestream Broadcast "True Worshippers";


March 18, (Wednesday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Crucified With Christ"; Changes at WOL, Mai Girls opening with praise, Terre and the Browns with Paul Peters lead worship, explained that we would learn how to worship.


March 19, Livestream Broadcast: "The Anointing Teaches You of All Things"; Posted Radio Schedule beginning April 6;


March 20, Livestream Broadcast: "Try the Spirits" Engaged a spirit yesterday, most powerful had ever confronted, this morning awoke with fear, took an hour to overcome, wrestled all day, doing well. For several weeks have been seeing spirit wolves, (Matthew 10:16 and John 10:12);


March 21, Livestream Broadcast: "Reading the Psalms"; "84 Miles"; Posted link to article of construction of Holy Altar for the Third Temple.


March 22 (Sunday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "The Son Was Lifted Up" (Kathie Davidson with Doyle Davidson)


March 22 (Sunday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "How to Witness to a Jew";


March 23, Livestream Broadcast: "1 Corinthians 12 - Manifestations of the Spirit";


March 24, Livestream Broadcast: "Faith is the Substance of Things Hoped For"; God showing me a man with wolf hair.


March 25 (Wednesday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "God on the Mountain", (Terre Brown ministered God On The Mountain) Woke up this morining and it was in my heart, "you were never alone"; then as I was sittng on the edge of my bed having coffee and orange juice there was a tongue and I interpreted:


Your life is not your own, you are bought with a price and you glorifyl the Father in your body. If you will follow the words of the Lord, He'll show you your salvation.


And soon another tongue followed with interpretation:


Think it not strange the fiery trial that's trying your faith.


I said, "Yes I know where that's at. Peter said that." And the the Lord said the same thing to me that he said a week ago this day


Be quiet, know I'm God and I'll show you my salvation."


I said, "Yes Psalm 91, the last word, salvation." My faith is being tried and I could think it's strange--and I'm doing all I can not to and God was exhorting me to not think it's strange and be quiet and know its God and He'll show me His salvation. I became lost in the church today, one of the scariest days I've had, the fear was unreal. I overcame when I started telling the devil, "Satan I resist you, I resist you, I resist you," and I pushed him off. (Sharion Brockett was a witness.) The devil wants to kill me; this has happened to me about half a dozen or more times and every time, no one can help me but God--He can cause my spirit to stand up and speak to the devil. (Testimony on March 26, 2015 broadcast.)


March 25, (Wednesday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Bringing Forth Fruit";


March 26, Livestream Broadcast: "1 Samuel 3:11 and Numbers 12"; Phone call from Weldon Parks; email from Steddie Muserera; announced mobile versio


March 27, Livestream Broadcast: email from Steddie Muserera; exhortation to Kathie Davidson, Kathy Mai and Terre Brown;


March 28, Livestream Broadcast: "Planting the Heavens and Laying the Foundations" "76 Miles"; Addressed a post on Facebook; announced mobile version of website;


March 29, (Sunday AM) Livestream Broadcast:"What to Expect Walking with Jesus" with Kathie Davidson and Doyle Davidson;   Interpretation of tongue from bike room; Posted: We can see a war prophesied in Daniel 11:-28 developing;


March 29 (Sunday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Being Separated Unto God"; Posted: "2 Kings 6", Sweet 16 debuted: "I Shall Not Be Moved".


March 30, Email from Steddie Muserera: Livestream Broadcast: "Minstering the Gospel to the World" Awoke at 4:00 AM under strong attack of the devil; awoke again later, numb all over, overcame.


March 31, Posted:"Church of Philadelphia"; Livestream Broadcast: "Seeking the Kingdom and Walking in the Spirit"; "Roku 3474";


April 1 (Wednesday AM)  Livestream Broadcast: "The End Is Not Far Off"; Recieved a phone call from Johanna Hedges: Posted: "To The Body Of Christ" (what were you doing on 9/11/2001)


April 1 (Wednesday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Strong Now As I Was Back Then";


April 2, Livestream Broadcast: "No One Can Stay The Hand of the God"; We know that we've got to give America up to God. We've got to turn the land that we love lose, give it to God, because He owns every bit of it. The Body of Christ in America and throughtout the world, wherever you are located, will reign and rule through Christ Jesus, through the gift of righteousness. The Anti-Christ cannot rule the Body of Christ, the Body of Christ will rule the Anti-Christ. Also talked about the vision I had in 1992 of 6 abreast, marching.


April 3, Livestream Broadcast: "Faith is Confidence"  (The Spirit of God was pleading with people to believe the gospel); Audio: "To Steddie Muserera", "Transcript";


April 4, Livestream Broadcast: "All You Have Do is Say "Jesus" (Weeping, heart filled with compassion for those who are lost.)Overcame some resentment God had showed me I had, toward my sisters because of their treatment of me growing up. Stated yesterday after program and again today: "Woe to us if we don't preach this gospel..." Recorded and posted audio message: "Steps of Abraham", (Transcript) Later Saturday eve came under great attack, asked for prayer: "Would you pray and agree that the power of darkness be broken over me." Kathie D. layed hands on me and asked God to show mercy. Soon after Kathie spoke by the Spirit, I knew Jesus was talking to me. I made an audio: "Keep On Praying"; Soon after I made another audio: "I Am Overcoming Your Devils" (By that time I had overcome and was praying in strength.) "Summary"


April 5 (Sunday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "The Meaning of the Resurrection" with Kathie Davidson and Doyle Davidson, This morning woke up with "Doyle you are a fool, you are a fool..." kept saying it. God began reminding of 1 Peter 5:7: "Casting all your care upon the him for he careth for you." Also Psalm 55:22 "Cast thy burden upon the Lord and he shall sustain you" I had not done that with the burden of the revelation of Daniel 11:20-28, nor the spirit I ran into in 2006 and was still there. Mercy flowed into me when Kathie layed hands on me last night and this morning I began overcoming those two spirits that have tormented me, God granting me grace to begin casting the burden and the care of it upon the Lord; "Summary"


April 5 (Sunday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Cast Your Cares Upon the Lord" (Scriptures from Daniel 8, 10, Matthew 18; Talked of the ministry of a prophetess, Kathie D speaking as Deborah to me last night. It was the Lord talking to me through her.(Kathie D shared the sequence of events of that night.)


April 6, LIvestream Broadcast: "If Thou Will Be Perfect, Sell What Thou Hast"; The gospel delivered me... I only want what God gives me and that's what I've got...it's a great blessing to be free of wanting everything you see...to just want the kingdom and Jesus. Began airing our six hour block on all LeSEA shortwave antennas.


April 7, Livestream Broadcast: "The Word of the Lord Has Tried Doyle"; Posted" Isaiah 50:4" (Be ye angry and sin not, let not the sun go down on your wrath. Eph. 4:26)


April 8 (Wednesday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "The Neosho Vision";


April 10, Livestream Broadcast: "2 Corinthians 12"; Woke this morning troubled, "This can't go on", the the Lord showed me insults. I made an audio early that morning, "Pleasure in Insults,"; God instructed me to fast for Israel and I invited God's people to join me Monday through Wednesday, fasting and eating the evening meal, for Israel.


April 11 (Saturday) In Joplin at the Holiday Inn with Kathie Davidson, conducting a meeting; joined by Terre and the Browns and Paul Peters. Pre-recorded songs on Livestream.


April 12 (Sunday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "The Sacrifice Has Already Been Made" with Kathie Davidson and Doyle Davidson; Water of Life Quartet debuted "Led Out of Bondage";


April 12 (Sunday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Vessels of Mercy"; Tongue and interpretations, (first, second): From the bikeroom:

There is no difference between sin, and loving sin, saith the Lord.

For my words are truth and they will covert the soul."

"I will prepare a way where there is no way and it shall not return to me void."


April 13, Livestream Broadcast: "Casting Out Devils", Paul Peters joined me on the set to minister with me during our 11:00 AM Livestream Broadcast for the first time. Recorded audio: "The Way Jesus Walks";


April 14, Livestream Broadcast: "Who Am I?"; "This morning I felt as though I were walking down the center of Ward 74A at Oak Knoll Naval Hospital, and all the patients were there." Recorded three audios and posted: :"What is Done in Secret"; "The Power of Sex"; "Disappointment"; Announced WOL will be returning to television in July on KODE Channel 12 in Joplin on Sunday mornings.


April 15 (Wednesday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "Praise and Worship" with Paul Peters opening, ministering the gospel and ministering in song, finishing with recording by WOL ministers of music.  I was in intercession.  Kathy Mai gave a tongue and interpretation on her Livestream program. The Lord spoke to me, "The joy of the Lord is my strength"; Posted: "Psalm 16:8-11";


April 15 (Wednesday) Livestream Broadcast: "2nd Generation Davidson Preaching the Gospel to the World"; Kathie Jane Mai ministering the gospel. I continued in strong intercession, throughout.


April 16, Livestream Broadcast: "His Hand Stretched Out Still" Paul Peters opened the program, preaching the gospel and ministering in song, finishing with recordings by WOL ministers of music. In strong interecession for America in regard to the health care bill. Reposted video of "Prayer for the United States" (from Jan. 11, 2010); re-posted: March 13, 2010 prayer;


April 17, Livestream Broadcast: "Spare Thy People O Lord"; Posted Three Generations of Davidson's are preaching the gospel.


April 18, Livestream Broadcast: "The Music Ministry at Water of Life" (David Brown on set ministering with me for the first time.) "41 Miles"


April 19 (Sunday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "The Power is in the Gospel" with Kathie Davidson and Doyle Davidson. New intro featuring Redwood Church and Luther Davidson and family, all Water of Life Ministers. 


April 19 (Sunday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Quietness and Assurance Forever"; Spoken about David Brown: "I believe this boy is a prophet, I do. I also believe Paul Peters is one."


April 20, Livestream Broadcast: "Do Not Disobey God's Commandments", "No one has a right to speak to me unadvisedly, the words of God is all." (Paul read Psalm 106:32-33 "...so that he spoke unadvisedly with his lips.") Stated publicly: "Paul is an apostle and prophet." Added the songs "Led Out of Bondage" and "I Shall Not Be Moved" to the WOL download page. Posted: "Revelation 18:1-20". Used the word "adroitly" in post.


April 21, Livestream Broadcast: "Jesus the Intercessor"; Reposted: "America the Beautiful" (take off your shoes, you are standing on Holy Grountd); Posted: "God's Daughters Restored";


April 22, (Wednesday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "Praise and Worship", There was a great attack after posting yesterday, about the daughters of Zion. Prayer during livestream broadcast while recorded songs played.


April 22, (Wednesday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Ministering the Gospel in Song";


April 23, Livestream Broadcast:  "Jesus Was Your Ransom"; (WOL Boys recording, Doyle and Paul praying) Posted transcript of "Vision - God's Daughters"; Posted audio: "Charlatans Smooth Talkers";


April 24, Livestream Broadcast: "Overcoming More Powers of Darkness"; Posted: "Isaiah 30-1";


April 25, Livestream Broadcast:"Habitation of Devils" (Recorded WOL Boys w/Terry Mai songs, Doyle and David Brown praying.) Anticipating a meeting at Redwood Church in September; posted: "How My Ministry Walks"; also posted audio (at 5:00AM) : "Satan Wants to Kill You";


April 26 (Sunday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "What Went to the Cross" with Kathie Davidson and Doyle Davidson;


April 26 (Sunday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "The Power is Already Inside You" (Terre Brown on set with Doyle Davidson-shared testimony of the Lord pleading with her face to face.)


April 27, Livestream Broadcast: "The Spirit of Jesus Was in the Prophets"; Spoke on broadcast about Paul Peters:

"You all need to know that this young man is a prophet and apostle ordained by God, by the will of God, not by the will of man but by the will of God. God will work this thing out in his heart until he convinces him of that very fact, but I believe that in the Spirit."


April 28, Livestream Broadcast: "At the Name of Jesus"; Posted audios: "Who Hath Bewitched You?" and "A Little Leaven Leaveneth the Whole Lump";


April 29 (Wednesday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "Fear Not For I Am With Thee"; I want to pray for those that are perishing, dying, I want to pray for the world that have been incensed against me:

“Father, forgive their sins, forgive their sins, cleanse them of their sins, if it be possible, bring them to heaven to reside with you.”

April 29 (Wednesday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Jesus' Soul in Hell"  with Kathy Mai and the Mai Girls. Doyle was at home in  intercession.  Posted: "Numbers 25"; Posted message to "Charlatan"; Poasted: "Malachi 3:8";


April 30, Livestream Broadcast: "Give and It Shall be Given Unto You"; "Be still and know he's God" and then, "Take your shoes off you're on holy ground."   Prophecy by Doyle Davidson; Interpretation of tongue by Kathie Davidson; Phone conversation with Pastor Filsing - Redwood Church; To the Body of Christ at Redwood Church;


May 1, Livestream Broadcast: "At the Name of Jesus Every Knee Will Bow"; Posted: Doyle speaking Sunday (May 3, 2015); Posted: Reference to a phone conversation with a person in Missouri 2011;


May 2, Livestream Broadcast: "You Throuigh His Poverty Might Be Rich"; Announced shortwave cancelled.


May 3 (Sunday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "1 Timothy 6-Fight the Good Fight of Faith" (Doyle Davidson); 1st day airing on Dish Network and Direct TV.


May 3 (Sunday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Distribution is Made by the Apostles as Every Man Has Need";


May 4, Livestream Broadcast: "Be Willing and Ready"; Talked about Thursday's prophecy and the presence of the Lord. Posted: "Isaiah 66:1-5"; It seems the Lord is saying He is going to come and personally heal like he did Betty Baxter." Posted: Genesis 2;


May 5, Livestream Broadcast: "The Faith of Doyle's Parents" (Transcript); Audio: "The Holiness People" (Transcript); Prophecy (Don't think you are more spiritual than the apostle...)


May 6 (Wednesday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "The Cross and the Gospel are the Same";


May 6 (Wednesday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Without Sprinkling of Blood There is No Remission" with Kathie Davidson and Doyle Davidson.


May 7, Livestream Broadcast: "Familiar Spirits" (talked of delivering Terre Brown from a familiar spirit and necromancy); "Enemy of the cross"; Today I believe the Lord is directing me to minister in Redwood Church, the one my grandfather built in 1924. Asked for prayer that I would have free course.


May 8, Livestream Broadcast: "Love Your Enemies"; Posted: 2 Corinthians 7";


May 9, Livestream Broadcast: "Preachers of America"; Praying for the Body of Christ that Genesis 2:24 be accomplished in your lives.


May 10 (Sunday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "The Power Comes from the Gospel" with Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson; Posted audio: Let Us Not Be Weary in Well Doing";


May 10 (Sunday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Only Preach the Gospel" with Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson;


May 11, Livestream Broadcast: "God Will Convince You of Sin"; Posted Matthew 15; Praying the Psalms for an hour. Posted Vision of charlatan in my bedroom on Sunday (5-10-2015)


May 12, Livestream Broadcast: "Watch and Pray"; Posted Romans 2:1-9; Last night awake much of the night praying and talking to the Lord with much pain (the word anguish); Re-posted vision of a bright light and the understanding that a person's heart will not come to the light.


May 13 (Wednesday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "Humble Yourself and Cast Your Cares On the Lord"; Cares are fears - if you keep cares, it's pride.


May 13 (Wednesday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "This Is Love That You Keep My Commandments" with Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson.


May 14, Livestream Broadcast: "Walking Through The Valley of the Shadow of Death"; Announced we will be returning to TV in Tulsa soon.


May 15, Attacked at 7:59 AM with vicious attack, much abdominal pain, "Satan you cannot kill me...I will not die.." took 30 minutes to overcome. Livestream Broadcast: "Preaching the Gospel to Tulsa";  Announced on today's program Water of Life Ministries will be on television in Tulsa, Oklahoma beginning June, 1, 2015 on KWHB, LeSEA. Posted: "Returning to Television";


May 16, Livestream Broadcast: "A Thorn in the Flesh"; posted: "Jesus Son of Man";


May 17 (Sunday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "Speaking as Joab Spoke to David"; Kathie D and I talked of April 4, 2014 and Kathie ministering to me by the Spirit of God that evening, as Phoebe did Paul; also shared about the following Sunday morning (April 5, 2015), God saying: "You are a fool" and began that day to pray 1 Peter 5:6-7.


May 17 (Sunday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "God Grants Grace to the Humble" My friend Jerry Sims went to heaven. I want to comfort some of those who knew. him.


May 18, Livestream Broadcast: "Worship the Work of Their Own Hands"; Posted: They Won't Fight now either..."; 1 Peter 5;


May 19, Livestream Broadcast: "Put on the Whole Armour of God"; Posted Galatians 5; 1 Samuel 16;


May 20 (Wednesday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "The Anointing of the Apostle Jesus"; "Spirit of witchcraft after me and I know where it's at and who it operates through...the hand of the Lord be heavy upon you." Posted: 2 Timothy 2;


May 20 (Wednesday PM)  Livestream Broadcast: "Your Faith Will Be Tried" with Kathie Davdson and Doyle Davidson; Posted: The good shepherd Jesus in me cares for those with me; word of wisdom from Steddie Muserera in a comment:


"You rather make effort correcting your life reading the bible than fighting an anointed prophet, the consequences are certain."


May 21, Livestream Broadcast:"Touch Not God's Anointed" (speaking to prideful, rebellious women; also read Steddie's word of wisdom on broadcast); Posted: "Only Today" ("...feel as if I have entered into His rest...it is beautiful, as if everything is new.") Posted  "1 Corinthians 14:1-5" (I used the words of tongue and interpretation as direction instead of to edify, exhort or comfort. Asked the Father to fogive me.)


May 22, Posted "God Told Paul not to go to Asia"; Livestream Broadcast: "Don' t look to the right or to the Left"; Kathy Mai's Overseer; Posted: 1 Kings:22 (King Ahab, Jezebel and Jehu); Posted: "April 4th, 5th, 2015 Summary" (Kathie D ministered to me by the Spirit and God told me I was a fool.)


May 23, This morning casting my cares upon the Lord (Anthony Reece's post); Posted: Jeremiah 15:19 (the precious from the vile); Posted: God's Great Army (WOL has only know Jesus after the flesh); Livestream Broadcast: "Precious From the Vile", during morning broadcast I engaged hatred, hatred for me.


May 24 (Sunday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "You Don't Want to Go to Hell" with Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson. 


May 24 (Sunday PM) Livestream Broadcast:"Laid Help Upon One that is Mighty"  with Kathie Davidson and Doyle Davidson; Posted audio: "Spiritual Wickedness in High Places."


May 25, Livestream Broadcast: "Whosoever Heareth These Sayings"; Posted: Proverbs 6:16-19; Judgement of WOL did not end with the death of Terry Mai. Reposted audio: "Charlatan"; email from Steddie Muserera; testimony of a horse I treated who was in such distress, he was sweating as though great drops of blood.


May 26, Livestream Broadcast: "We Are Labourers Together With God";


May 27 (Wednesday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "Purging Your Conscience";


May 27 (Wednesday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Jesus in His Humiliation" Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson;


May 28, Livestream Broadcast: "Doyle's Family"; Posted: Isaiah 66:5 (my legs, arms and whole body trembling);


May 29, Livestream Broadcast: "Christianity is Not Religion";


May 30, Livestream Broadcast: "David Brown's Music Ministry"; Posted: "Casting Out Devils"; I expect to see Dr. David E. Avery in heaven.


May 31 (Sunday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "The Old Rugged Cross" with Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson;   Terre Brown debuted "The Old Rugged Cross"; Audio message: Authority In That Name;


May 31 (Sunday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "The Name Above Every Name' with Kathie Davidson; I was at home during the evening broadcast in intercession.


June 1, Livestream Broadcast: "The Name of Jesus With the Gospel"; Posted three audio messages: "Trial and Tribulation";


June 2, Livestream Broadcast: "God Putting Together His Kingdom"; Not right to go on television in Tulsa, posted note to Bob. Posted Neosho Vision again. Posted 1 Samuel 18:1-3;


June 3, Livestream Broadcast: "The Power of Darkness";  I talked about God warning me of the power of darkness coming to my ministry. It did come. I have never said this before: "I believe the power of darkness took Terry Mai down." Posted: Ezra 10:10-13";


June 4, Livestream Broadcast: "Husbands, Love Your Wives"; Posted audio message: "My Tour in the Navy,"


June 5, Livestream Broadcast: "He Chose David His Servant"; Posted audio message: "Lord Behold Their Threatenings";


June 6, Livestream Broadcast: "Bringing in the Sheaves"; Woke up with the song "Bringing in the Sheaves in my heart. We sang it at Redwood Church. WOL staff agreed with text messages, Daniel and David Brown to come on staff.


June 7 (Sunday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "The Book of Jude" with Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson;This morning I had a tongue, it was anointed and I said it needed interpreted. "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, where there is no fear there is no restraint." Three times the tongue and three times the same interpretation. "100 miles";


June 7, (Sunday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "The Book of Jude-Part 2"; "Hollywood Cat and Dorfman Quarter Horses"; Posted: "The Book of Jude";


June 8, Livestream Broadcast: "My Country Tis of Thee" Message to highschool friends with photo announcing returning to TV in Joplin.


June 9, Livestream Broadcast: "As For Me and My House, We Will Serve the Lord"; About 9:50 PM praying, really hard, much distress, much pain, was in interecessory prayer. Felt as though going to burst, might vomit, tremendous pressure. Intercession against sin (Hebrews 12:4) I kept praying "I will not die, Satan", and then "the Lord is my helper," until I could no longer speak.  I began interceding according to Romans 8:26. Sent text to staff. Then at 8:42,  a great surge of power came up through me against sin and almost all pain stopped. Went to sleep, later awoke, pain was all gone. A war against sin.


June 10 (Wednesday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "You Have Not Resisted Unto Blood..." ;


June 10 (Wednesday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Matthew 7" with Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson;


June 11, Interpretation of tongue: "Be still and know I am God for I will come with a recompense." Posted: "Isaiah 35:4-5"; Livestream Broadcast: "Sensual Images"; During broadcast, Paul Peters brought up the interpretation from previous Sunday AM: "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, where there is no fear there is no restraint." John Ferguson in heaven.


June 12, Livestream Broadcast: "On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand";


June 13, Livestream Broadcast: "Say the Name of Jesus..."; Audio messages: "Trying of My Faith"; "I Didn't Die"; "Alive Forevermore:"; Posted: To a friend: 2 Chronicles 7:14


June 14 (Sunday AM)  Livestream Broadcast: "Ministering the Gospel Back in Joplin";  with Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson; Intercessory Prayer for Jane Downtain;


June 14 (Sunday PM) LIvestream Broadcast: "Reach Out and Touch Jesus" with Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson;


June 15, Livestream Broadcast: "With Long Life Will I Satisfy Thee" Overcame spirits of envy;


June 16, Livestream Broadcast: "God Delivered a Foal"; Posted October 1994 "Bless These Children This Day" video; "I thank God for the faith of the people God has kept with me.";


June 17 (Wednesday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "41st Anniversary - Garden Tomb"; Posted: "June 16, 1974"; [Dates corrected to reflect June 16, 1974 at the Garden Tomb -KC]


June 17 (Wednesday PM) LIvestream Broadcast: "June 16. 1974 - Garden Tomb" with Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson; "June 16, 1974 Transcript"; [Dates corrected to reflect June 16, 1974 at the Garden Tomb-KC].
 As I was praying, it was like I was in a vacumn, couldn't get my faith working, broke through and my faith came through.


June 18, Livestream Broadcast: "Cup of the Lord's Fury";


June 19, Livestream Broadcast: :"One Accord"; Posted: One Accord; Terre Brown and I prayed for four hours, I had much weeping.the Lord was talking to me abou how far I had departed from God, about how the sin of my involvement in veterinary medicine had kept back good things from me.


June 20, 500 chairs moved into sanctuary and fellowship hall. Livestream Broadcast: "Your Sins Have Withholden Good Things From You"; Tongue and interpretaion given to Doyle, while the Mai Girls were ministering "Through It All" Interpretation:


"Gird up your loins, your life is not your own, it’s bought with a price. Amen. Face it all and I will show you my salvation."


June 21 (Sunday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "Blessing the Children" with Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson; This morning asked the children aged 12 and under to come forward, accompanied by one parent, and I prayed for them each individually, blessing them in the name of Jesus.


June 21 (Sunday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Jesus Christ is Lord" with Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson;


June 22, Livestream Broadcast: "He is Able to Save You to the Uttermost"; Paul Peters opened the program, Doyle at home in prayer. Schedule change: Daily 11:00 AM Broadcast changed to 10:00 AM (CT) beginning June 23, 2015). Staff prayer following at 11:00 AM (CT). God told me today (Monday) that Rees Howells had prayed for me.


June 23, Livestream Broadcast:"Water Of Life Christian Training School" Posted: Luke 8 (Commanding those who left to return and follow me as I follow Christ.) Posted: Genesis 18: (Command my house in the way of the Lord.).


June 24 (Wednesday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "The Strays"; Posted audio: "Resist the Devil and He Will Flee";


JUne 24, (Wednesday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "He Will Never Leave Thee, Nor Forsake Thee" with Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson;


June 25, Livestream Broadcast: "Absent in the Flesh, Present in the Spirit"; My prayer: "Lord, can't you do something with this bunch you've gathered around me?"


June 26, Livestream Broadcast: "To Humble Thee and To Prove Thee"; Posted: Supreme Court Decisions (Upheld Affordable Health Care Law, also, same-sex marriage a constitutional right.)


June 27, Livestream Broadcast: "Psalm 55"; "3603 Roku subscribers"; Posted: "Psalm 55"; Posted: 1 Corinthians 11 (I hear there are divisions among you.)


June 28 (Sunday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "Evening and Morning and at Noon Will I Cry Aloud" with Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson. Blessed the children this morning. Today I have the faith to call God's people brethren.;


June 28 (Sunday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "The Chastisement of Our Faith"  Interpretation of tongue;


June 29, Livestream Broadcast: "God's Dealing With His People"; Our God Reigns recordings will play coninually on Livestream and Roku. posted: 2 Timothy 2:11-12; History of the song, "Our God Reigns";


June 30, Livestream Broadcast: "Our God Reigns"; posted: "Doyle Davidson Returning to Channel 12"; official apointments: Paul Peters and David Brown;


July 1 (Wednesday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "Psalm 2 - Why Do The Heathen Rage?";


July 1 (Wednesday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "The Spirit of Faith is a Gift From God" with Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson;


July 2, Livestream Broadcast: "We Preach the Truth"; I "must" see (Acts 4:12) because Jesus rose from the dead.  Posted: Luke 12; Gaining the victory over a spirit I confronted in 1998.;


July 3, Livestream Broadcast: "God Revealed Himself As Jehovah"; Posted: Romans 14:17-18 (Accepted by God);


July 4, Livestream Broadcast: "God Bless America";  (Doyle Davidson, David Brown and Kathie Davidosn); Posted: Mark 1 (Ethnicity);


July 5 (Sunday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "The Blood of Jesus" with Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson; Blessed the children that came forward in the sanctuary and blessed all the children throughout the world.


July 5 (Sunday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Behold I send an Angel Before Thee" with Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson;


Julty 6, Livestream Broadcast: "Their Folly Shall Be Made Manifest";  Psalm 47:1 (Clap your hands); Audio: "Shout Unto God with a Voice of Triumph"; Audio: "Clap Your Hands";


July 7, Livestream Broadcast: "I Delight to do Thy Will O Lord"; Transcript: "Their Folly Shall be Made Manifest"; Audio: "The Shout of Faith"; Audio: "Receive Chastisement";  Posted: Smith Wigglesworth-The Shout of Faith;


July 8 (Wednesday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "There is None Good"


July 8 (Wednesday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Shouting the Shout of Faith" with Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson. This morning I had a vision of field of  destruction.


July 9, Livestream Broadcast: "Prophets and Prophetesses" (Terre Brown also shared her testimony of being set free from unbelief in 2009 while reading Smith Wigglesworth sermons.) Posted: "Seated in the heavenlies" (includes vision of field of destruction.) Re-posted: "God Calls the Church to Fast" (August 3, 2006 Joel 2); Audio: "Spare Thy People Prayer"; Posted: "Acts 2:17-19" (Taking place today on earth).


July 10, Livestream Broadcast: "The World Hated Jesus First";  Posted briief timeline of scriptures God has revealed to me over the years in regard to the End Times. Posted Acts:14:22  "Confirming the souls of the disciples.. " (Doyle Davidson and Anthony Reece);


July 11, Livestream Broadcast: "Faith and Justification"; This afternoon in a great struggle in prayer...Kathie D joined me in prayer, we broke through in 15 minutes. Audio: "Crucial Change in my Ministry"; Posted: Psalm 18; The end of the Supreme Court Session in June signifies the beginning of the great tribulation; Posted prayer: "Lord send your angels to all of my people throughout the world and minister to them."


July 12 (Sunday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "The Beginning of Tribulation" with Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson; Blessed the children who came forward in the sanctuary and blessed the children throughout the world.


July 12 (Sunday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Watch and Pray" with Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson;


July 13, Livestream Broadcast: "The Book of Job";


July 14, Livestream Broadcast: "Forgiveness Program";


July 15 (Wednesday AM)  Livestream Broadcast: "God is Still God";


July 15 (Wednesday PM) Livestream Braodcast: "God Can Use You" with Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson;


July 16, Livestream Broadcast: "Prayer and Praise"; Shared the testimony: "Put away your notes, I want to speak.";  Word of knowledge for someone. Posted: Overcoming Spirits; Posted: "1 Kings 21:25..."


July 17, Livestream Broadcast: "Overcoming the Devil"; (Have battled Campus Crusades for years, form of godliness but deny the power thereof.)


July 18, Livestream Broadcast: "Jesus Paid A Debt"; These words have been in my heart for several days, "He paid a debt he did not owe..."; posted: Isaiah 8:18; Email I received;


July 19 (Sunday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "The Name of Jesus" with Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson;  email received;


July 19 (Sunday PM) Livestream Broadcast:  "The Heart of a Man" with Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson;


July 20, Livestream Broadcast:"Sanctification of God's People" Walking in the fellowship hall again. Prayer for Wallace Russell's family;


July 21, Livestream Broadcast: "Phillipians 2 & James 3"; Posted: "Psalm 37" (fret not thyself because of evil doers) Audio: "Fret Not Thyself"; I had a tongue and interpretation this morning; Interpretation: 

"The Lord is your helper, the Lord is your helper, the Lord is your helper. Salvation cometh from the Lord, who is your helper, as the morning dew."


July 22 (Wednesday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "Jehovah, My Father"; posted: Psalm 139; "This day still working to overcome a spirit that tried to destroy my ministry in 2005";


July 22 (Wednesday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Now Faith Is the Substance...";


July 23, Livestream Broadcast: "Access Grace Through Faith"; Woman of Faith (Jane Downtain);


July 24, Livestream Broadcast: "Exercising the Father's Plan"; God told me recently that a person's face was against me and He spoke to me in a tongue and interpretation: "Press on, press on, and you will turn their face and deliver them."


July 25, Livestream Broadcast: "God Will Have All Men to be Saved";


July 26 (Sunday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "Reconciled to God";


July 26 (Sunday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "The Word of Faith";


July 27, Livestream Broadcast: "Overcoming with Praise and Worship"; This morning when I began praying I immediately was under attack of the devil with pain in my abodominal area. I prayed, "Satan, I'm not going to die, I'm not going to die..."  then after five or ten minutes I started praying, "Satan, I drive you out of my body..."  and then I started clapping my hands and shouting "Hallelujah!" and then "Hallelujah, hallelujah, praise the Lord..." over and over. It's the first time that I've overcome an attack of this devil with praise, after resisting the devil, driving him out and then praise and thanks. It took me an hour and a half to get on top of this.  Psalm 143:3-4 (God revealed these verses to me this morning, that the persecution of my soul by peoples tongues had overwhelmed my spirit.)
"I am reasonalbly sure that God gave me the faith, the strength, the anointing to stop the devil from killing me and you haven't heard me say that prior to this day." Today is the first day thiat I have overcome this spirit praising the Lord."


July 28, Livestream Broadcast: "The Enemy Hath Persectued My Soul";


July 29 (Wednesday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "Give Unto the Treasury"; (Talked about cremation, get the mind of the spirit.) Re-posted: "Give Unto the Treasury" (Originally posted Oct. 2, j2011).


July 29 (Wednesday PM) "This Present Truth" with Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson;


July 30, Livestream Broadcast: "This Honor Have All His Saints"; Prayed for Shelby Alvis during broadcast. Posted:Numbers 22; 1 Chronicles 21, Revelations 23: Posted: "Romantic relationships";


July 31, 2015 Livestream Broadcast: "A Fearful Heart"; While eating a roll this morning, up comes this fear.  Posted Terre Brown's prayer in song for her mother, Jane Downtain. Posted: "Two Women of Faith I've Known"; Mary Jane Downtain went to be with the Lord.


August 1, Livestream Broadcast: "People of Faith";


August 2 (Sunday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "Mutual Faith Comforts" with Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson;


August 2, (Sunday PM) LIvestream Braodcast: "The Just Shall Live By Faith" with Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson;


August 3, Livestream Broadcast: "Speak All That I Command Thee"; "WOL people preaching the gospel and people being saved.


August 4, Livestream Broadcast: "After You Have Believed"; Mary Jane Downtain's Obituary-Dallas Morning News;


August 5 (Wednesday AM)  Mary Jane Downtain's Celebration service was conducted at Water of Life at 11:00 AM at the direction of the Spirit of God. Recorded WOL worship music was streamed live during the regular 11:00 AM Livestream Broadcast.  The glory of God appeared in my sanctuary during Jane's service.


August 5 (Wednesday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Sell All of Your Pearls" with Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson;


August 6, Livestream Broadcast: "Acts 11 and 13";


August 7, Livestream Broadcast: "The Glory of God"; Change in order of Sunday Program (8-9-2015) announced; Posted: 2 Corinthians 10; Received word from a person in Europe that during Jane Downtain's service, they recieved deliverance; posted instruction to those who walk with me about the measure of the authority a person walks in corresponds to their abilty (Matthew 25). Road 12 miles praying Isaiah 53:4-5, following that I walked into the room where Terre Brown was editing the recording of Jane Downtain's service. The anointing on that recording was so strong, it joined with my faith and I immediately had pain. (See post); Added 900 more ROKU subscribers to my channel since January 12, 2015.


August 8, Livestream Broadcast: "Setting the Body of Christ in Order", (This video received a number of comments); Is it not lawful for a sister to live with a brother? Posted: 1 Corithians 9, 1 Corithians 2 , "1992 - Galatians 6:1", Revelations 12:10; God spoke Isaiah 1 to me while eating dinner at the "barn".


August 9 (Sunday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "The Glory of God is Here" with Doyle Davidson  and Kathie Davidson; (Doyle stopped the meeting during Kathie's message and called for the singers, "the glory of God is here."


August 9 (Sunday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Except the Lord Build the House" with Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson; (During the evening meeting had a word of knowledge of a woman who had been date raped, the Lord set her free when I took her hand and prayed for het to be loosed.)


August 10, Livestream Broadcast: "Make Your Sins as White as Snow" (Isaiah 1); In the past 15 years, many have fallen from the faith, I am still in a great conflict for you.  During the night last night, delivered Kathie D. from German pride, fear, rejection and rebellions for over and hour, she shook violently.


August 11, Livestream Broadcast: "Herein Is My Father Glorified..."; Posted" I've prayed for three people that their conscience be purged from dead works.


August 12 (Wednesday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "Financial History of Water of Life"; Posted: "Lamentations 3"; "Lynn Anderson";


August 12 (Wednesday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "The Working of His Mighty Power to Usward Who Believe";


August 13,  Livestream Broadcast: "Prayer and Praise";


August 14, Livestream Broadcast: "Just Jesus"; Posted: "Romans 8 (35-38)"; Posted about: President Truman and Israel; "God Sets Up Kings"  "Kittens"


August 15, Livestream Broadcast: "Prayer and Fasting Has Brought Water of Life Where it Is": Posted: "Deceitfulness of Lust", "Isaiah 1";


August 16, (Sunday AM) Livestream Broadcast:  "Spare Thy People Oh Lord" with Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson; I was kneeling before the platform immediately after KD finished preaching, praying Joel 2:Spare thy people, O Lord, and give not thine heritage to reproach, that the heathen should rule over them: wherefore should they say among the people, Where is their God? Also Talked of Jane Downtain's faith.
Woke up this morning with the word side-straddle hop in my heart. "Ed Lechner";


 August 16 (Sunday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Still Preaching the Gospel" with Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson; On my knees praying Joel 2. I have been fasting for Israel but I am adding to my fast, spirits that have resisted me.


August 17, Livestream Broadcast: "America Today"; Posted: "Jesus the Author and Finisher of Your Faith" audio;
Posted: "1 Samuel 8:7"; Misty Reece found and posted video clip from December 16, 2010, me speaking to the WOL Boys that they would feed the people and do miracles.


August 18, Livestream Broadcast: "Husbands and Wives in the Bible"; Posted:  Acts 13:8-12 (Charlatans); Numbers 12;


August 19 (Wednesday AM)  Livestream Broadcast: "All Men Have Not Faith" with Paul Peters opening, and reading sciptures, Terry Mai and Water of Life Boys recorded music and prayer.


August 19 (Wednesday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "What's Coming to America" with Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson; Talked of the stock market crash, the Great Depression. Terre and the Browns with Paul Peters debuted "The Family of God";


August 20, Livestream Broadcast: "The Davidsons During the Great Depression"; Posted: "I believe God will give me and my associates Redwood Church to preach the gospel in." My Dad believed the Great Depression was an example to those that believed God to take them through the Tribulation.


August 21, Livestream Broadcast: "A Prophet"; Kathie D. shared with me from Hezekiah in Isaiah 38 and 2 Kings 20. I am not interested in 15 more years, I am only interested in meeting Jesus in the air! And I want my infermities healed now!" This evening posted the song, The Fourth Man;


August 22, Livestream Broadcast: "Quicken Your Mortal Bodies"; "I went from planning my life years in advance to God's plan, one day at a time, and I heard Marilyn Sellars sing "One Day At A Time". Terre Brown ministers that song today. I also listened to Merle Haggard "If We Make It Through December". For two years it's been in my heart to buy Redwood Church; As I was praying tonight it was revealed to me according to 1 Thessalonians 4 how those who are dead in Christ will come out of their graves first. Immediately I saw Lyle and Alba Sarah come out of their graves...


August 23 (Sunday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "God Will Not Fail" with Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson; Doyle:  "I am full of matter, I don't know if there is enough time for me to empty it all out."


August 23 (Sunday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Jesus Did the Father's Will" with Kathie Davidson and Doyle Davidson.


August 24, Livestream Broadcast: "Praise the Lord For His Mercy Endures Forever" (Paul Peters opened with 2 Chronicles 20 and and led prayer during recorded songs with WOL Boys with Terry Mai.I was in interecession in my office.)


August 25, Livestream Broadcast: "Smooth Words and Idols" talked of idols, making a pledge with money, etc is sin. Returning on television to Springfield, Missouri. "I will not give America to the devil!"


August 26 (Wednesday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "Keeping All God's Commandments";


August 26 (Wednesday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Don't Ever Back Up";


August 27, Livestream Broadcast: "Philipians 3";


August 28, Livestream Broadcast: "Alll Things Are Possible to Him That Believeth"; Posted audio: "Woe To Flattering Divination"; Posted to Terre B.: Romans 3:25, 26:;


August 29, Livestream Broadcast: "Apostles and Prophets"; Both David Brown and Paul Peters were on set.


August 30 (Sunday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "Ezekiel 12 and 13" w/ Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson;


August 30 (Sunday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Women Can Preach The Gospel" w/ Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson;


August 31, Livestream Broadcast: "I Delight to do Thy Will Oh Lord", Stated that Paul Peters should be on set each Saturday with David Brown. Praying at home sitting beside the television set, which was not turned on, saw that spirit of divination on the television screen.


September 1, Livestream Broadcast: "The Authority of an Apostle";


September 2 (Wednesday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "Overcoming a Spirit of Diviniation";


September 2, (Wednesday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "What Would Jesus Do?" w/Kathie Davidson and Doyle Davidson;


September 3, Livestream Broadcast: "Beware of False Prophets";


September 4, Livestream Broadcast: "How Can I Understand Except Some Man Should Guide Me?" Spoke to Paul Peters on set:"You've got to watch, there is a devil that would like to deceive you..." ; Posted Dallas/Ft. Worth on Dish Network and Direct TV;


September 5, Livestream Broadcast: "Water of Life Singers";


September 6 (Sunday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "Medicine is Withcraft" with Kathie Davidson and Doyle Davidson;  Posted 2 Corinthians 4: (Renounce the hidden things of dishonesty);


September 6 (Sunday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Renounce the Hidden Things of Dishonesty" w/ Doyle Davidson adn Kathie Davidson;


September 7, Livestream Broadcast: "Praying for Deliverance of the Hidden Things of Dishonesty" (Water of Life Boys Recordings and prayer.) Posted: "Personal Victory and Vicotry for My Ministry"; Prayer for Jacksons and Derek Prince Ministries; In looking back over the years, oh how I have mourned for this people. Remembering a person; Staff began praying with me in the fellowship Hall: 1:00-2:00PM and 8:00 to 9:00PM every day with the  exception of Wednesday and Sunday evenings.


September 8, Livestream Broadcast:"Satan and His Angels" (talked about the 1st & 2nd heavens).

September 9 (Wednesday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "We Will Serve the Lord" (talked about Washington DC and the Iran Deal and Paul Peters read Glen Beck's comments the previous night on Fox News "We are at a crossroads". Addressed a man about 40 yrs, dark hair, br. eyes "Bill you are in great trouble, you are set against a person in my ministry."


September 9 (Wednesday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "God Has Greatly Blessed Water of Life"; w/ Kathie Davidson and Doyle Davidson


Septermber 10, Livestream Broadcast: "A Little Leaven Leaveneth the Whole Lump"; I see the results of America rejecting the gospel. Today, 2016: a time of great troubles; Kathy Mai left the ministry. Kathy Mai;


September 11, Livestream Broadcast: "Praise and Worship"; (I am not one bit moved, the devil comes in like a flood, God moves up a standard, Jeus Christ.); Posted to the Attendees at WOL Church; Audio: "My House Follow Me"; Prayed the anointing of the Holy Ghost fall upon Terre Brown's enemies and the devil in Kathy Mai's house;


September 12, Livestream Broadcast: "Commanding His House" w/ David Brown and Paul Peters. Nashville-Dish Network and Direct TV; Posted: "1 Timothy 2:24-26"; "Psalm 15:1-5";


September 13 (Sunday AM) "God Commendeth His Love Toward Us" w/ Kathie Davidson and Doyle Davidson; (Opened, last night, difficult night, attacking the gates of hell...the gates of hell -Matthew 16-shall not prevail against me...I don't survive attacks of the devil, I take the devil on...if you're not for me you're against me.) Sat down on platform, went to my office, KD ministered and finished with music.)


September 13 (Sunday PM) "You'll Never Be Defeated If God Directs Your Paths" w/ Kathie Davidson and Doyle Davidson.


September 14, Livestream Broadcast: "The Devil Deceiveth the Whole World"; On set, "God just told me something:Satan deceiveth the whole world." Posted "Isaiah 47:6-15";


September 15, Livestream Broadcast: "Where Sin Abounded, Grace Did Much More Abound"; (Summary of overcoming principalites, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world and spirtual wickedness in high places)  (Transcript)  Posted: "2 Timothy 3";


September 16 (Wednesday AM)  Livestream Broadcast: "I Came Not To Send Peace But A Sword"; Posted: "Romans 1:21-32"; "Luke 12:1-3"; Anthony Reece posted: "Psalm 89:30-37";


September 16, (Wednesday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "A Servant of Jesus Christ" w/ Kathie Davidson and Doyle Davidson (Terre Brown ministered "The Old Rugged Cross" in honor of Alba Miller's birthday.


September 17, Livestream Broadcast: "A Day of Repentance"; Posted: "I am still here", and I shall not be moved. Dish Network and Direct TV, Anaheim, CA; Posted: "Romans 8:1-8" and referring to Ephesians 5:24 (Wives submit to their own husbands as he walks in the Spirit obeying the truth.)


September 18, Livestream Broadcast: "How Great Is Our God"  Posted:" Psalm 143"


September 19 Livestream Broadcast: "The Anointing of the Holy Ghost" with Doyle, David Brown and Paul Peters; Posted from the Barn: "John 10";


September 20 (Sunday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "The Story of Jim Clark" with Kathie Davidson and Doyle Davidson;


September 20 (Sunday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "By The Grace of God I Laboured Mored Abundantly" with Kathie Davidson and Doyle Davidson;


September 21, Livestream Broadcast: "By Grace Are You Saved Through Faith"; Posted: "1 Peter 5" today things are much more perfectly, stablished, strengthened, and settled;


September 22, Livestream Broadcast: "First Called Christians at Antioch""It's a great morning , a great thing imminent." Songs now playing continually on livestream; A song in my heart this morning during the Livestream Broadcast with these words in 1 John 3; Posted: "Behold What Manner of Love" w/ Paul Peters and Terre Brown.


September 23, (Wednesday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "He That Lovesth Me, Keepeth My Words" (1973 God spoke Ps 91-13-15 to me);


September 23 (Wednesday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "God Is Judging the Spirit of Sorcery" with Kathie Davidson and Doyle Davidson; "Devil came in like a flood, God always raises up a standard, and it is Jesus; powerful anti-christ spirit manifested in America, new pressure and at times difficult to stand."


September 24, Livestream Broadcast: "Jesus Is the Good Shepherd"; Announced Dish Network and Direct TV in Houston; posted correction and the word of God and what it produces.


September 25, Livestream Broadcast: "Revelation of Daniel 11"; Paul Peters opened with the gospel and also read this morning's post in regard to Daniel 11:20-28 and Speaker Boehner's resignation. Also read Daniel 11:20-28. (Doyle in intercession at home with much physical affliction)


September 26, Livestream Broadcast: "The Anointing is the Truth";  Doyle w/ David Brown and Paul Peters; Posted about Wednesday attack of the devil; Posted: "Proverbs 31";


September 27 (Sunday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "Jesus Created the Whole World" with Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson, also Terre Brown shared her testimony of 2009 and the presence of God); Posted: "Typical Charismatics", "Three Steps", "Hebrews 6".


September 27 (Sunday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "He Received Gifts for Men, Yea for the Rebellious Also" with Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson; Confronted the false teaching: spirit of Elijah. Not able to eat or drink.


September 28, Livestream Broadcast: "God's Plan of Reconciliation"; I didn't think I would come out of my office to do the broadcast but 10 min. before 10:00 AM, I broke through and I didn't take time to change from warm up jacket before going on set.


September 29, Livestream Broadcast: "Overcoming the Sins of God's People"; I asked for my cannister and paper towels (I had said I wasn't going to do that in front of the world.but I had to obey God) and as I talked and liquid came up and I expelled it into the cannister, God was putting the sins of His people out of my heart; wore my warm-up jacket.)


September 30 (Wednesday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "Those That Have Been Long Dead"; (This is a momentous day.)


September 30 (Wednesday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Driving Out the Spirit of Licentiousness" with Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson. (There was a spirit "Debbie" of licentiousness standing right in front of my face...I am driving that spirit out of here that has been resisting me and my ministry.) Water of Life Boys ministered with recorded songs. Posted: "Psalm 35:1-4"


October 1, Livestream Broadcast: "Perfect soundness in the name of Jesus"; In warm-up jacket. Preached the gospel, recorded songs and prayed. Posted: To all of God's people, "Colossians 2:1-5";


October 2 Livestream Broadcast: "Let the Weak Say Be Strong"; Praying this morning and I was very weak and the Lord said, "Let the weak say I am strong." Posted: "Ezekiel 37:23", This is what the Lord did with me. Posted Colorado Springs and Denver on WHT. Instructed staff to stay home and read the Psalms in place of praying in the Fellowship Hall with me.


October 3, Livestream Broadcast: "Blessed is the Man That Endureth Temptation" with David Brown and Paul Peters. Weeping with opening and had been boldly talking to the Father and the Son since 9:00 AM. Talked of "the truth about Lisa and me"; Re-posted Psalm 55, Luke 6, "overcoming the Jezebel", "Revelation 2" , "Matthew 5:23-24";


October 4 (Sunday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "Overcoming Fear and Sin" with Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson, talked about the book of Jude (1998); Posted "I can do all thing through Christ which strengtheneth me. Philp 4:13;


October 4 (Sunday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Be Strong, Fear Not" with Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson;


October 5, Livestream Broadcast: "Not Forsaking the Assembling of Ourselves"; Also talked about Moses giving a writing of divorcement because of their hardness of heart;Talked about the North Collin Supply Corporation; Paul Peters read a word from Heb. 10: 24-27, those not assembling with the church are in sin. Roku: 3700 subscribers.


October 6, Livestream Broadcast: "In Time Past was Unprofitable, But Now Profitable"  Philemon 1:10-11and addressed Kathy Mai.


October 7 (Wednesday AM)  Livestream Broadcast: "New TV Schedule for Water of Life";  Updated the Work of Righteousness book with 2012, 2013, 2014; The Lord rebuked me in the afternoon, "This is MY fast!"


October 7 (Wednesday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Bitter, Envying and Strife" with Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson.


October 8, Livestream Broadcast: "Jesus is My Helper" Shared of Alba, my mother speaking the name of Jesus for thirty minutes and being healed. She couldn't eat or drink. Well I can't eat. Anthony Reece appointed Chief of Security.


October 9, Livestream Broadcast: "Rhode Island Ancestors Talked of the Mayflower descendants at Water of Life, Sadie Peters, David Kaspareit, and Kathie Davidson. Paul read summary of the eight Rhode Island Ancestors in my lineage of which six are also David Kaspareit's . Terre Brown debuted "Take My Hand, Precious Lord" acapella, on todays broadcast. Posted audio message: "I Wrestle Not Against Flesh and Blood"; Announced Indianapolis in Dish Network and Direct TV.


October 10, Livestream Broadcast: "Ministry of Music" with David Brown and Paul Peters joining Doyle on set. Terre and the Browns and Paul Peters also ministered live on set. Today I finished my 14th day fasting. (the Lord's fast)


October 11 (Sunday AM) Livestream Broadcast: "It Is Written, Be Strong, Fear Not" with Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson. Woke at 2:00 AM in severe pain, after 40 min. some relief.


October 11 (Sunday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "There Is Coming A Great Deliverance"; After God  putting me on a two week fast, God delivered me from a fearful heart; ministering in the heavenlies;


October 12, Launched Water of Life Ministries/Doyle Davidson Google+ page and Doyle Davidson blog.


October 13,  I woke  up this morning and  in my heart that  was "I was king of England" and I thought, "Wait a minute, what spirit are you in?" But then, king and priest unto God in England, Great Britain. and I learned Roku is in Great Britain. Email from sister Betty; 


October 14 (Wednesday PM) Livestream Broadcast: "Working of His Mighty Power to Those Who Believe";


October 15,  Biking again after the 14 day fast, 10 miles.


October 16,   I can talk clearer today. Our YouTube Channel has reached over 40 countries


October 17,  Visited my wife Patti Davidson's grave and Terry Mai's grave.


October 19, Posted the vision of 1992 while in the hospital after my appendix ruptured, and Isaiah 1:1-18; Abraham was 75 yrs. when he left his country;


October 20,  Today, Jesus and the children that Jehovah has given him are signs and wonders throughout the world.


October 21, Terre and the Browns debuted, "Jesus Hold My Hand".


October 23, Posted Jude 1:20 and encouraged all to be a doer of the word praying in building yourselves up, praying in tongues.


October 24 (Saturday) At 6:02 AM I posted "I have been in powerful intercession for more than an hour." Posted at 2:55 PM: Psalm 55, Psalm 143, Psalm 88, 1 Corinthians (If I knew I would never escape this state, I don't know how I could bear it, God promised me in 1970, 1 Cor. 10:13. This darkness and torment like I cannot imagine. Folks, you don't want want to go to hell. Repent and believe the gospel."


October 25 (Sunday) Philip Guthrie joined the Water of Life Boys ministering with them during the 11:00 AM broadcast for the first time. During the evening broadcast, following Kathie Davidson preaching the gospel,  I,  by the Spirit of God directed  those who wanted deliverance from the spirit of rebellion to come forward one at a time and Kathie  would pray for them. Many came forward and received ministry as I stood beside and prayed. (see video).


October 26, Woke with this in my heart, "God's grace is sufficient." Posted at 10:02 PM, Psalm 55 "Tonight I suffer all these." Philip Guthrie started working security full time. Posted James Madison Davidson's death certificate. God began revealing to me his grace and mercy on James Madson Davidson and his family.


October 28, This morning I knew God was enlarging my heart. Talked of the Davidsons, God Fearing Family  on the 11:00 AM broadcast.  Towards the end of the 7:00 PM broadcast I prayed for those with a tormenting spirit of suicide to be set free.


October 29, Shared on the 11:00 AM Broadcast: "It seems like I've experienced the darkness of the pit...it seems the darkness is layered...terrifying, tormenting..."
This evening, the hand of God came down on me strong as Kathie D and I were discussing where to go eat dinner, the house was filled with the presence of God. We stayed home and ordered pizza and posted: "The Hurt of the Daughter of My People".


October 30, Today I completed 101.1 miles on my bike this week.


November 1, Sunday evening after Kathie Davidson preached the gospel and others ministered in song, she and myself prayed for people individually as they came forward for prayer. At the end of the eveing program: "There's a real good spirit in this building tonight."


November 2, "The Lord is near in the day of trouble. Call upon him, He will answer you and deliver you. (These are words of the Spirit.)


November 3, Posted Jehovah's promise to Israel, Zechariah 12:10.


November 8, New time slots airing on Dish Network Channel 217 (10:00 PM ET) and DirecTV Channel 367 (8:00 AM ET and 1:00 PM ET).


November 10, Audio: "The Mercy and Grace of God on the Davidson's and the Human Race";


November 11, Addressed the powers and principalities of darkness over Columbia Missouri and the University of Missouri.


November 15 (Sunday PM), "Lord for what I have suffered; I thank you for my vision that has been like it has. It's an honor to have walked this way." Following the evening broadcast I prayed for an hour for my staff, WOL singers, international ministers, all my people. Facebook Posts: "My prayer" Appointed weeks of the harvest;


November 171 Timothy 1; "I am pressed in the Spirit to send this to God's people throughout the world: and notice verse 10, that all speak the same thing:  1 Corinthians 1; I want to encourage all my people, Jesus prayed for you: John 17;


November 19, Posted on Facebook: Message to Israel: Ezekiel 28:20-26.


November 22, Prophesy given  by Kathie Davidson: Where is your heart with the Lord? Terre Brown: "Justified From Past Sins"


December 1, I got on my bike to ride and pray before going to dinner and I had to stop, pain was so great, I went across the hall to Kathie D's office and kept praying, and prayed "Would you slay the righteous with the wicked? That would be far from thee Lord to slay the righteous with the wicked..." I was overcoming a spirit that has been trying to kill me for years.


December 2, Received a revelation that Jesus Christ is seated at the right hand of God.


December 5, Posted audio: "Kathie Davidson - Prophetess Ordained of God" (Transcript); Pete Sumrall, LeSEA Broadcasting, went to heaven.


December 11, Paul Peters, Anthony Reece and David Kaspareit were ordained as elders, (Titus 1:5:1, 1 Timothy 3:1-7) My prayer:

"Father, I thank you for Anthony, David and Paul and I pray the Sprit of God fall on these three, Anthony, David, Paul,  anointing them as elders in the Body of Christ and I thank you for it in Jesus name, amen." (Program)

 December 13 (Sunday) During the evening program, the presence of God was on me like it was when God told me at a meeting in the Scout Building, "Put away your notes, I want to talk". Tonight God wanted me to talk about John, the son he told me that would come from my loins.


December 22, Seat of Satan identified in Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex, teach damnable heresies.


December 23, Interesting words came out of my mouth today: "motions of sin".


Bill Subritzky  went to heaven.  Bill, an attorney from New Zealand was present when I spoke in Chirst's Church in June 1974 after God had anointed me at the Garden Tomb according to Acts 1:8 two days prior.  Bill came up to me afterward and said, "Doyle, I'm a lawyer, I've heard alot of lawyers speak; I've heard more than one present their case to a jury, to a judge and I've never heard anyone speak as direct, concise and simple as you just spoke." I said, "Thank you, God bless you."


December 25,  Prayer for deliverance from unbelief on 11:00 AM broadcast. Kathie Davidson gave a tongue and interpretation.


 December 26, Multiple tornadoes caused loss of life and damage in Collin County, Texas.


December 28, Powerful day of prayer. Tonight intercession for Water of Life people at I sat down at a resturaunt to eat.


December 30, Intercession (If We Willfully Sin, There is No More Sacrifice for Sins" video) for those who heard and experienced my gospel and wilfully sinned, just as Moses stood and between the children of Israel and God and interceded for them. (Wednesday PM broadcast) Posted "Isaiah 35". Prayer for young people worldwide born under this ministry:


"Father in Jesus name  I give you thanks for the authority that you've given your servant throughout the world. I pray for the world; I pray for the young people of the world that grew up under my gospel, that heard my gospel when they were in their mother's womb. I thank you now for causing them  to return to the place where they heard the gospel of Jesus Christ and Father I give you thanks, amen."


God has strengthened my fast for Israel by extending it until 6:00 PM (eating the evening meal - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.)


December 31, I spoke on the 11:00 AM broadcast of standing before God and interceding for those Water of Life people who have wilfully sinned and there is no more sacrifice for sin, according to Hebrews 10:26-27.  Later I posted I was troubled that those scriptures in Hebrews 10 could not be broken and God gave me two examples where judgement was delayed.




January 2 Spoke on today's broadcast that 2016 will be a time of very unsettled days in America.


January 3, Kathie Davidson gave a tongue and interpretation. We began airing on television in New Orleans on whnoTV20 at 11:00 AM CT.


January 4, Added a new name to the ministry: Water of Life Ministries Global.


January 7, Sharion Brockett joined Doyle and Paul on set to share the healing miracle of her mother.


January 8, Water of Life Ministries is now going to over 25 million homes, not counting live stream or Roku. According to the industry's estimates for calculating people per household, we determine there are 65 million potential viewers of our program airing every Sunday.


January 9, Appointed Terre Brown as senior accounting consultant for Water of Life Ministries, Plano, Texas, Inc.


January 14, Walked about 1-1/2 miles (40 minutes) on the parking lot this afternoon. First time I've been able to walk out side for any distance for over three years. I did again on the January 15th. praying and overcoming.


January 15, Personel changes taking place. .


January 17, Lou Ann Brown and Jenny Brown ordained as ministers of the gospel.


January 20 (Wednesday PM) Paul Peters ministered "Walk With Me" with the new track produced by David Brown, with the Brown Brothers singing the background vocals


January 24, Distant cousins who share my (Doyle Davidson) and David Kaspareit's same great-grandfathers of the Rhode Island founders, contacted me today, noting our Provodence and Plymouth banner post announcing our ministry airing in the area.  Praying: I will not bow to perversion.


February 1, Woke at 3:30 this morning meditating on Jesus,Jesus, Jesus, and the verse from Ps 19, "Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight oh Lord, and also, "whoso offereth praise glorifieth me and to him who ordereth his conversation aright will I show the salvation of God", (Ps 50:23). It was as though the Father, Jehovah, and Jesus were standing there observing the meditation of my heart and I just laid bare my heart to them...after about an hour I was finished and I had Kathie D read to me Psalm 4 and the words "stand in awe and sin not"  stood out, and I thought, "in your meditation, don't be doubting." Whatsoever is not faith is sin...the things I was meditating on were troubling me, in other words I was doubting. God delivered me of that doubt today.


February 4, Annual trustees meeting, Terre Brown appointed as Secretary/Treasurer; Candace Mai and David Brown appointed as assistant secretary/treasurer.  Paul Peters appointed as third trustee.


February 5, Biked 100 miles this week.


February 6,  As Anthony Reece walked to his truck, he saw what might have been a hawk with a bird pinned to the ground in it's talons, as he walked toward it, it flew away with the smaller bird in its grip. He posted "Quench Not the Spirit" the following day.

Prayed for my people and God's people in Zimbabwe (Deuteronomy 28) Posted prayer for rain in Zimbabwe.


February 8 Overcame and began worshipping with recorded worship led by Terry and Kathy Mai in 2007 11:00 AM and & 7:00 PM Monday through Saturday and 6:00 PM on Sunday.


February 11, Posted audio messages: "The Word Chide". and "The Heart of a Servant.". Fellowshipped with Steddie Muserera via Skype.


February 14 ( Sunday AM) First Sunday with 30 minutes of worship with Water of Life Boys ministering with 2007 recorded songs prior to filming for television.


February 15, God spoke to Doyle at 4:48 PM; Job 42:10.


February 20, Messaged the trumpet players, asking them to play along with worship on Sunday mornings and the evenings when they are able.


February 21, Was awake a little after 3:00 AM - under much attack on my body, my spirit, my faith, began praying, could barely get words out. Kathie and I prayed for over two hours...it was an hour and a half before words came from my heart with much faith. Knew in my spirit I was overcoming persecutions (Psalm 143). About 6:00 AM faith was stronger, stronger in the spirit. Thought this may be the last of the powers of darkness that came on us in 2004...I am giving glory to God who has upehld me these past twelve years...great is the faithfulness of God.
Linda Stiles played trumpet during morning and evening worship.


February 26 (Saturday) During the 11:00 AM broadcast, after about 45 minutes of praise and worship I saw what appeared as "showers" of gold in the heavenlies.


February 27,  Face book post: "God's Dealing With Sin"


February 28, Message to Kathy Mai.


February 29, Prayed the name of Jesus for an hour and 45 minutes, laying on my couch at home, I was praying the name of Jesus against my persecutors when I saw objects of gold . (Described in Facebook post.)


March 1, Many that believed my gospel got offended in Jesus. Posted what happened to them, as in Romans 1: and reminded us all of God's mercy, how he had me intercede for us all December 31, 2015, to hold back judgement of those who had willfully sinned.


March 2 (Wednesday) Praise and worship with the Mai Girls recorded music during evening broadcast. Posted: Ted Cruz has an  important role in the Body of Christ in the days ahead, and the Body of Christ will be established in the states exercising states rights.


March 3, Posted; "Fullfillment of the Vision of the Vine", At the end of the evening broadcast instructed God's people in what faith is, and  using their faith.


March 9, Posted on Facebook: "Haggai 2:6-9";


March 10, At the end of the 11:00 AM broadcast, talked of the "end times": End Times video clip. Posted on Facebook: "2 Corinthians 12:14-21";


March 12, God's people harden their hearts against the words of God spoken by His servants: posted "Hebrews 3"


March 13, Posted  my "1st Year Teaching Sylabus" from Water of Life Christain Training School," and "A Prayer from God"; Spoke at the opening of the evening broadcast, that a change is coming to my ministry.


March 15, Posted: "If you believe you are fruit of this ministry, please give us your name."


March 16, Re-posted the video of January 3, 2010, praying "...spare your people, oh Lord..."  with this prayer today: "Lord here these prayers this very day again, Shake yourself, stand up for the righteous and answer."


March 17, Posted Isaiah 35; Also posted: This afternoon as I was praying I said, "Lord you are my helper. I do not know what to do. You are my helper. " and tonight I posted these scriptures (Ps 68, Matt 5, 2 Kings 13, Acts 5, 1 Cor 3) Also posted: "More showers of gold".


March 21 "After six weeks of broadcasting live daily I have overcame...more liberty in the Spirit today." (Ended the nightly praise and worship, except for Wed. and Sund. eve., following Sun PM broadcast (3-20-2016) until at least April 18th) Will be streaming the 11:00 AM broadcast in the evenings at 7:00 PM CT, beginning this evening. Began streaming the recorded 11:00 AM program at 7:00 PM.


March 23, Announced a new format for the 11:00 AM Broadcasts.  Kathie Davidson will be joining Doyle and Paul on the set, speaking as the Sprit of God directs. Today's program included a pre-recorded video "Grace and Truth Came By Jesus" with Kathie Davidson.
Posted: "I am sitting here on my couch praying and I just saw a 'shower of gold' right in front of me."


March 24, Kathie Davidson joined Doyle and Paul on set for the first time in the new format for the 11:00 AM program.


March 25, Biked 100 miles again  this week. Posted: Hebrews 9:14: "My conscience is always being purged..."


March 26, Posted: "I Have Decided to Follow Jesus"; "Lord you know I meant what I said, I will not turn back, I will follow you".

March 27, Roku subscribers: 3844;


March 28, Since January 2016, livestream has been accessed from 42 states, Washington DC and 25 countries. Posted "Isaiah 44:24-26"; Driving from the church, a demon that I got resisting the Discipleship Movement in the seventies, came out of me.


March 31 God said to me, "striving against sin.", my warfare according to Ephesian 6:12 is striving against the sins of God's people.


April 1, Posted on facebook "Psalm 35:1-9" and others; Posted Matthew 24, "this generation shall not pass away until Matthew 24 is fulfilled... I was 16 when Israel became a nation."


April 2, God has led me to add Egypt to my fast for Israel and the United States, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. God has commended my apostleship to Egypt.


April 3 (Sunday PM) Instructions in singing with faith to the ministers of music, the singers and the Body of Christ during the evening livestream broadcast.


April 4, Fast that God has chosen for Egypt, Israel and the Body of Christ: Isaiah 58:6; A damaging hail storm hit Plano.


April 6 (Wednesday) During the evening broadcast, Doyle conducted the meeting according to 1 Corinthians 14:26, "When you come together, everyone of you hath a psalm, hath a doctrine, hath a tongue, hath a revelation, hath an interpretation. Let all things be done unto edifying."  Posted: #2 Repentance.(teaching)


April 11, "The Lord Orders My Steps" program;  a revelation given by Doyle: "I ordained you a prophet" ;  tongue and interpretations: 1) "you have showed that fear of the Lord to the whole world...", and , 2) "It was not possible that Jesus could stay in the grave...";


April 12 Apphia Manjoro went to heaven.


April 13 (Wednesday) Tongue and interpretations (3) during evening broadcast: 1st) "Where is your faith?...have you come here to stop the moved of my Spirit?..."; 2nd) "Why do you wonder about this house? Why do you wonder about this man?..."; 3rd) "...is it God's will...?"


April 14, On todays 11:00 am broadcast I talked about my relationship with Bartholomew Manjoro and Mel Tari and what I believe God is saying about us ministering together again.  Following the broadcast I had a tongue and interpretation: "I will most certainly bring to pass the things that I have promised you." I believe that was encouraging me about the things I said on the broadcast. Posted: "Zechariah 4:6-10"; " Prophecy attributed to Smith Wigglesworth 1947;


April 16, Posted messages to Ezekiel Guti, Forward in Faith Ministries and to Bartholomew Manjoro, Faith World Ministries--Colossians 2:1-7.;


April 18, David Kaspareit will be ministering regularly on our Sunday morning television broadcast.


April 20 (Wednesday) During the 11:00 AM broadcast there were tongues and interpretations and prophecy given (transcript). Following the broadcast Doyle had a tongue and interpretation in his office, "Stand fast and see the salvation of the Lord."


April 25, Tongue and interpretation during 11:00 AM broadcast: "The Lord would say to you, stop, listen, there is redemption in the blood of Jesus and that redemption is for you..."


April 26, Exhorted Water of Life people to join their faith believing the gospel that the storms will not manifest.


April 27, At the end of the evening program, Doyle said God was directing him to change his fast for Israel to 5:00 PM each evening (Monday - Wednesday).


April 29, Again exhorted Water of Life people to join their faith and believe the gospel that the predicted severe weather would not manifest. Met the resturaunt manager where KD and I were eating; She was from Harare, Zimbabwe and said to us, "I see you love my people."


April 30, Posted Transcript of 11:00 AM Broadcast, "Fill Up That Which is Behind of the  Afflictions of Christ ".


 May 2, Launched the new Water of Life app for Apple TV.


May 3, The Spirit of the Lord spoke this verse to me this afternoon:
"The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it." (Proverbs 10:22)


May 5, Towards the end of the 11:00 AM program, much weeping and thanking the Father for Jesus;
since 2005 I've known that someone from Water of Life was the person found in Psalm 55 although I didn't know who that person was; today I know.
While praying in my home in Plano, I am seated in heavenly places and seeing the heavenlies all around me.
After dinner and a shower I layed down on my bed just after 6:00 PM and went to sleep, Isaiah 30:1 and Revelations 18 came to me.


May 6, (Friday) During today's 11:00 AM program there were two prophecies given, the first by Kathie Davidson, "America, America...", and the second by Doyle Davidson, "The Lord knows they that are his..."; recorded and posted audio messages: "Leanness to Your Soul" and "God's Mercy on America";


May 7, While in the car with Kathie D driving, I sneezed six or seven times; I knew I was putting sin or demons out of my heart;
Today I overcame a spirit that I wrestled with for many years; God describes this spirit as bellicose;


May 8, Fasting for Israel, Egypt and the Body of Christ in America and the world, join me.


May 9, Email from Steddie Muserera in Zimbabwe. Water came forth from a well they dug, after they hit rock; a great encouragement to them and me.


May 10, Posted audio message: "Redeemed From Wickedness by the Blood"; Today noticed that the severe itching around my eyes that I have had for three weeks is all gone and I am encouraged I am overcoming, you should be too.


May 11, Posted about Bruce and Debbie Geer, honor to where honor is due.


May 12, There is a man in the Metroplex who hates my ministry and speaks of me dying, Psalm 64:3-8 describes him, what he does and what will happen to him.


May 15 (Sunday) Posted Matthew 20:16  and Matthew 22:14 - Kathie Davidson and Terre Brown are chosen women of God. Terre and Kathie are my epistles written in my heart. 

Also posted that bringing Kathie D into my company, I took on the strongest religious spirit of the world and bringing Terre Brown in, I took on one of the strongest merchant spirits of the world.

"Today I am speaking Grace, grace to this destroying mountain."


May 16 (Monday), Spoke of living in Israel, also told shared about Tery Mai singing in tongues at the wall in 1984 and said to Paul: "You'll do that."  Kathie Davidson gave a tongue and interpretation, about seeing the land of Abraham and the country of the Lord and seeing the salvation of Israel. Doyle said to Kathie: "That's for you" and then gave a prophecy. that the Lord would bring the words to pass, spoken through Kathie.


May 24, "I want this public to the whole world, I don't have a wife." Announced Donnie and Jaclynn Cauthorn have left my ministry.
During the 11:00 AM broadcast I said, "There is a spirit that has spoken to me frequently and I don't have the faith to say it...I will not speak above my faith, I will never speak above my faith, never, unless I do it not knowing."


May 30, Posted the staff would be devoting themselves to fasting and prayer and we would be re-playing Sunday broadcasts.


May 31 Jan Crouch (TBN) died following a stroke on May 25th.


June 1 Spoke of being anointed at the Tomb of the Garden on June 16th, 1974. (Transcript)


 June 3, Walked in my yard with Kathie D, I could see the stone flower beds, roses, green grass...seeing is improving...


June 4, Recorded audio: "Faith to Deliver from Sin"


June 5 (Sunday AM) Spoke again of June 16, 1974, God anointed me at the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem and shared about Lydia Prince. (Transcript)


June 6, Posted on Facebook Kathy Mai's solos, including "What A Healing Jesus.".
June 12, WOL Church preaching the gospel in China via Apple TV; Began streaming Kathy Mai's solo "What  A Healing Jesus, Genda Schoen, "Mansion Ove The Hilltop" and The Mai Girls, "Jesus Messiah" (for the week of June 16--42 years since God anointed me in Jerusalem at the Tomb of the Garden);


June 13, A vision of what "I would describe as a grid of yellow gold, about 48 gold pieces "..God showed me I was seeing tall towers. Posted: Jeremiah 4:19-22 "(this is going on in me..." and also posted Luke 19:41-44 (Jesus wept over Jerusalem);


June 17, Posted: Praying about doing a crusade in South Bend. Posted: "Another Event In The Month Of June" (Eating dinner with Kathie D, talking about the things of God and what was going on in my minisry, that she was a descendant of William Brewster, and the heavenlies were all around us. I said, "We are eating in heavenly places.")
I found videos of Terry Mai's eleven songs recorded in 2012 with Water of Life Boys and am adding them to my daily livestream broadcasts.


 June 18, Overcame a spirit this evening that I became aware of in my ministry in September 2001. Terre Brown was a witness: "The heavenlies are everywhere."


June 20, As I was sitting on my couch praying, thanking God, thanking Jesus, I had my hands up with a backward and forward motion toward the ceiling and the Lord said, "That is a "Wave Offering."; Data reflects another download for the AppleTV app from China;


This week we began earnestly researching Minnie (Virkler) Miller's ancestors and her Amish-Menonnite heritage.


June 24, I awoke this morning with Isaiah 35 in my heart. Tongue and interpretation during prayer this morning at 11:00 AM:


"The day of the Lord is at hand, stand fast and see the salvation of the God."


Recorded video: "Praise '85, Plano, Texas".  ; (Transcript)


June 26, Kathie Davidson's message "He Took Our Wrath" is a great warning to the Body of Christ. Discontinued streaming recorded video's during livestream. The only programs streamed live will be Wednesday evening, Sunday morning and evening programs.


June 27, Acts 20:34: "Yea, ye yourselves know, that these hands have ministered unto my necessities, and to them that were with me."


 July 3, Ministered during the 10:00 AM Sunday broadcast about June 2008 when I said, "God sent my ancestors to America so I could preach the gospel", the son that God promised me would be born and the word God gave me in January when I asked the Lord, "What will '16 look like?" The word the Lord gave me was "unsettled". (see: "Apostle to America" transcript). Kathie Davidson ministered "A Nation for to Live Godly".


July 6, Posted: That Water of Life Church, Plano, Texas is in the verses of Psalm 105; Also posted that evening: Psalm 91 and Revelation 6:4;


July 7, "January 2013 the Lord showed me in the Spirit that these passages in scripture are prophesying the time from 2008 elections. I see the 2016 presidential election as very interesting. I believe that we are seeing these scriptures fulfilled. Daniel 11:20-28;"


July 8, "God is purging all covetous people out of my ministry who will not repent (Ephesians 5:5);


July 23, Having the Psalms read to me by my staff. "When my spirit was overwhelmed within me then thou knewest my path..." Psalm 142


July 25, 11:00 AM broadcast returns with  Paul Peters, Kathie Davidson and Terre Brown on set with Doyle.


July 29,"I am in the valley of decision and the day of the Lord is near."
Began posting all permanent archives on the website for download (audio and video),


August 5, We are now working with three ministers in Zimbabwe, Bartholomew Manjoro, Steddie Muserera and Thomas Shereni. Thomas is working in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.


August 8, Beginning new roof installation. 11:00 AM programs will not be streamed live for at least the first part of the week but archived prgrams will be aired.


August 10, Email to Thomas Shereni that "...it is not the will of God that I work with you in Zimbabwe..." ; the new roof on the church was completed; began closing programs praying Acts 26:18.


August 11, Began streaming 11:00 AM programs again with Kathie D joining Doyle on the set. Doyle and Kathie D went to an evening meeting in north Texas conducted by Mel Tari at Mel's invitation;


August 14, Kathie Davidison gave an exhortation: "Come";


August 16, Posted Daniel 11:20-28...verse 27: a king, "a vile person must be a male.


August 17, Doyle: "Starting last Saturday night I began overcoming some burdens that were laid on me years ago, (my neck kinks), burdens laid on me by God's people."


August 18, Prayed a prayer: "Intervene in their lives Lord"' I went on to pray that for many people.


August 19, Posted Ezekiel 11;


August 25, Posted Terry Mai's 2012 recorded songs with Water of Life Boys with instruction the staff and Water of Life people listen to them, join their fiath with them and sing no other songs..."you need some faith".


August 26, Terre Brown drove Doyle to Sarcoxie to revisit the area and see the house he was born in. The land was owned by Ed Burkey at the time of Doyle's birth, April 1, 1932. Kathie Davidson hosted the 11:00 AM program.


August 27, Kathie Davidson again hosted the 11:0 AM program Doyle was returning from Missouri. Kathie gave a tongue and interpretation, "come unto me..I will give you rest," at the end of the program.


August 31, Posted Jeremiah 6:1-15 and Jeremiah 8:8-12.


September 1, I believe Sarcoxie is an international ministry, ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ. Updated the "Land of My Fathers" page. Tongue and interpretation in the bike room: Isaiah 40:29-31.


September 3, Prayed through concerning my birthplace, that it is not the will of God that I purchase the house I was born in.

September 5, I had a vision early this morning and the Lord said several things about my great-grandson, one of those was "He will do right".
I have set my face boldly against an anti-christ spirit that entered America in 2009. As I am praying against this anti-christ spirit I am seeing showers of gold.


September 7, Recorded audio "Patriarchs and Matriarchs".


September 26, As I was riding with Terre from the church to my house, and praying, a spirit of fear screamed out. God said it entered as a child.


September  28, There has been a major change in my dealing with principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world, spritual wickedness in high places,since bringing Terry Mai's eleven songs recorded in 2012 to the daily broadcast.


September 30, Woke up with Ezekiel 13 in my heart; as Terre Brown and I returned from the post office today, I said  by the Spirit of God, "The Lord is going to do something good for you."
Posted: "I minister as an apostle and Kathie Davidson ministers with me as a prophetess on all our venues. 


October 1, I have been praying almost all afternoon. I was sitting here praying and this came up in my spirit, "Something good is going to happen to you."

For about 30 minutes this evening an angel of the Lord visited me telling me that I was of the tribe of Joseph.


October 4, Message from LeSEA Broadcastin Network: "Just through LeSEA television, your ministry outreach is quite amazing, 20.3 million homes."


October 6, "I have been praying hard all day, and I've overcome and I can see that my entire ministry world wide is submitted to Jospeh." Those that walk with me are also of the tribe of Joseph.


October 8, God ministered to Doyle, Revelations 7, that of the 144,000 male virgin Jews, there are 12,000 of the tribe of Joseph and he shared those verses during the 11:00 AM broadcast: "The Tribe of Joseph"


October 9, Instructions to play Terry Mai's eleven recorded songs at all times, praying and singing with them as the Spirit of God directs to come out of this darkness and oppression. Posted: According to my DNA analysis, I am 6% Ashkenzic Jew;

Posted: "I am praying and fasting Monday, Tuesday and  Wednesday (till 5:00 PM) that the scripture Revelation 7:1-8 be brought forth." Terre Brown joined Doyle on the set today to share what she witnessed when an angel of the Lord visited Doyle and told him he was a son of Joseph.


October 11, Philippians 3:13-14: "...forgetting those things that are behind..."; Hebrews 12;


October 14, Talked about Luther Davidson, Redwood Church, and  "On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand". Posted Nehemiah 8:10 and Luke 6:22-23: "If you want joy, leap for it."  Went to the bank with Terre Brown and while at the drive-through, Doyle got out of the car, and holding onto the door and door-post, leaped for joy. When they returned to the church, he took her arm and again leaped for joy. When he went to ride his bike, he took KD's arm and again leaped for joy (related on Oct. 15th, 11:00 AM broadcast.)


October 15, During 11:00 AM broadcast, Doyle related the previous days events, (leaping for joy) and then the staff leaped for joy on camera during the song, "It Is Finished". Posted: This move of God will not be "the church-hop!"


October 16, "Cindy Barber spoke some stong words of faith to me this morning.."


October 17, "I am more aware than ever, that I have a heart sensitive, like Josiah"; Exhortation: "The Lord is in the storm. He is in the wind..."; Tongue and interpretation audio #1 and transcript: "The Lord is present help in trouble..."; Tongue and interpretation audio #2 and transcript: "The Lord is not slack concerning his promises..."


October 22, Posted: "God will come with a vengeance and a recompense on the matriarch spirit."


October 25, Posted: "Jehovah is present now in my heart with a vengeance and is present now in my heart with a recompence to save me."


October 26, Posted: "The group of Separatists who we know as Pilgrims left on the Mayflower for America, September 6, 1620. Consider this, on September 6, 2020 it will have been 400 years."


November 1, David Kaspareit joined Doyle on set to share about their Rhode Island ancestors.


November 3, God woke me up from a deep sleep and said, "Kathie is the mother of John".
At the end of the 11:00 AM program:

"I’m going to say something, you all can write it down, throw it away, but I believe by 2024 we’ll see Jesus. Is that right? [Kathie: I’m writing it down…I see it coming very fast.] I believe this. It might be before, it might be after, but it won’t be very far from 2024. We’re entering into 2017. I see things culminating in an end. The curtain of human history is closing. And that’s fine by me. I never thought I’d say this, it wasn’t my intent, but sitting here—oh I’ve thought about it, I’ve said it privately, but now folks you better believe the gospel, get some faith, obey God, you don’t have many years left. Amen? [Kathie: What did Jesus say to the ten virgins…get you oil in that lamp, don’t be without the oil.]"


November 4, Doyle: "God will manifest himself in this election"


November 5, Interpretation of tongue (1): "The Lord is everpresent in time of trouble...";  Interpretation of tongue (2):

"Thus saith the Lord, write these words in a journal, write them in your bible, write them in your daily appointment book, write them where your eyes can see them. Your country will not be overrun by the enemy, you will not be destroyed, you’ll have victory in what comes upon your country. Stand fast and see the salvation of the Lord and hear this, my Kingdom shall not depart out of your country, saith the Lord.";


Prophecey/Exhortation: "For Thus saith the Lord, I was with my son David, I will be with you..."


November 6 (Sunday) AM broadcast "I believe large cities are going to see some terrible things, this is the mind of Christ".


November 8, During the 11:00 AM livestream broadcast, i shared the testimony of speaking while on set, in the early 2000s that  "God will open the eyes of Israel in 2018".


November 11, The Lord spoke 2 Chronicles 16:9 to Kathie D and we posted them: "The eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the earth.., and also Numbers 23:19 "God is not a man that he should lie..." and Daniel 4:35 "All the inhabitants of the earth are imputed as nothing..."


November 14, I was at the post office with Terre Brown and  I had a vision of an angel...it appeared to me he was a warrior.,,I believe he is coming with a recompense and SAVE me".


Novmber 15, Sanhedrin spokesman: "We are poised to rebuild the temple"


November 18, Recorded audio of the vision of the "Warring Angel" (Transcript);


November 22, Shared on today's 11:00 AM program: "Last night I engaged hardness of heart throught the deceitfuness of sin and wrestled with it all night and this morning wrestled with it."


November 24, This afternoon while talking to Kathryn Currier on the phone about a vision I had in 1992, I saw directly in front of me the same angel that appeared to me on Monday, November 14th when I was at the post office with Terre Brown. I was sitting at my kitchen table and Kathie D was sitting at the table with me.


December 2, I woke up thinking about the great deliverance God spoke to me about in 1987, when I was out jogging. A great restoration is coming, for me personally, and for God's people restoring what the cankerworm, the palmerworm, the caterpillar and the locust have eaten.


December 3, The Lord said to me in a night vision He "yoked Terre Brown and I together".


December 6, Posted this morning:

"As an apostle to America and the world, to all that have ears to hear, you need me now. The days ahead you will need me much more than you can imagine. I encourge you to take note of my doctrine. You can find it on my website."
Prayed on the 11:00 AM program that God's people will be restored from what the cankerworm, the palmworm, the caterpillar and the locust, (God's great army that he sent among them) have eaten. Also prayed Acts 26:18.


December 9 Sunday, During the 10:00 AM program Kathie Davidson gave two tongues and Doyle interpreted them, "Why do you wonder about my people saith the Lord..." and "Do you want to remain on the list that's to be destroyed, or do you would you like to dwell on the list of mercy?" followed by a prophecy by Kathie "...I dwell with the contrite and lowly ones..." and also a prophecy by Doyle, "...I have no respect of persons saith Jehovah..."


December 10 Spoke on the program of the love of money and 1 Timothy 6:17 "charge them that are rich in this world...", talking about obeying God in your giving.


December 16, Posted 1 Samuel 17.


December 20,  Tongues and interpretations and prophecy given this morning during the 10:00 AM program: 1st: "....I've anointed you for this day, this purpose, no man can stay the hand of God, be strong, be courageous for your country is rising up in a new era..."; 2nd: "The Lord has caused you to triumph like hinds feet..." Prophecy: "...I am raised from the dead, you have no trouble, all you have is victory...". Posted the audio of Terry and Kathy Mai ministering "If That Same Spirit Dwells In You."


December 21 Tongue and interpretation this AM when I was on my bike: "I'm bringing you into my perfect purpose." During the evening program, Doyle by the Spirit of God warned a man present in the sanctuary to give an amount of money, that he must repent before trouble comes...no covetous person shall inherit the Kingdom of God.


December 22 Kathie Davidson opened this morning's program. Doyle was up by 4:30 AM, fighting covetous and divination.


December 23, This morning while riding my bike I began speaking Isaiah 53:4-5 and I noticed I could keep talking.


December 25, Posted audio message: "Affliction and Persecution for the Word's Sake", (transcript);


December 27, Addressed the apostles that the Lord appointed through him, that they are spiritual children, under Doyle's authority and they need to get back in submission to Water of Life Ministries. Addressed (in a FB post) Wally Edge,Ralph Edge, and Bob Buckner, they left the work where God had set them (1 Corinthians 12:18)


December 28, Transcript of program "Calling Those Who Were Scattered"


December 29, Today's 11:00 AM program  (transcript) i talked about 2 Corinthians 4 "...I have begotten you through the gospel..."


December 31, My great-grandson, Bodie Arthur Alvis was born.
 Posted Psalm 142, Psalm 143:3-4; Psalm 55:3-7 with these words: "the Lords has been talking to me from Psalm 142 and 143 and I can see what my enemies have done to me...they have put my soul in prison where I could not praise the Father...and Psalm 142:7 tells me what I can expect..."...the righteous shall compass me about for thou shalt deal bountifully with me..." The 11:00 AM program I talked of "Entering the 38th Year of Preaching the Gospel Publicly in North Texas" (transcript). Kathie Davidson gave a tongue and interpretation (Transcript):
 "Hear! Can you hear oh my children? Can you hear oh my children? I cannot fail!..."




January 1 (Sunday AM) Talked about God opening up Psalm 142 to me on the 10:00 AM broadcast "The Righteous Shall Compass Me About";


January 4, Posted Isaiah 60: 1-17: "Have never seen such covetousness in all my eighty-four years that I'm seeing today and that is  nothing but gross darkness covering the people."


January 7, Recorded and posted audio: "Repentance of My Children" (transcript); Spoke on program: Derek Prince Ministries and Derek Prince Israel are Doyle's spiritual children and will walk with him in the great delverance.


January 8, This morning  in my bedroom as I was walking, I had a vision of a little girl, barefooted, dressed in a flowered dress..it was my daugher, Kathy Mai when she was a little girl, the summer of 1956.


January 10, Posted on FB: "In the past eight years I believe I have become fully persuaded that God made a commitment to me and is able to bring me out of this deep darkness."


January 13 (Friday),  "This morning I was awake at 1:45, went back to sleep, at 5:00 I was awake again. I'm not sure what time I started praying, loud, There was power in my heart, there was a message in my heart; it started coming up by the Spirit that I should give the house I live in to Water of Life Church of Plano, Inc."; Also at the opening of the program shared that I see an image of a man in front of me, a burly man...looks like a European strong man...I dont know if it is God warning me or what it is."


January 17, During the livestream program Kathie D gave a word of wisdom: "The Lord would say to you, grace works..."


January 18, "God is Beginning to Deal Bountifully" video;  Water of LIfe purchases it's first automobile in it's history. God has graciously supplied us with a Cadillac CT6.


 January 20, "I've had  four difficult nights in a row, awake about 3:00 AM each night." Donald Trump sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. Doyle's prayer for President Trump:

"I pray the power of God rest upon President Trump, all of his staff, all the cabinet, everyone that works with him throughout the world. I pray the anointing of God set on every one of them to direct their paths in what they say and do and I give God all the praise and glory in Jesus name, amen."


Following came a tongue and interpretation given by Kathie D; (transcript) "America, America I"ve heard your cries and I'm going to give the gospel free course..." and then exhortations were given by Doyle: "Cheer up, cheer up, for a new thing is coming in the land..." and "There is nothing wrong with this servant's heart, mind, body, nothing, but his enemy has smitten him to the ground...";

posted exhortation for all Christians to pray; posted: Strong's definition of recompense and encouragement that God has begun fulfilling his promise in Isaiah 35, that He will "...come with a recompense...", including Psalm 142 and God dealing bountifully with the considerable offering and new Cadillac.


January 24, I met my great-grandson, Bodie Arthur Alvis today. I expect God to give me a bass singer to fit with David Brown,  Philip Brown and Paul Peters.


January 27, Posted: "I've been wrestling with a spirit of divination in Plano for thirty years..."


January 30, Special meeting with the board of trustees to transfer ownership of  Doyle Davidson's house to Water of Life Church of Plano, Inc.


January 31, Recorded audio: "A Word From The Lord" audio;


February 1, Special meeting with the board of trustees to transfer ownership of Doyle Davidson's furniture and Tahoe to Water of Life Church of Plano, Inc.


February 2, This morning I woke up my fingers were all on fire, my hands as well...great fear...I thought, "I'm going to hell!"  (Transcript);


February 6, Woke up at 3:00 AM, I've been waking up early like that for a month, prayed for an hour, started forgiving my persecutors, Hebrews 13:15...started giving thanks, God told KD to go upstairs and remind Doyle of Psalm 91.


February 7, Announcing expanded shortwave radio coverage to include an antenna that reaches all of Africa.


February 10, Awake at 3:00 or 4:00 AM, " I had a vision, it was like the power of God lifted me up quick and I went through sin laid upon me, oppression that was laid upon me and when I went through, God spoke a man's name to me and then I saw a man standing away from me with no clothes on and I knew what that man had been involved in, sin, and it was laid upon me."


February 11, "We will go on all shortwave antennas before the end comes....just before I came out [to the set] God spoke Matthew 24 to me."


February 13, Beginning today, a new shortwave radio schedule in Africa, 2 hours per day, 6 days per week.


February 14, This morning God showed me I had bitterness in my heart toward my persecutors and I am being set free;
 the oppression was so great  that I went to sleep in mid-sentence during the program; right after the daily broadcast, sitting in Terre Brown's office, with Paul Peters present, while praying I had a tongue and interpretation:
"Be strong and of good courage. You're going to make it, keep pressing hard. I'm here to help you and bring you to victory, saith the Lord"
and I exhorted Water of Life people to join their faith and pray, saying "We’ve got something happening."


February 15, By the end of today's program there was much more liberty in my hands and following the program posted McKamey's song "I've Won".


February 17, Posted Ephesians, chapters 1-5; recorded audio "Early Miracles of Water of Life"


February 18 (Saturday), Before the program began, the Lord said to Doyle, "the  authority here is what wll be strong." A tongue and interpretation and a prophecy was given during the 11:00 AM program: "...the hour is near, the season is upon you: great tribulations are coming..." and the prophecy: "...much authority will reign and rule in this house during the Great Tribulation..."  Posted a prophecy given to Doyle from the Father at 4:10 PM: "Be bold, be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might. Many will come and hear your words. I will strengthen you and uphold you by my right hand (Jesus) of my righteousness." And then also: "Beware of false prophets for many will come saying, 'Who raised you up? And who gave you authority over us?'


February 20, Woke up at 3:30, started binding divination.


February 22, Woke up at 4:00 AM, started praying, at 6:00 AM, started singing in tongues, been singing to my Father.
 I've been praying Isaiah 35:4 all afternoon, the Lord just responded to my prayer: "I will come with vengeance and recompense and save you , saith the Lord of Hosts!"


February 23, "Today I believe he [the Lord] has ordered "Set forth the doctrine of the Church of Jesus Christ." (program video- "Setting Forth the Doctine of the Church"); Posted: "Every Church Must Have and Apostle or It Is Not the Body of Christ";


February 24,  "This morning  on our way to the church, I could see the sun as I looked through the sun roof of the car...tell my friends, I will see them shortly." Posted the book of Ephesians: "Have you ever read the book of Ephesians? This is the beginning church, here is your church".


February 25 (Saturday) Beginning with today's 11:00 AM Live Stream broadcast we are following 1 Corinthians 4:26-33 in our programs. Terre Brown will be ministering with Kathie D and myself.


February 26 (Sunday) Tongues and interpretations and prophecy given during the 10:00 AM program: "Surely goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life and you shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever but it will cost you a price..." and "...you ask, where am I? If you're in heaven I am there. If you're in hell, I am there..." and  "The law of the Lord is perfect converting the soul..."


February 27, Posted the Book of Romans. posted: I believe the appointed weeks of the harvest will open up any day as stated in Jeremiah 5:24.


February 28, For several months I have seen in his grave, Dr. Avery; today the Lord told me he and his family are in heaven.


March 1, Tongue and interpretation during the 11:00 AM program, "23rd Psalm"; Tonight during the 7:00 PM program, while praying with Terry Mai's recorded songs, I began speaking "grace, mercy faith" and later added "love". It was strong. Posted verses with grace and mercy: "Grace, mercy faith and love be multiplied!"


March 2, While praying this morning I had a tongue and interpretation (Terre Brown was present and transcribed the words.)
"Be strong in the Lord and the power of his might and do not compromise your words for the time has come for you to stand before the strong, saith the Lord."


March 3, Woke up on Thursday, March 2nd up with instructions from the Lord to write an email to three leaders in the Body of Christ with certain information about his life. Posted it on facebook at 6:36 PM today: "Perfecting My Faith ForThe Coming Days";


March 6, I have been going out driving with Kathie D, praying. Terre Brown will drive me tonight.


March 8 (Wednesday) 11:00 AM Program: Tongue and interpretation given by Kathie D: "...you must be willing to let go of your desires and desire only me. You must be willing to seek the kingdom..." and prophecy given by Doyle: "The day of the Lord is at hand..."
Evening program:Paul Peters, Terre Brown (piano), and David Brown (bass), debut the song that I used to sing in Redwood Church, "Standing On The Promises".


March 9, Today I announced that the son God promised me 25 years ago, out of my loins, will be born in Sarcoxie, Missouri.


March 10 (Friday) I give thanks to my Father that TODAY he opened the eyes of my understanding to my calling to preach the gospel to Israel. (video of today's program, "Annointed To Preach in Israel";


March 14, Asked the WOL attendees to sit toward the front that we can hear your voices and have a good sound to send out to the worldd;

Are there any that want to be water baptized in the name of Jesus? Send us an email.
Asked for prayer at 8:12 PM, in a great wrestling match.


March 15, This morning at 3:48 I broke through.
Doyle was awake praying in the night, Kathie D heard Doyle praying in her dream, and she saw a room full of tree roots, fat roots, gray and slimy and as she heard Doyle pray, the roots were being cut back. (Described on March 16th program)


March 16, Prayed during 11:00 AM program: "Father in Jesus name I lay the axe to every root of pornography that comes my way that is evily attacking me...that my ministry comes in contact with ..."


March 18, Posted: The Redwood Holiness Church; some of my conversation with David Kaspareit about my walk in darkness; Kathy Mai is now receiving all my doyled emails.


March 19 (Sunday PM) "Medicine is Witchcraft" video.


March 22, Posted about three women, Kathy Mai, Kathie D, and Terre Brown and their children are my spiritual children.


March 24, The 11:00 AM program God honored Terry Mai, directing me to  play songs he wrote and ministered.


March 25 (Saturday) During today's 11:00 AM program the Lord directed me to announce that Kathie D and I will agree in prayer that the power of the devil will be broken over everyone's life if they will request it by facebook or email. (Prayed for 110 individuals).
Prayer and thanksgiving  to the Lord for the day in Argyle when the Lord said: "Isn't it amazing that people don't think I know what I'm doing?"


 March 27 (Sunday) Beginning now, Sunday, March 26, 2017, 3:00PM Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson will only respond to this request:
"That God grant me the grace for Doyle and Kathie to pray the power of Satan be broken over my life."
Every request needs to be made by one individual.


March 28, Tongue and interpretation and prophecy give during 11:00 AM program: interpretation was Isaiah 55:10-12 For as the rain cometh down and the snow from heaven..." and the prophecy given by Kathie D: "...declare unto me what I have done for you..."


April 1 (Saturday) Today Doyle turned 85 years of age and Kathie D read Joshua 14:6-15 on the 11:00 AM program.  At 6:00 AM he had a tongue and interpretation:

"The day of the Lord is at hand. Be still and know I am God. The land will be filled with the glory of the Lord."
I had a wonderful time of fellowship with Kathy Mai, Candace, Rachels and Ashley and Ashley's children; returned to the Patio after a one month absence for dinner and fellowship;

Today Doyle spoke to Kathie Davidson that he believed God wanted her speak on redemption, sanctification, justification and righteousness, expounding the gospel and with that he spoke 1 Corinthians 2:2 "For I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified.”


April 3, Exhortation/Prophecy at the end of the 11:00 AM program, (Doyle Davidson) Satan wanted to destroy me, he wanted me dead, he didn’t want this ministry to go forth, no way, but God said:
“You don’t have the last word, I have the last word over this man and he’s going to come out and finish his course, which is my course saith the Lord, and you will see wonderful works done through his life, for I am with thee, saith the Lord.”


April 4, I don't think I slept more than 30 minutes last night but I woke up with this scripture in my mouth, "Jesus Christ the author and finisher of my faith."


April 5, Steddie and Susan Muserera, Living Water of Life Ministries International, arrived in Plano. They joined Doyle and Kathie on set for the Wednesday evening program.


April 9 (Sunday) During the 10:00 AM program, God exhorted and encouraged Steddie and Susan Muserera through a prophecy given by Kathie Davidson. "God is greater..."


April 10, Terry Mai's mother, Zelda Mai went to heaven this morning. (Grandmother of Candace Mai, Rachel Mai and Ashley Alvis and great grandmother of Shelby and Bodie Alvis.


April 15, During the 11:00 AM program there were two tongue and interpretations, 1st:

"For the time has come saith the Lord that you must stand before the strong. Fear not what the strong can do for they will melt like wax before your presence..."

2nd: I have been from the highest mountain, I have come from the highest heaven....


April 15, Barbeque luncheon reception for Steddie and Susan Muserera from Living Water of Life International.


April 18, Steddie and Susan Muserera left Plano today to return to Harare, Zimbabwe. Video from today's 11:00 AM Livestream program, "Farewell to Our Friends from Zimbabwe".;


April 23 (Sunday) Posted: "On today’s program (transcript) I spoke of a sin against me that I had to forgive. My heart, my faith, my love, was not big enough to forgive the sin. I acknowledged that before the Lord on two occasions...and this morning I received the grace to forgive."  Posted: "...God supplied the grace..."


April 25, "Tuesday night praying in tongues, Terry Mai's songs were playing, power so great within me, perseccutions from the enemy and things planted in my soul from the tongue of the enemy, thinking "I need to get out of this place now," and then "Wait a minute, these are evil spirits and they are afraid of the power." I thought, "Hang loose, be strong" and something just popped out of me, and I went towards's Terry's songs, it was like I had been resurrected."


April 27, Terre Brown joined Doyle and Kathie on set and they talked about the things Doyle has experienced in recent weeks and shared about something coming out of him Tuesday night. Doyle was awake early (4:00 AM): "My faith was strong mixing with Terry Mai's songs... and I was angry at the devil...: I was like, "Come on!" I was like Caleb, 'Ready for war!'  I don't see any gross darkness today."  Video: "The Darkness is Decreasing"


April 30 (Sunday) tongues and interpretations: 1st: "The Lord would say to you, be bold in the words you speak...it is clear your are a prophetess ordained of God..." 2nd: "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God...the Word was before any denomination..." Exhortation and prayer: "...there would not be man if it weren't for Jehovah and his Son..."

"I have never had a strong leading to pray this prayer; today there is faith and strong anointing to pray it": Psalm 7:

v. 9 "...let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end, but establish the just..."


May 3, "For three days Kathie has been seeing the Lord Jesus standing at the right hand of the Father while she is praying. I am very encouraged."


May 6, Posted: "What Is Ahead For the Church": God is going to give people an opportunity to believe his power; I thank God for the faith of the Church of the Body of Christ. It was this church that changed the Affordable Cared Act in the House.


May 7, This morning at 2:00 AM I was awakened with an urgency to pray about a specific topic. Posted audio message: "Jesus May Be Calling You",


May 9, Kathie Davidson opened the program - recorded music. (Staff meeting and much overcoming continued during program.)


May 10 (Wednesday) Kathie D opened the program, Doyle in his office praying. (Not in distress, wasn't in his heart to be on the program) Doyle began praying for himself and God's people: "Jesus Christ is Lord of my life; he is Lord of my spirit, soul and body." Video: "The Word of Faith In Your Heart and Mouth" , Terre and the Browns (David, Phillip and Lou Ann), debuted "Amazing Grace" (video link)


May 11, Terre Brown joined Doyle on the 11:00 AM program as they shared about the faith of Lyle Davidson and Jane Downtain (Terre's mother). Kathie Davidson began reading the book of Revelations out loud to Doyle and they knew by the Spirit that they must record it on audio.


May 12 Began posting the Book of Revelations audios.


May 15, While praying I received a revelation that there were hateful acts done against me and those hateful acts affected my eyes: Matthew 6: 22 The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. 23 But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness! The evil in that eye was hate, they hated me because I wouldn't do what they wanted.


May 16 (Tuesday) As of today, I am no longer fasting. "I will not fast unless the Lord leads me to fast, and then I certainly will and only His fast."

May 17 (Wednesday) The Lord said to me this afternoon "the time is shortened". Video: "For the Elects Sake Those Days Shall be Shortened"


May 18 David Kaspareit joined Kathie and Doyle on set for the 11:00 AM program, sharing scriptures to consider about the Great Tribulation, End Times, the Battle of Armageddon. Began posting the Psalms on Facebook for seven days.

May 19, Tongues and interpretations during 11:00 AM program, 1st: "The Lord would say to you, humble yourself, walk before me, nothing’s too difficult for you. You have the will to humble yourself, I made you that way, gave you that ability; fear not that you can’t do anything I ask or tell you to do, saith the Lord."
2nd: "Out of the depths I cried; out of the depths, I cried and I was heard in that I feared..."


May 21 (Sunday) Doyle could see blue carpet and blood, during the 6:00 PM program. Posted on Facebook that it was like what he saw for four years, long lines of blood while he was driving, it was like drops of blood. Tonight it is the same, just not as clear.


May 22, Prophecy given at the end of the 11:00 AM program:
“I’ve chosen you, sent you to the four corners of the earth to deliver my word without despair or fear, saith the Lord of Hosts.


May 24, "The Lord said, 'Feed the poor'" and as I continued to pray I believed God was saying, "Feed the poor in Zimbabwe." (video of program "Feeding the poor in Zimbabwe") Posted a prayer asking God to send to North Texas John16-7-11.


May 25, Posted Psalm 126-150 to finish seven days posting 150 Psalms.


May 26, Doyle spoke on 11:00 AM program, "Zimbabwe has a purpose that other countries don't have;" also spoke, "I don't know what God has to say or do with Kathie Mai, he's got something that I don't know about."


May 27, Doyle gave a prophecy on the 11:00 AM program:
"The Lord would say unto you, humble yourself and receive with meekness the engrafted word of God which is able to save your soul, saith the Lord."

Posted: "I had just layed down to sleep and the Lord quickened these words in my spirit: Jeremiah 1:10 See this day I have set thee over the nations..."


May 28 (Sunday) Program: "If You Die, Do You Know Where You Will Go?" A number of WOL people received ministry during the program.


May 29,  Published "Steddie Muserera - Apolstle and Prophet to Africa".  Doyle asked for prayers, "...the pressure is great." Kathy Mai took Doyle to visit Pete Murphy.


May 30, Doyle shared during morning program he saw a wolf twice, and posted it is a false prophet to deceive the daughers of Zion.


 May 31 "This morning I broke through!" This evening while talking with KD a wolf appeared again. During evening program, Terre Brown gave an exhortation: "Sin separates us from God, whatsoever is not faith is sin, unbelief is sin, we must FIGHT, fight unbelief;"


June 1, "Almost 43 years walking in the anointing and Doyle also dscribed what he is able to see today in the sanctuary, "it is like the air is becoming lighter, instead of gross darkness, light brown, tan...just 2 or 3 days ago, it was pitch dark in the sanctuary." Posted: "A heavy burden has moved, over portions of the U.S. today, I can sense it in my spirit."


June 3, Posted:"Today God put in my heart to ask all that are led to join me in asking Him for three things; that the Lord restore my vision, restore my mouth with all new teeth (I have only 2 teeth left) and restore my body which is now dead that John can come forth out of my loins." Also posted: "Three miracles have been done by the God of heaven this day."


June 5 (Monday) During the 11:00 AM program, while the Mai Girls were singing "To Him Who Sits On The Throne", I saw a vision of Terry Mai seated just to the left of Kathie Davidson." Posted: "It will be interesting to see what God does with my ministry and the Mai Girls."


June 7, (Wednesday) Exodus Chapters 20 - 34: Merciful, Gracious Longsuffering, Abundance in Goodness  and Truth (7:00 PM)  video and transcript.


June 8, Woke up with these verses in my heart: Jeremiah 9:23-24. Learn How to Speak to God Strong, video and transcript. Posted: "We need a manifestation of the Lord Jesus Christ in Plano with his power and I'm praying and I expect this to take place." Message from Steddie Muserera: Inviting the widows and orphans to received food.


June 12, During the 11:00 AM program Doyle saw visions in the heavenlies: "We are ministering in the heavenlies. Two small trees with gold on them, looked like a good pearl size, floated through. I haven’t seen them up here lately." Received a message from Steddie Muserera reporting on feeding the poor in Harare, Zimbabwe.


June 14, "Join me in prayer that I be delivered from wicked men", David Kaspareit ministered 2 Thes 3:1-2 and Romans 15:30-31 (examples of the Apostle Paul asking for prayer from the saints) and Kathie ministered from Acts 12 of the Church praying for Peter's deliverance from prison.


June 15, "...I believe there is a wife for me..."


June 16, Awake at 3:31 AM, saw two people I knew; I spoke to them, they did not answer, KD spoke to me and I immediately said, "I am overcoming false brethren." 43 years ago, anointed at the Garden Tomb.  Posted: "Lord, I am in trouble and I don't know why. You have a mouth and I have ears. Speak and your servant will hear."


June 19 (Monday) Kathie Davidson had a tongue during the 11:00 AM program and Doyle gave the interpretation:
“The time is near, look not right, look not to the left, but look straight ahead where the table is set and the time is now; believe the Lord your God and so shall you be established.”  Program: "The Baptism of Fire is Coming" Posted: "The table has been set, it's the earth and it's four corners."


 June 21, Today on the 11:00 AM livestream program: "We're about to break through Kathie, with the power God has promised us."


June 30, Spoken  on 11:00 AM program: "Press on! The Kingdom is in front of us! Press in with everything you’ve got, in song...I want to encourage all of you, pray—while you’re praying, seek the Kingdom, expect the Kingdom to manifest, because it was promised me not more than six weeks ago that it was straight ahead of us and it is and we’re going to push on and the power and the Kingdom of God will be manifesting in Plano, and all of Collin County and other areas throughout the world. Believe God with me, especially Plano and Collin County."



July 2 (Sunday) During the 10:00 AM service Kathie Davidson gave a tongue and Doyle interpreted:
"For the Lord’s word is now! It is now! And he will perform it when it’s NOW faith in your mouth and your heart and when he performs it he will hasten to do it; it’ll be done quickly. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be done today, tomorrow or next year; it depends on the condition of your heart, and your faith toward God, saith the Lord."


July 5, The Lord led Water of Life into his presence tonight with one hour of singing! (Program video)


July 7, Doyle announced today on the 1100 AM program that after twenty-six years, he is going off television. Posted an announcement and a  brief summary.


July 10, Posted selected songs for daily, weekend and evening programs which had been announced the previous evening during the 6:00 PM  program.


July 11,  "For years I have known God wanted me to minister to the Native Americans..."


July 12, This morning when Doyle awoke there was strong intercessory prayer for the Cherokee Nation and the Kingfishers  Later Doyle received an email for a request for prayer for a woman who is 1/4 Cherokee. Prophecy given by Kathie Davidson during the 11:00 AM  daily program: "I the Lord will say unto you, my kingdom is an everlasting kingdom; my kingdom is not in word only but it is in power; my kingdom is not of this world..."


July 15 Doyle had a tongue and interpretation this afternoon at 4:20:
"Humble yourself to walk, for you are in a walk that no one can help you but me, saith the Lord."


July 16, Anthony and Misty Reece attended the viewing and memorial singing of Betty Kingfisher, who went to heaven July 10, 2017, and the following day, the service of the celebration of her life.


 July 20, During today's 11:00 AM program, Doyle again saw in a vision a strong angel, dressed in full armour and he has seen this angel on two previous occasions. Transcript of program "The Warring Angel Visits Again"


July 22, Posted audio message "Lord You Are My Helper";


July 23, Today is the last Sunday Water of Life will be airing on World Harvest Television, DirecTV, after twenty-six months, beginning May 3, 2015.


July 27, Kathie Davidson gave a prophecy: "To the one that in the dark said to me, saith the Lord, ‘Why have you deceived me?’ I say to you, I have not deceived you..."


August 2 (Wednesday) During the 11:00 AM program (The Lord Has Built This House), introduced the staff at Water of Life along with others that serve in the ministry.
During the evening program Doyle gave a tongue and interpretation:
 “Why are you so fearful and call yourself strong? Why are you so fearful and walk in doubt? Because you are a proud person, you’re full of pride.”


August 3, The Spirit of God through Doyle gave David Kaspareit, vice-president and trustee of Water of Life Church of Plano, authority over all Water of Life Staff.


August 6 (Sunday) During the evening livestream program Doyle shared about God teaching him about casting out devils and during the closing songs the Spirit began ministering to people and Doyle gave a word of knowledge/wisdom for a number of afflictions and Kathie D did as well.


August 8, Debra Kerr, Tulsa, OK joined Doyle and Kathie on set during this morning's program, to share her testimony of what God had done for her and her husband. Also, Doyle announced that the Mai Girls are exhorters, their songs exhort people.


August 15, Message from Steddie Muserera sharing of the opening of their conference.


August 17, While eating dinner God spoke to Doyle "I waited patiently for the Lord" the beginning words of Psalm 40.


August 19, Doyle talked about the war and that the fight seems to be with witchcraft today, during the 11:00 AM daily program.


August 21, Today a total solar eclipse occurred (Facebook post addressing the eclipse). Doyle and Kathie were joined by David Kaspareit and Terre Brown on set for the daily livestream program to talk of the end times, the tribulation and the mark of the beast and what the word of God says about these things. At Doyle's invitation, Aaron Turner joined Doyle and other's in his office for the first time, to pray with them.


August 22, During the 11:00 AM Livestream program, Doyle saw a vision of four warring angels.


August 23, The strong angel that visited me at the post office with Terre Brown visited me in my bedroom tonight when I went to bed, I was strengthened. Doyle introduces Aaron Turner as a new member of the prayer team.


August 26, At 3:00 AM this morning I saw (vision) two people in my bedroom, a man in a sport coat and a tie and a woman wearing a greenish blue dress. I believe they want to do me harm.


August 27, Sunday evening Doyle looses people from a number of different spirits during the program.


August 28, Addressed the flooding in Houston Texas and God's people that reside in the area in a Facebook post.


August 30 (Wednesday), Wednesday evening loosed people from fear.


August 31, Kathie Davidson gave a prophecy during the daily program: "...when there was great darkness in the land of Egypt there was light in Goshen."


September 3 (Sunday) On the evening broadcast Doyle gave instructions on using Terry Mai's recorded songs, playing them at night with the volume turned up and joining your faith with them. 


September 4, On the daily program, Doyle prayed for a number of minutes following the music, "Glory! Glory to God!" There were two tongues and interpretations soon after: (1st) "Before the glory comes repentance.."; (2nd) "Don't settle for a trickle of my glory..." Facebook post:"Today during the 11:00 AM broadcast my heart was seeking the glory of the Lord..."


September 8, The presence of the Lord was on the set during the 11:00 AM program and Doyle describes the visitation in a Facebook post "Time in the Lord's Presence".


September 9, The Lord Jesus visited Doyle again at 4:00 AM this morning, and he describes the visitation on today's program: "The Lord is Here to Bring Me to Victory".


September 10, Posted recorded audio: "Time to Humble Oneself".


September 12, "This morning in prayer, the Lord quickened these five verses in Daniel 11 to me..."; "This afternoon during prayer the Lord showed me a vision of eleven women facing me..."


September 16, While praying with Terre Brown in my office, I saw what appeared as a huge round dimmed light, it was  Jesus.


September 17 (Sunday) Facebook post: Psalm 7:3-6 "...If I have rewarded evil unto him that was at peace with me;",

Kathie D gave a tongue and interpretation: "...Your answer is in the gospel..."  During the 10:00 AM program, Kathie describes the picture in her spirit of Golgotha, the gospel and Doyle interjects that she sounds like Kathryn Kuhlman and Kathie will minister to people in a similar way (transcript).


September 19, Terre Brown joined Doyle on set today to share her experience with the Bible Church and the 5 Points of Calvinism.


September 21, Doyle introduces Mark Green, KLJJ FM 101.5 Radio, Lion of The Tribe of Judah Ministries.


September 22, God gave Doyle two prophecies this morning during prayer in his office:

1st: "Today is the day of salvation. Be strong in the Lord and the power of his might. New things are approaching the table. Look straight ahead to the table. Don't look to the right, don't look to the left, and you will enjoy the blessings of the Lord."


2nd: "Be strong in the Lord and the power of his might. Things are at hand that will bless you, sayeth the Lord of Hosts."


Facebook post: "We Gentiles have alot to than our Jewish neighbors for."


September 25, Awakened at 2:00 AM praying in tongues and it started coming out of me, “You have to take a driver’s test."


September 26, "I saw images of Jesus Christ early this morning with his crown, his beard, moving in Plano. My words were, “That’s the way I see you, Lord. Captain of the Lord of Hosts."


September 28 (Thursday) During prayer in Doyle's office, Doyle prayed to the Father and the others were a witness to his prayer and immediately following his prayer God answered giving Kathie D a tongue and Doyle interpreted:

"The Lord would say, “Be bold, be strong in the Lord and the power of his might. Your victory is near!” (1:20 PM)
Kathie then gave a second interpretation:

"In my affliction, I had you afflicted. In my love and my pity have I afflicted you for my people. This is my glory. This is my love. This is my pity. Carry (this) with my honor." (Isaiah 63:9)


October 3, Appointed a new crusade team to travel with Doyle. 


October 12, Posted the book of Galatians as a "Letter to America".


October 15, Doyle posted: To the people of the United States: I wish you had known the time of your visitation.


October 16, Doyle posted: I am seated in heavenly places praying.


October 18, Doyle introduced Bryan Bonner from California, who was present in the sanctuary during the 11:00 AM daily program. Kathie Davidson gave two tongues, Doyle interpreted the first: "The Lord would say to you, look not to the left, look not to the right but look straight ahead for the table is set now, saith the Lord of Hosts,"  Kathie interpreted the second: "How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of the good news..." 
Bryan Bonner joined Doyle and Kathie on the set for the eveining program: "Introducing Bryan Bonner to Water of Life."


October 21, Bryan Bonner has joined Water of Life staff.


October 22, Kathie Davidson sang a tongue and Terre Brown sang the interpretation during the 10:00 AM service: (Video) (Transcript). Doyle Davidson gave a prophecy during the 6:00 PM service: "Why do you lack saith the Lord? Because you lust after that which you should not lust for, but you should look for the things that the Lord has, seek the Lord with all your heart..." Paul Peters debuted the song,  "If That Isn't Love."


October 23, Posted: "Those sent with me to the four corners of the earth will also deliver the Word of God without despair or fear. They have the same commission from the Lord as I do." (Website page)


October 24, The Lord sent  Neil Dodge to visit with Doyle and Neil prayed for him. Doyle reminded Neil that he was one of the witnesses when God told Doyle he would have a son from his loins and his name would be John.


October 26, While fellowshipping and praying with Bryan Bonner and Kathie Davidson over breakfast, Doyle spoke a prophecy: "The Lord shall surely come in his season and heal you."

Bryan Bonner left Plano to return to California today, but will return next month to join Water of Life full time. 


October 29 (Sunday), Terre Brown ministered the song, "I will Bless The Lord" with Phillip Brown accompanying on the piano during 6:00 PM livestream program.


Nov. 1 (Wednesday)  During the 7:00 PM program Doyle states, "We are about to see the biggest outpouring of the Spirit of God in human history.."  He teaches and ministers forgiveness. Posted: "I am convinced that I am not one whit behind the chiefest apostle alive today,"


November 2, Doyle speaks to Terre Brown and Kathie Davidson at the end of the 11:00 AM program: "God put you two with me, both female, and Jesus speaks through both of you to me...”


November 5 (Sunday) During the eveining program Doyle stated: “There’s a change coming in the Spirit, Water of Life may never be the same again, the season is changing.”


November 6, Doyle spoke on this morning’s 11:00 AM program: “Something is happening, it could be several things… the Lord said he was here with vengeance, and recompense to save me…(February 22, 2017) He’s here, anything could happen. If I were you, I would humble myself before God and make sure my relationship with him is pure and right.”


November 8, God ministered to Doyle this morning,  "You're the man!"  (Video: "Let the Wickedness of the Wicked Come to an End.")


November 10, Doyle ministered  Daniel 2:20-21: “…and he changeth the times and the seasons…”. (Program video)


November 12 (Sunday) Kathie Davidson gave a tongue and interpretation during the 10:00 AM Livestream program: "I say unto you, my children, desire the word..." At the end of the program when shortwave recording was over, Doyle began praying for God's people according to Philippians 2:10-11 and Acts 26:18 and many people received ministry. Paul Peters ministered "I'd Rather Have Jesus" with the new sound track produced by David Brown during the 6:00 PM program.


November 20, The house God provided for Bryan Bonner is officially reserved today by Water of Life Ministries.


November 25, Doyle's friend Pat Avery went to heaven; posted, "The season has changed." Doyle's daughter, Kathy Mai moved to Missouri.


November 26 (Sunday) Bryan Bonner joined Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson on set this morning for the 10:00 AM program as a regular co-host.


November 28, Doyle posted his prayer to the Lord on Facebook, "...is there never any time for living in the rest of the Lord?"


December 1 (Friday) Doyle shares on the 11:00 AM program that the Lord quickened the words to him from 2 Chronicles 7:14 "heal your land." He also states that there is a restoration coming, and a greater increase of the pouring out of the Spirit of God through God's people according to Joel 2. The Lord's apostles break bread in West Plano this evening.


December 3 (Sunday), Doyle stated at the end of the program, "Somehting good is going to happen in Plano."


December 6, Posted: Ezekiel Chapters 38 and 39.


December 8, Received a large check in the offering on Sunday (12/3) and at 2:00 AM this morning God said, "Buy another Cadillac like you've got."


December 10 (Sunday), Doyle awoke at 3:33 AM this morning and broke through something. He believes the Great Deliverance has begun. Terre Brown joined Doyle and Bryan Bonner on set to share Lydia Prince's testimony "Appointment In Jerusalem."


December 11, The new Cadiillac CT arrived today.


December 13, Doyle had a tongue and interpretation from the Lord, during the 11:00 AM program: “I’m here in person to save you, for you are my brother.”


December 16,  Recorded audio: "I Shall Not Die But Live"


December 19, News clippings revealed of  the Sarcoxie, MO area including public notifications of expendiitures for Road District No. 18, listing wages paid to Lyle Davdison, Tony Burkey and others. (Posted album on Sarcoxie, Missouri Facbook page:  "Land of My Fathers" )


December 21, Prophecy given by Doyle during the 11:00 AM Program: Doyle posted a message to Pansy (Burkey).

The day of the Lord is at hand, stand still and know that I’m God, be strong in the Lord and the power of his might, for the desire of your heart will surely come to pass. I put that desire there, that is not your desire as you’re afraid it is, that is mine. Be strong, be not afraid, they will soon know that I sent you with my power and that power will be manifest to all, saith the Lord.


December 25, Doyle posted: "This morning I woke up with, 'Beware when all men shall speak well of you' in my heart." Praying during the prgram the Lord said, "Give thanks for a helpmate".


December 28, "Great heaviness this morning" (Isaiah 61:3), "so much that it even affected the making of coffee."


December 31 (Sunday) Today we began including recorded songs led by Terry and Kathy Mai during praise and worship. Prior to the broadcast I found myself praying to loose my soul from the oppression of opiates. I don't use drugs, never have. I broke through during praise and worship and learned later of the epedemic of opiates in our country.




January 4, Doyle was awakened this morning and was praying for the heartland of America.


January 5 (Friday) Opened the sanctuary to the public for praise and worship on Friday and Saturday. Doyle had a vision of an overweight man during worship. "

Facebooks posts:
Sitting here  praying [this evening] I saw showers of gold. Beautiful!
"...in these showers of gold I see what looks like four evergreen trees..."
"It is in my heart something good is going to happen to me...";
"This has been in my heart all day: "Blessed is the man whom thou choosest..." (Psalm 65:4).


January 9 (Tuesday) During the 11:00 AM program there were a number of prophecies: Doyle: "...Expect Victory!.."; Kathie: "...Mercy rejoices against judgement!..."; Terre: "...I delight in mercy!..."; Doyle: "The Lord is here in person to help you..."; Bryan: "Do not be afraid..."; Doyle also shares during the program that he has taken on a lying spirit that spoke to him in August 2016.


January 10, Posted on Facebook: "I believe 1 Peter 4:17 is in my heart, judgement is here."


January 11, On the 11:00 AM program Doyle ministered Psalm 112:1-2 and made it known, his daughter Kathy Mai will return to walk with him and be "mighty upon earth".


January 13, Posted: "I have been in tremendous intercession since 6:00 AM". Overcame something praying with Terre Brown in the evening. Recorded audio, "Overcoming Heaviness";


January 14 (Sunday) This morning Doyle could see images in front of him during the 10:00 AM praise and worship--it was the women dancing;


January 21 (Sunday) Kathie Davidson gave two tongues and they were interpreted: "There is no other way but the way of the cross..." and "...My life is stronger than death and when I came I brought grace..."


January 23, Revelation of Daniel 11:20-28 program transcript.


January 25 Bobby Burgess went to heaven.


January 29, The sanctuary will be open Monday through Saturday to all, during the 11:00 AM daily programs.


February 1, Doyle's cousin, James Wallace went to heaven. God ministered to Doyle about being a 4th-generation landowner in Jasper County, Missouri.


February 6, Bryan Bonner gave a tongue and interpretation in Doyle's office before the program and recorded it, sharing the transcript on the 11:00 AM program:"...I have proven you in the furnace of affliction that you come forth as gold..."


February 13, Doyle said, "This is on of the toughest days of praying I remember, starting at 4:00 AM."


February 17, Praying  about supporting the building  of a permanent structure in Zimbabwe for Living Water of Life International Ministries.


February 21, Reverend Billy Graham died this morning. Water of life Church is putting into action the financing of a 1000 seat sanctuary in Zimbabwe with Living Water of Life International Ministries in Zimbabwe.


February 24, This morning the Lord told Doyle that his school friend is a partaker of his grace. Kathie Davidson ministers this morning during the livestream program as a guest speaker.


February 25, Doyle posted: "For the second day in a row I have ridden 10 miles on my stationary bike, praying. It has been more than six months that I have been able to ride ten at a sitting."


February 26, Doyle shares that the Lord had him praying Jeremiah 1:10 during praise and worship on the 11:00 AM livestream program and states, “You can write this down, February 26, 2018, things started coming down, fallen, destroyed, rooted out, planting and building along with all the rest…Remember...things are going to change, you might not like what you see or what you hear, but its God, buckle up your belts, gird it up.”
Began installation of new tile flooring in the east entryway and restrooms, replacing the old tile with white 18" ceramic tiles.


February 28, The Lord spoke to Doyle this morning, "wells of salvation" (Isaiah 12:2-3). Began remodeling in the church-new tile in the east entryway.


March 1, Received from Hal and Caroline Jenkins today, the article of the vigil for Bill Green.


March 7, Began opening the daily programs with the song "Rejoice For the Steps" recorded by the Mai Girls. Mark Green introduced Doyle,Terrry and Kathy to the song years ago.


March 10, Began discussing building a new sanctuary at the present location to seat 1000 people.


March 11 (Sunday) During the 10:00 AM program,  Doyle had a vision of many cots in front of him with people on them, "this is what is coming;" There was a tongue and interpretation  "The Lord would say to you, fear not what man can do to you..." and a word of wisdom, "Multitudes multitudes, in the valley of decision..."


March 16, Completed the installation of the new tile fooring, finishing in the north entryway and restrooms.


March 18 (Sunday) A power outage occurred during the 10:00 AM program (about 10:17 AM). There were two tongue and interpretations during the 6:00 PM Program: "...look straight forward, look upon the table, for the table is set and full of blessings..." and "Does not my word state, man are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all..."


March 20, Monday afternoon Doyle received a greater understanding of the word the Lord spoke to him Sunday evening, "...the table is set and full of belssings..." according to Psalm 142:7 and Genesis 12:2,and posted on Facebook.


March 21, A praise report from Steddie Muserera, "...Suddenly a great change of wind has swept over the church..."


March 29, The Mai Girls, Kathy, Candace, Ashley Avis, Rachel, and Shelby and Bodie Alvis visited at Doyle and Kathie's this evening and sang "It Is Well."


March 31, Doyle had a word from the Lord during the 11:00 AM program: "Many waters are ahead of you, but none will overflow you; they are for your perfection, saith the Lord."


April 1, (Sunday)Today is Easter Sunday and Doyle turns eighty-six years of age.


April 4, The money is in Zimbabwe to begin construction of the gated enclosure/wall for the 1000 seat sanctuary for Living Water of Life Ministries International.


April 6 (Friday) Storm in Plano that brought egg sized hail to Doyle and Kathie's yard as they drove home from dinner, whicch they described on the following day's (Saturday) program


April 8, (Sunday) During the 10:00 AM program Doyle ministered about the leaven of malice and wickedness. He later posted about receiving strong deliverance during the addtional songs. Doyle overcame a spirit after the 6:00 PM program and a crooked kink in his neck started to straigten out.


April 9, Instructions to the staff and the body of Christ in their prayer life. Posted Isaiah 17:1, "The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap." Posted a progress report from Steddie of the building site at Epworth, Zimbabwe.


April 12, Progress report from Steddie of the building site at Epworth, Zimbabwe.


April 14, Terre Brown, Senior Assistant and Writer for Doyle Davidson, posted an article about a statement Doyle made to her at dinner, "You know it is the Father that is bringing me out of this darkness." She also posted a conversation she had with Doyle at dinner about the words Jesus spoke to Doyle, "You are my brother."


April 17, Posted photos of the progress of the building site for the  sancuary at Epworth, Zimbabwe. Doyle prays during the 11:00 AM program (which was the beginning of praying it almost daily):

 “Father I thank you for working the gifts through me in these broadcasts, the word of wisdom, word of knowledge, discernings of spirits, gift of faith, tongues, interpretations, prophecy, gifts of healing, gifts of faith and the working of miracles. I thank you Father that you work these gifts through your servant, in Jesus name, thank you for it. Amen."


April 18, Kathie  D. gave a tongue and interpretation during the 11:00 AM program, "I am here, I inhabit your praises; I am here, I inhabit your praises..."During the evening program Doyle encourages a number of people by name, "You are not alone..."


April 20, Doyle encountered a stronger and different spirit. Doyle and Kathie had a divine encounter with Doyle's friends, Dr. Bob Ross and his wife Barbara.


April 22 (Sunday) At the end of praise and worship Sunday evening, Doyle led the church in praying in tongues according to Joel 1:20 along with Terry Mai and Water of Life Boys recorded songs for almost 30 minutes.


April 24, Update from Steddie Muserera in Zimbabwe on the progress of the building site: "Our wall plan is now ready and we can start building according to specs. on the plan ..."


April 27, Doyle and Kathie minister giving thanks brings abundant grace.


Apri 28, On the 11:00 AM program Doyle shares the vision he had early hours of the morning of a man wearing a white lab coat and what he believed the Lord was showing him, "Medicine oppposes grace."


Aprl 29 (Sunday) David Kaspareit, along with Kathie Davidson open both the morning and evening programs--Doyle was in interessory prayer. After the evening program when Doyle arrived home, he began praying, "I will live and not die and declare the works of the Lord." 


April 30 (Monday) Doyle posted "Fighting Death" describing the weekend (4/28 - 4/30 2018).


May 2, On today's 11:00 AM program Doyle and Kathie talk about the history of Redwood Church and the Holiness people.


May 3, Doyle posted today: "...Today, praying, I started overcoming the Roman spirit, putting that spirit off of my soul..." Powerful day of praying, Doyle is able to get up off the couch /chair without assistance.


May 6, Doyle posted: " I believe God gave me a commandment to deliver Willie Nelson into the Kingdom of God."


May 8, Automobile change: David Kaspareit is driving the CT6 and Bryan Bonner is driving the Tahoe.


May 9 (Wednesday) Doyle gives a prophecy during the 11:00 AM program:

 "The Lord would say to you, look not right, look not left, but look back to the table that I told you was full of blessings. Stagger not in unbelief, but believe what’s in your heart and you shall see the salvation of God."


May 12, Posted on Facebook, "blessings on the table" (includes Brown's house).


May 14, Doyle gave a prophecy during the 11:00 AM program: The Lord says, ‘Stand fast and see the salvation of God.’


May 15, Mel Tari messaged Doyle asking for prayer for the people of Surabaya, Indonesia following the terrorist attacks.


May 17 (Thursday) Kathie Davidson conducts her first weekly 30 minute meeting for women at 12:10 CT.


May 22, Daniel 11:20-45 "Could this be the beginning of the great tribulation?  David Kaspareit joins Doyle and Kathie on set today to discuss the End Times and the Great Tribulation.


May 23, God has directed us to enlarge our ministry to Zimbabwe. We are sending money to not only feed the poor, but also to help them with other things.. During the livestream program Doyle states: “I am commanded to warn people of this, they must know they are going through the Great Tribulation, they cannot be deceived any longer that they are going to be raptured."


May 24, This morning I awoke with one of my Sarcoxie High School classmates in my heart. I talked to both her and her husband on the phone.


May 28 Kathie Davidson gave a word of wisdom on the 11:00 AM daily program "...No fear!..."


May 29, Kathie Currier joined Doyle and Kathie on set via Skype for the first time.


June 2, Tongue and interpretation and prophecy were given, "The world is full of flowers ready to be picked..." and "I call him the Spirit of grace..."


June 3 (Sunday), Doyle and Kathie discuss the thoughts and temptation Doyle experienced in the night, and the Lord ministering to him 1 Corinthians 10:13 and he overcame and "that spirit is gone."


June 5, Doyle posted: "This morning I was under a tremendous psychological attack of the devil. Even telling me I was dying. I was reminded of these words from the Lord and I recovered immediately: “I'm here in person to save you, for you are my brother."


June 6, $2,000,000,000.00: The largest financial blessing Water of Life has ever received.


June 7, Terre Brown joined Doyle and Kathie during the program today, as did Kathie Currier via Skype to discuss the March 2010 prophecy and the events that took place following it.


June 9, Contributed substantially to a ministry's shortwave radio and discussed on today's program, God bringing shortwave to the forefront.


June 12, Update from Steddie Muserera on the progress of the construction of the peremiter wall for the sanctuary at Epworth, Zimbabwe and photos, current and prior.


June 15, Kathie Davidson's "Meeting for Women" began airing in Australia on World Harvest Radio (WHR) shortwave.


June 17 (Sunday) Kathie Davidson's "Meeting for Women" began airing on all twelve antannae of World Harvest Radio (WHR).


June 19, The prince of Persia: During the 11:00 AM program Doyle spoke about a stronger spirit, a "prince" and later  posted about it on Facebook.


June 20, Doyle received a visitor in his office at Water of Life today who shared what was in his heart, which would mean a new sanctuary for Water of Life. He states, "...I'm praying."


June 23 Steddie Muserera provided an update on the progress at the construction sight of the 1000 seat sanctuary at Epworth, Zimbabwe.


June 25, Doyle mentions a desire to have Alan Jackson come to Water of Life.


June 26, God has put Tracy Dartt in Doyle's heart to pray for healing of his many afflictions and directed him to send money to him.


June 27, A tongue and interpretation was given  during the 11:00 AM program: "The Lord is not pleased with mediocrity, the Lord is pleased with perfection..."


June 30, Posted this AM, "I am praying for Tracy Dartt's healing of multiple affliction..." During the 11:00 AM program the Lord directed Doyle to play Terry Mai's song, "Rise and Be Healed" and to stand for Tracy Dartt. Terre Brown shares a word/exhortation from the Lord.


July 2, Sharon Potts' "celebration of life" service was held today at Water of Life and conducted by Doyle Davidson. Steddie Muserera sent a praise reposrt and updated on the progress of the construction of the sanctuary and compound at Epworth, Zimbabwe.


July 4 (Sunday), During this morning's 10:00 AM Livestream program Kathie Davidson gave a history of the Declaration of Independence. During the 6:00 PM livestream program, Terre Browns ministers the song, "God Bless America".


 July 6, The Lord directed Doyle to contribute financially to Derek Prince Ministries and Bob Mumford's ministry.


July 7, Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson take a seat in the blue chairs for the 11:00 AM program, Doyle states he is overcoming a spirit, of the Tribe of the Osage.


July 8, Doyle approved the purchase of a lorry (large truck), for the work at Epworth, Zimbabwe.


July 15, Doyle's description of a man he saw in the spirit in his bedroom, near his bed a few weeks ago. (The devil himself)


July 16, Photos of progress at Epworth, Zimbabwe (Borehole and tank installation) and Steddie Muserera's email report.


July 22, Posted on Facebook a message to the Body of Christ, "I am your apostle, sent by God to you..."; Posted on Facebook article written by a Jewish woman indicative of what is going on in Israel today.


July 24, Doyle prayed all night and at 4:00 AM this morning he knew he had prayed through a situation concerning money gifted to the ministry. He describes his night and the events of the morning on today's program. Today's Facebook post.


July 28, Doyle experienced s serpent bite on his hand, in the spirit, as he and Terre Brown were praying.


July 29 (Sunday) Recorded first phone video message.


July 30, Water of Life recently purchased a truck for Living Water of Life International Ministry in Harare, Zimbabwe.


July 31, This morning at 4:00 AM, God showed Doyle a vision of a man in a sports jacket, standing on land and during the 11:00 AM program he states, "I believe without any equivocation—I will not equivocate, that God’s word is true and there will be new sanctuary built right here and there will be land bought in Jerusalem.”


August 3, Water of Life purchased a 2018 Chevy  Suburban for Choogie Kingfisher.


August 6, God put Doyle in contact with two members of a family he knew from many years ago.


August 7, Facebook post:"I woke up...I was so heavy and so weak that I checked for my pulse...I couldn't find any in either arm..."


August 11 Facebook post: "...Powerful time of prayer, bringing me to a weakness I don't know that I ever remember..."


August 16, Living Water of Life International Conference August 16 - 18, 2018. (Photos)


August 17, Water of Life procured two 2018 Cadillac XT5s for two of God's ministers. Posted on Facebook, "It seems right to begin traveling again on Saturdays" (Muskogee, South Bend and Joplin). Checking on avilability of facilities and dates.


August 18, (Saturday) Doyle talked about the Abigails God has brought and is bringing to his ministry: "Where are All the Abigails?" Facebook post: What Is An Abigail?


August 20, Anthony Reece appointed as trustee and assistanct secretary/treasurerer of Water of Life Church Plano, Inc. (Announced on Sunday 10:00 AM Livestream Program 8/19/2018). Anthony began joining Doyle to pray in the morning and afternoon. 


 August 26 (Sunday) Kathie Davidson was home overcoming a severe attack of the devil (divination) during both 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM services. Doyle sent a text at 8:50 PM "Kathie is Kathie again. (In other words, she is healed)"


August 27, Doyle woke up this AM with the words, "spots, blemishes, wrinkles" in his heart.


August 29, God showed Doyle a vision of a man standing in the door of his office: "I percieve this spirit is buffeting me. I believe I am wrestling with the spirit of this man with my faith."


September 2 (Sunday) This morning's program was from Matthew 24:32-39 and Doyle states:"This is one of the most important hours that I've ever led us to do." There was also two tongues and interpretations: "My chidren, look up..." and "...I am here to deliver you..." and a prophecy: "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom..." 10:00 AM Video: "The Parable of the Fig Tree".


 October 7 (Sunday) Doyle gave a prophecy during the 10:00 AM program: "The Lord would say to you, look not to the right, nor look to the left, but look straight ahead, there is something new on the table..." Paul Peters debuted :What A Friend We Have In Jesus";


October 10, We began ministering recorded praise and worship songs led by Terry ad Kathy Mai, Monday through Saturday from 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM The public is welcome to come to the sanctuary and experience the anointing, the faith, and the power on these songs.


October 16, Doyle and Terre Brown began writing, "The Beginning Days of Water of Life Church."


October 17 (Wednesday) During the 7:00 PM program, Doyle had a vision of wingtip shoes and the bottom portion of trouser covered legs walking toward the platform...; later at home it was in his heart to pray for the Mai Girls.


October 18, At the end of this morning's program Doyle stated, "I believe something good is about to happen to us."


October 19 (Friday) Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson had dinner with Dick Leggett, Director, Derek Prince Ministries.


October 21 (Sunday), Doyle Davidson returned to the platform this morning, opening the 10:00 AM program with Terre Brown, Kathie Davidson and Anthony Reece joining him on the set. Anthony shares a brief summary of his introduction to Water of Life Ministries and hearing the gospel the first time through the prophet, Doyle Davdson.


October 22 (Monday), The daily program began today with the new time (10:00 AM CT), and continued with the format change from last evening, from the platform. Doyle was joined by Terre Brown, Kathie Davidson and Anthony Reece on set.


October 23, A tongue and interpretation, "For the Lord will show you the way that you should go, seek him, seek him with all of your heart..." and a prophecy, "Come unto me, all you that are weary and heavy laden..."  were given during the 10:00 AM program.


October 24, Doyle is back on the bike, praying.


Ootober 29, Began ministering Terry Mai's (with Water of Life Boys) recorded songs, finishing with Chico Holiday's "Greater Is He", during praise and worship, playing the list twice.


October 31 (Wednesday), During the 7:00 PM program, the Brown Mixed Quartet debuts the song "Peace in the Valley".


November 4 (Sunday), Doyle, Kathie and Terre minister the words the Lord has spoken to him in tongues and interpretations and prophecies in 2017 and 2018 and he states, "Folks, you may be listening to the most important words that you’ve listened to out of the mouth of a man." He encourages the body of Christ to keep and listen to the program, Prophecy given by Kathie Davidson: "...Why are you afraid of what’s coming upon the earth?..."


November 7 The songs, "Amazing Grace" by the Browns' Mixed Quartet and "The Lord's Prayer" written by Terry Mai, were ministered today on the 10:00 AM livestream program.


November 18 (Sunday) Mark Green joined Water of Life for the morning and evening programs, sharing a personal testimony about his radio station during the evening program.


November 19, Doyle gave a prophecy during the 10:00 AM Livestream broadcast, "The table is full of blessings. Look not right, look not left, look straight ahead, the blessings are looking right at you, saith the Lord of hosts.


December 2 (Sunday), Doyle appointed Bruce Geer to lead the congregation with praise and worship and the dance, (Reference Facebook post). During the 10:00 AM program two tongues and interpretations were given: 1st: "The Lord is a light and thy salvation, the Lord is the light that will go into your heart and explore your innermost being. The Lord is here to expose every thing that hinders; trust in him; he said he was here to save you.” and 2nd: "... today I heard singing; I saw dancing; I saw hearts uplifted, and my Father and I are rejoicing...."


December 5, Doyle's former partner at 121 Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Rodney Butler, his daugter and granddaughter visited Water of Life during the evening service at Water of Life.


December 11, Photos of Living Water of Life Ministries, Zimbabwe, five year anniversary celebration.


December 12, Water of Life has returned to the Four state area with Kathie Davidson's program airing on KKOW 860 AM Pittsburg, Kansas, Sunday mornings at 8:00 – 8:30 AM CT.


December 14, Kathie Davidson gave a word of wisdom during the 10:00 AM program: "Where would you go but to the Lord?..."


December 18, Terre Brown posts on Facebook:  "The Frisco Coyote Story".


December 21, Doyle instructs the men and women in the dance during the 10:00 AM program. 


December 26 (Wednesday) Lark Carpenter shares a personal testimony about Mel Tari's book ministering to her, at Doyle's request, during the evening program.


December 30 (Sunday) Doyle overcame a spirit of witchcraft in the early morning hours. He urges everyone to listen to the 10:00 AM program, "Are You Ready for the Perilous Times that are Ahead?", one of the most sobering messages he has ever heard or given. Kathie Davidson also gives a tongue and interpretation, "Where are the men?"...




January 4, Doyle stood behind the pulpit and gave thanks for 38 years ministering the gospel from Water of Life Church, Plano, Texas. Kathie Davidson ministered Numbers 32:12, in reference to Bruce Geer, who is the only person with Doyle today that was with him for that first service, January 4, 1981.


January 6, Doyle spake: "I have a word from God. I don't know what it is or who its for." In just a few minutes the Spirit of God brought, "Can two walk together except they be agreed." It was for he and David Kaspareit and revelation of the end times.


January 7, God was warning the Church during the 10:00 AM Livestream program, the days fo the great tribulation are very near.


January 11, Praying early this morning, Doyle overcame what he believes were fiery darts in his body from his persecutors.


January 12, Doyle's sisters, Betty Jackson and Glenda Schoen are fasting and praying for the restoration of Doyle's eyesight.


January 14, According to our records, Doyle Davidson Ministries distributed $1,551,000.00 to God's people in 2018.


January 16 (Wednesday), Doyle states on the 10:00 AM program that the verse, Isaiah 65:24 has been in his heart this morning, “And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.” A tongue and interpretation was also given:

"The Lord is not slack concerning his promises; what he has said he will do, what he has spoken he will make good, that you might inherit the land, that the land would be a place where God would be glorified. I’ve chosen you, ordained you, sent you forth to the four corners of the earth to declare my word without fear or despair. So, fear not what’s ahead, for you’re going to see things that will amaze you. You have come a long way, but you got some distance to go, saith the Lord."


January 19,  Following the morning program, a utility pole near the church property failed, (broke off) causing an emergency situation. Doyle understood by the Spirit the seriousness of the situation and the words that were in his heart were, “And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear.” The situation was resolved, God bringing together all the services necessary by evening, to replace the pole and restore the integrity of the power supply.

January 20 (Sunday), Ted Ross of Los Angeles visited Water of Life Church for the 10:00 AM program, and returned with his wife and family at 6:00 PM, to join the congregation for worship. Ted was introduced to Water of Life Ministries when Doyle was holding crusades in Anaheim.


January  30, Doyle posted on Facebook: " I believe that the Lord is directing me along with Ted Ross, CIO, of the City of Los Angeles - ITA, to establish Water of Life Church of Los Angeles, Inc., in California."


February 2 (Saturday), Doyle states during the 10:00 AM livestream program, “The blind see, the deaf hear, the dumb speak, the lame walk, all shall be made whole soon! That is in my heart and my mouth." A tongue and interpretation was given:

 "The Lord would say to you: you rise above all things by your faith mixed with the gospel, so obey the word of God, keep your eyes on the word of God; don’t look right, don’t look left but look straight ahead, your blessing is on the table."


February 14, Doyle had a vision of "many sad, downtrodden people.".


February 21, Began streaming live, Kathie Davidson's Thursday Women's Meeting.


February 25, Interpretation of tongue (Kathie Davidson):
"Did not I deliver David from all his persecutors? Did not I deliver Jeremiah from all his persecutors? Did not I deliver the apostle Paul from all his persecutors and did not I deliver my Son from all his persecutors? Why would you think that I would not deliver you?"


February 28, While praying last evening, Doyle sneezed four times, and this morning twice more, and descibes spirits/devils, coming out of his soul which came in by of his perscutors.


 March 4, During today's 10:00 AM Livestream program, several prophecies were given and a tongue and interpretation, "... I have opened the door to California and no man can shut it...", "...a great wind will sweep the power across this nation...", "...When I call my servants to arms, great things will come forth...", "...he’s coming back for a people as they meet in the air, and they shall be with him on the earth for a thousand years during the millennium; they shall show forth wonders in the earth..."


March 5, Doyle requested Paul Peter's solos and Terry Mai's songs played, and Doyle writes that while listening to Terry's fourth song in the line-up, "four devils came out of my soul, put there by my persecutors,"


March 9, Doyle saw in the spirit during the 10:00 AM program, a person he knew. Later while praying in his office, bands came off his legs and a few minutes later, a heavy burden came off his shoulder. Oppression is leaving his hands. He could see the clock in his office today.


 March 18, Message from Steddie about God's protection during Cyclone Idai, of twelve meeting locations in Zimbabwe, where Living Water of Life congregants meet.


March 20, Doyle could see green grass and blue sky today.


March 23, Bryan Bonner joins the set to speak briefly to the Church about his time at Water of Life Church.


March 24 (Sunday) Doyle speaks on the morning program about God's promise to him according to Isaiah 35 and prays, " “Now Father, in Jesus name, do as thou has said to me.”
 Bryan Bonner left Plano today to return to Riverside, California.


April 1, Doyle's sister, Betty Jackson, along with her husband George, called Doyle with birthday greetings from Jerusalem,  during the 10:00 AM program. Dr. Rodney Butler also called to tell Doyle Happy Birthday. 


April 3, Beginning today, Doyle has canceled the daily livestream program. Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings and Wednesday evenings will continue with Kathie Davidson, Terre Brown and Anthony Reece ministering on set with Doyle.


April 5, Doyle had a night vision of a woman sitting in the passenger seat of his car. "I believe the woman is already praying with my prayer circle or will join it."


April 7 (Sunday) Woke early this morning with a desire to pray and knew it was for something specific and heard, "Ask of me and I will give you the keys to the kingdom of heaven."


April 13, Added two new chairs to the set.


April 15, The daily livestream program was reinstated.


May 2, Tongues, interpretations and prophecy were given this morning during the 10:00 AM livestream program by Kathie Davidson, David Kaspareit, Claudia Parker, Doyle Davidson and Terre Brown. Doyle anounces on Facebook, Cindy Barber is joining Water of Life Ministries to minister to the people of Tennessee. 


May 5 (Sunday) Cindy Barber joined the 10:00 AM Livestream program, live, via video, from Mount Juliet, Tennessee, for the first time. Anthony Reece presents copies of the new printing of Doyle's booklet,  "What is the Gospel?", both English and Spanish versions.


 May 15, Received the new books, "What Is The Gospel? from the printer.


May 17, 5000 copies of the new printing of the book, "What Is The Gospel?" were sent to Zimbabwe. Confronts the false teaching of praying to the Holy Ghost.


May 20, The French  version of Doyle's book, "What Is The Gospel" was made available online. Prayed for about forty minutes for a Water of Life attendee during the 10:00 AM program.


May 25, Published the doctrinal statement for Water of Life Church of Plano, Inc./Doyle Davidson Ministries/Water of Life Ministries Global, "What We Teach and Do".


May 28, One thousand copies of the new printing of the book, "What Is the Gospel"" arrived at the airport in Harare, Zimbabwe.


June 5, Conducted a special meeting of the Board of Trustees to formalize the addition of the name, "Doyle Davidson Ministries" to Water of Life Church of Plano, Inc.


June 8, Steddie Muserera, Living Water of Life Ministries, Int'l. received their shipment of the newest printing of the book, "What Is The Gospel? by Doyle Davidson.


June 9 (Sunday) Mel Tari is guest speaker at the 10:00 AM service..Mel's wife, their son and grandson were in  attendance as well. Anthony Reece rejoins the set.


June 11, Doyle states, "Cindy Barber is an elect lady. (2 John 1)

June 16, Posted: Ephesians 3:10 - "All the areas that Water of Life people live, that are reading [aloud] this document (doctrinal statement), are speaking to the powers and principalities where they live."


June 19, The order was submitted to begin translation of Doyle Davidson's book, "What Is the Gospel?" into Korean, Japanese and Chinese.


June 20, While praying Luke 6:38, God brought a vision of a woman's name, in captiol letters, before Doyle with it, he heard the Lord speak her name; a woman he knew as a veterinarian to her horses.


June 21, All Water of Life livestream programs are suspended, with the exception of Kathie Davidson's Womens Meeting.


June 24, Water of Life livestream programs made available on our private channel with password, upon request.


June 25, New air conditioners installed in the sanctuary. 10:00 AM program recorded in the Fellowship Hall (audio only).


June 30 (Sunday) Anthony read the prophecy from June 18, 2014 and afterward Doyle had a prophectic word: "...no man can stand against me, none."
Yet many will try saith the Lord, but they will be unable to stand, they will fall; some will fall by the sword for resisting you.“


July 7, Doyle taught from Revelation 18 and Colossians 1, the world and the body of Christ (the Church). The program was titled "Two Opposing Systems.". A tongue and interpretion was given: "Open your ears and hear the voice of the bridegroom..." and a prophecy: "The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear? No one shall I fear, but the Father and the Son..."


July 8, The Korean, Japanese and Chinese translations of the online version of Doyle's book, "What Is the Gospel?"  were made available today for free download on his website. Private podcasts made available for the private daily programs.


July 10, Began Facebook advertisements for the Korean, Japanese and Chinese translations of Doyle's book, "What Is the Gospel?" for free download, targeting specific cities. The Chinese, Japanese and Korean advertisements  ran from July 10 - October 27. The Vietnamese translation was offered from August 15 - October 27, 2019. There were a total of 2,455 visits to the website to view/and or download the books, (Chinese 702; Japanese 332; Korean 593; Vietnamese 828.)


July 14, Doyle had a night vision of what appeared like a leather "belt", and a voice speaking to him, "men shall give into your bosom".


July 15, Private Roku Channel made available for viewing password accessible livestream broadcasts.


July 21, Water of Life Ministries, at the directions of God, financed a water well at Wezda, Zimbabwe, to alleviate the lack of water due to drought in that area. Living Water of Life Ministries International, Steddie and Susan Muserera, directed the project.


July 25 (Thursday), Today WOL began conducting a worship service every night at 8:00 PM (CT), with the exception of Wednesdays and Sundays which will be at the usual times, 7:00 PM and 6:00 PM, (CT), respectively.  As with the daily broadcasts, the 8:00 PM service is available through the Water of Life private channel with a password (available upon request).


July 28 (Sunday) Doyle directs Anthony Reece to minister Revelation chapter 18 during the 10:00 AM Livestream Broadast and Doyle states, "I'm overcoming the great men of the earth..." Kathie Davidson speaks "as a wise woman of Abel, a mother of Zion..." during the 6:00 PM Livestrem Broadcast.


August 3 (Saturday) During the 10:00 AM private livestream program Doyle was experiencing pain and stated he was in intercession.Anthony Reece opened the 8:00 PM worship service along with Terre Brown. Doyle was home in intercession as was Kathie.


August 4 (Sunday) Kathie Davidson along with Anthony Reece opened the 10:00 AM Livestream Program. Anthony along with Terre Brown opened the evening program.


August 7 (Wednesday) Doyle returned to the set for the 10:00 AM private Livestream program, beginning to gain the victory in a great battle of several days of pain and weakness, overcoming those God sent him to, according to Acts 26:17. The Chinese translation of the book, "What Is the Gospel?" by Doyle Davidson is available upon request.


August 8, Doyle gave an exhortation during the 10:00 AM private Livestream Broadcast: "Be still you are doing well saith the Lord of hosts. / My father brought me out of the pit. saith the Lord of hosts."


August 9, Doyle gave a prophecy during the 8:00 PM private Livestream Broadcast, "The Lord would say to you, don’t look to the right, don’t look to the left, but look up, that’s where the Lord’s at; don’t be looking around, don’t be searching for God, he’s right in front of you, just open your eyes and look at him, he’s ready to answer your call, saith the Lord of hosts."


August 12, New post office address for Water of Life Church of Plano, Inc.: PO Box 941925, Plano, TX 75094-1925


August 14, The Korean translation of the book, "What Is The Gospel" by Doyle Davidson is available upon request.

August 15, Began running the Facebook ad for the Vietnamese translation of Doyle's book, "What Is the Gospel?" for free download.


 August 18, Beginning today, the Sunday morning and  evening, and Wednesday evening livestream programs will only be available on our private channel, accessed with a password (contact Water of Life office to request the link and password).


August 20, Kathie Davidson announced the Women's Meeting via livestream, will move to Water of Life's private channel, accessed with a password. (contact Water of Life office to request the link and password.)


August 29,  Living Water of Life International 2019 Annual Conference, Epworth, Zimbabwe - led by Steddie Muserera. (August 29-September 1, 2019)


September 1(Sunday), Terre Brown debuts her new song, "He Paid a Debt He Did Not Owe".


September 6 (Friday), Beginning today, all evening services will begin at 7:00 PM CT, including Sunday evening.


September 11, 10:00 AM program "The Lord is Helping Me." The church in Los Angeles will be named, "Fountains of Living Water Ministries."
 Living Water of Life International, in conjunction with Water of Life Church of Plano, drilled a water well at Chivhu, Zimbabwe. (Additional photos.)


 September 15, Doyle prayed in tongues 5-1/2 hours and then another 30 minutes.


Septmeber 16, Doyle states, "I woke up this morning with war in my spirit...I believe America could be in a war with a Middle East country, any day.


September 18, Doyle states: "I was able to pray grace during the 10:00 AM program. Something has moved."
The Lord showed Doyle an image of a man dressed in western clothes, a spirit of witchcraft he has been fighting for twenty years.


September 21, The Vietnamese translation of the book,  "What Is The Gospel?" by Doyle Davidson, is now available upon request.


September 22, (Sunday) Doyle Davidson and Water of Life Ministries conducted a communion service during the 10:00 AM program. Today is the  beginning of a monthly communion service, the fourth Sunday of each month.


September 26 (Thursday), "This morning I was visited by the Lord Jesus and he said to me, "You have a deep depression and I'm going to deliver you..."


September 29, During the 10:00 AM Private Livestream Broadcast, a tongue and interpretation was given "There is a way that no man knows, but I am the way the truth and the light..."


October 3, Doyle Davidson shares on the 10:00 AM program: "This morning about 6:00 AM I broke through a deep depression."


October 14, Doyle Davidson's book, "What Is the Gospel?," is currently being translated into Hebrew.


October 20, A prophecy was given during the 10:00 AM private livestream program: "The Lord would say to you, rejoice..."


October 27, This morning during the 10:00 AM Private Channel Livestream Broadast the monthly communion service was conducted by Paul Peters, at Doyle Davidson's request.


October 28, A prophecy was given by Doyle during the 7:00 PM Private Channel Livestream Broadcast:
 "The Lord would say unto you my friends, humble yourself, walk before me in grace and fear and trembling and you will see the salvation of God, for God is your friend, God loves you, God chose you when no one else wanted you, but God is not afraid to train you to walk with him and do his will, saith the Lord of hosts."
The community at Chivu, Zimbabwe (Pastor Chamisa Musevenzo) now has local access to safe drinking water, supplied by the Lord through Water of Life Church of Plano (Photos).


November 6, Doyle instructs the body of Christ according to Nehemiah 8:10 and Luke 6:23, "The joy of the Lord is our strength and if you want joy, leap for it."


November 10, The Hebrew translation of the book "What Is the Gospel", by Doyle Davidson is now available on-line.


November 14, Doyle appoints Cindy Barber as a prophetess during the 7:00 PM private livestream broadcast.


November 17, The Lord showed Doyle two images of two men, one of them had glasses on "and a person was delivered this afternoon." He stated that he had been praying in tongues for several hours, for three days.


November 22, During the private livestream program, Doyle warns the enemies of the Lord, according to 1 Timothy 1:20, "...whom I have delivered unto Satan, that they may learn not to blaspheme." (Facebook post)


November 24, Communion was ministered by Paul Peters during the 10:00 AM private livestream broadcast. Doyle Davidson introduced guests of Water of Life, Mel Tari and his family, and Mel ministered to the Church, at Doyle's invitation. A tongue and interpretation was given:

"The Lord is here in person, he will not forsake you, he will not leave you alone; no man can stand before you; no one can say, why are you doing this, for I’ve ordained this house, I’ve ordained it from the foundation of the world and it will go forth, it will go forth, for you have not seen anything yet, and you are now on the right track, better than ever, and you will make it and the best is ahead, saith the Lord of hosts."


November 25, Water of Life returned to their public livestream broadcast today, beginning with the 10:00 AM progam. Kathie Davidson shares a testimony of a miracle healing of a congregant's (Cyndy) mother, confirmed by her physician as a miracle.


November 27, Began advertising on Facebook and Instagram, the Hebrew translation of the book,  "Jesus Did the Father's Will,"  authored by Doyle Davidson. (Book Advertising Timeline)


November 28, Began avertising the Hebrew translation of "What Is the Gspel?" authored by Doyle Davidson on Facebook and Instagram.


November 30, Several prophecies and a tongue and interpretation were given during the 10:00 AM program and some were concerning Israel:

Interpretation: "The way of the Lord is peace, be strong, be strong in the power of his might, trust in him, believe him, he’s got you on the right road; your road is straight and narrow and you’re on it, continue to press forward; the door has been opened, no man can shut it; press on, fear not, I am with you saith the Lord of hosts."
"The door is opened, no one can hinder you. No man stand before you, no man can say, ‘What are you doing?’ You are not going to be stopped."


December 7, Water of Life's doctrinal statement was made available in French today. Downloads of the Hebrew translations of Doyle's two books, "What Is the Gospel?" and "Jesus Did the Father's Will" targeting Hebrew speaking audiences reached 300.


December 8, Doyle prayed for his friends, many who left the ministry and also posted messages to them on Facebook.


December 10, Facebook and Instagram ads for both the Hebrew translations and English versions of "What Is the Gospel?" and "Jesus Did the Father's Will"  targeting the entire state of Texas began today.


December 14, Doyle and the others share that Water of Life will be taking the gospel to the British Isles with the books Doyle authored, beginning with the areas where his ancestors originated. During the 7:00 PM program Doyle saw a vision of people sitting on the floor praying. During the praise and worship he received notification that the book he authored,  "Jesus Did the Father's Will" was made available in the British Isles, on Facebook and Instagram for download, free of charge.


December 15, A tongue and interpretation and a prophecy were given during the 7:00 PM livestream program, "Be bold, be strong, be strong in the Lord and the power of his might. Don’t let the devil attack you and scare you..." and "Did I not say that I give you power over all the power of the enemy? Did I not say that? Did I not say that he cannot hurt you? Did I not say to Joshua, I give Jericho into your hands?...


December 18, Doyle prays for Vickie during the 7:00 PM, according to James 5.


December 19, In the early hours of the morning Doyle was awakened and he thought, "Why am I so fearful?" He overcame but he learned, it wasn't fear, it was oppression, deep oppression, he believes. During worship on the 10:00 AM program God ministered to Doyle the words, "Victory is here."


December 20, Kathie Davidson ministers Doyle's book, "He Rose Again" in its entirety, at Doyle's request, during the 7:00 PM livestream broadcast.


December 22 (Sunday) Paul Peters ministers the monthly communion service during the 10:00 AM Livestream program.


December 29, At Doyle's request, Kathie Davidson minister's Doyle's book, "The Gospel Is Always a Blessing" in its entirety during the 7:00 PM livestream broadcast. We began advertising “The Gospel is Always a Blessing” in Israel, the British Isles, and in Texas, California, Indiana, Joplin, MO and Tulsa, OK.


December 30, Doyle shares that for several weeks he has been seeing a vision of people around him, whether he was riding in a car, in his office, sitting at his table, they were there. They were somewhat small in stature, mostly men. Tonight he asked, "What is this? What in the world are all these people around me?" And he knew, "This is South America, Central America, Mexico. We are taking the gospel to them."


December 31, During the 7:00 PM Livestream Broadcast, the ad for the Spanish translation of Doyle Davidson's book, "Jesus Did the Father's Will" went live in South and Central America and Mexico. Kathie Davidson gives a tongue and interpretation, "...and my word will blossom in the hearts of the desperate; my word will blossom in the hearts of the poor, and my word will blossom in the souls that are seeking my face saith the Lord."




January 1 The advertisement for the Spanish translation of Doyle Davidson's book “He Rose Again” went live in Central/ South America.


January 2, Today marks fifty years since Doyle sold 121 Veterinary Hospital and his practice in obedience to God and drove away, not knowing where he was going.
Doyle shares a vision of two women he saw during the 10:00 AM livestream program and believes they are representative of South America. He prays a prayer for the women of South America.


January 6, During the 10:00 AM livestream program Doyle shares a miracle of the Spirit of God leading him to be able to operate the controls of the remote (which has 38 buttons) in order for him to post just after midnight the previous evening, on Facebook about fighting witchcraft in his soul, laid their by those he though were his friends. Kathie Davidson ministers Doyle's book "Jesus on the Cross" in its entirety, during the 7:00 PM livestream program. Changed the format for advertising Doyle's books. The ads will now be active on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.


January 9, We reactivated the book advertisements at 4:00 PM (US CT). The three-day ad campaign of the book, “He Rose Again” resulted in 11,467 books downloaded (USA 351 [English]; South/Central America/Mexico 10,241 [Spanish]; British Isles 357 [English]; Israel 518 [Hebrew]).


January 11, Doyle began seeing a vision of the South American men again. He believes God is showing him, they are reading his book, "He Rose Again."


January 12, Kathie Davidson's ministers Doyle's book, "Jesus Did the Father's Will" in its entirety during the 7:00 PM livestream broadcast.


January 13, To date there have been a total of 18,938 downloads of Doyle's books since November 27, 2019. (Israel 2646; British Isles 1747; Mexico, Central America, South America 13,139; Texas, California, Indiana, Joplin, and Tulsa 1,406.)


January 16, Doyle had a vision early this morning. He saw green grass, several cars, and the men that exited the vehicles were obviously contractors, with architectural plans.


January 28,  Doyle began praying, “I thank God that He is restoring in Water of Life people, all the years that the locust, the cankerworm, the caterpillar, and the palmerworm has eaten.” (Joel 2:23-32)


February 6, Water of Life returned to their private channel for all livestream broadcasts (Password required for access.).


February 7, Doyle had a verse of scripture in his heart early this morning, and spoke about it on the daily program, "This day have I rolled away the reproach from Egypt off you..." (Joshua 5:9) The Spirit of God directed Doyle to discontinue financial support to Zimbabwe at this time.


 February 10, To date, 4,500 copies of the Hebrew translations of Doyle's six books have been downloaded in Israel free of charge. Total books downloaded since the ad campaigns began November 27, 2019.


February 13, Today we received from the translators, the completed Arabic translation of "Doyle's book, "Jesus Did the Father's Will."


February 14, The Lord told Doyle someone had  seduced his faith.


February 15, We began advertising the Arabic translation of Doyle's book, "Jesus on the Cross" in Isarel, and added the English translation on Monday (Feb. 17). We completed the campaign on Tuesday (Feb 18) with 1,719 visits (Arabic 1287; English 423) to the website to view/and or download the book free of charge. Disccuss on the program, Revelation 6 and the swarms of locusts invading Africa.


February 25, Posted on Facebook  Matthew chapter 24, the words of Jesus concerning the last days.


March 13, Doyle began praying for Zimbabwe, America and other countries, "...that a spirit of godly sorrow will be poured out to lead them to repentance unto salvation not to be repented of, and that they receive a revelation of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ."


March 14, The Browns Mixed Quartet debuted the song, “Just As I Am.”

March 15, Doyle's prayer in regard to the virus pandemic: "I pray if any COVID-19, the Coronavirus, comes in contact with ANY of God's people, it dies and leaves the person's body immediately!"

March 17, Cindy Barber will not be on the daily program until further notice, beginning with the 7:00 PM broadcast.

March 24, Collin County, Texas shelter at home orders (due to the corona virus pandemic) began.

March 27, Living Water of Life Ministries International/Steddie Muserera moved from their leased facility in Harare to the location at Epworth, Zimbabwe.

April 4, Terre Brown was absent from the set, overcoming an attack of the devil.

April 21, Doyle called the Church to fast, according to Ezra 8:21, “ Then I proclaimed a fast there at the river of Ahava, that we might humble ourselves before our God, to seek from Him the right way for us and our little ones and all our possessions.”

April 29, Doyle stated during the 10:00 AM Private Livestream Broadcast that 1 Timothy 2:1-6 would be ministered at every service, as he used to do in the past.
Doyle posted on Facebook yesterday (April 28) and made the statement that he was, “expecting God’s anointing to increase in me to begin healing the sick, cleansing the lepers, raising the dead, and casting out devils greater than I have before.” This evening about 5:30 while he was lying on his bed, an angel visited him and said, “The anointing increased to meet your needs.” Doyle stated, “Something immediately hit my midsection and the angel was gone.”

May 2, The lockdown for the Corona virus in Zimbabwe was exteneded two more weeks. Posted on Facebook, “About 8:30 tonight, I was instructed to ask the Lord to intervene in Zimbabwe.”

May 3, Terre Brown debuted the song, “He Giveth More Grace.”


May 6, Doyle confronted a spirit of euthanasia/suicide.


May 9, We began advertising the Hebrew translation of Water of Life's doctrinal statement,  “What We Teach and Do,” in Israel.


May 13, Doyle had a vision this evening while sitting at his kitchen table, of being in a large circular room with many people and believe  they are representative of those receiving the doctrine in Israel. Later when they went upstairs, the vision continued in another large room.


 May 17, A tongue and interpretation "There is more anointing to come as it is needed for my purposes, saith the Lord..." and a prophecy, "...Humble yourselves, seek my face, praise me, worship me, put me first in your life and you will see power like you have never seen..."  were given during the 10:00 Am private livestream program. On May 16 it was reported, Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa extended the lockdown for the Corona virus, indefinitely. Doyle began to pray and posted, "Lord is there not one righteous in Zimbabwe?" Doyle posted that he was delivered "...of some bondages of horses and horse shows."


May 18, Doyle invited a select group of people to the sanctuary for the morning and evening services in anticipation of re-opening the sanctuary to the public. Todays' 10:00 AM private livestream program includes a message to Israel.


May 19, Doyle had a vision this afternoon while praying, "...Three men, two clearly Arabs and one a Jew. They were standing in the vision within inches of me. I am sure they are saying, “Keep the Doctrine, “What We Teach and Do” coming." During the evening program he had a vision, "...I looked up over my left shoulder and I saw a vision of a man; I knew in my spirit it was a man from Israel saying ‘Come on over here.'"


May 22, All services at Water of Life Church of Plano are open to the public again (in accordance with the safe distance guide lines.)


May 24, The ad campaign for the Hebrew translation of "What We Teach and Do" in Israel closed today. The total visits to the website to view and /or download the document was 2,009.


May 25, This morning Doyle had a vision of a person who looked like him, fifteen years ago. When he shared it with Kathie D she said by the Spirit of God, " And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you."


May 27, Photos of the completed sanctuary roof and compound of Living Water of Life Ministries International, at Epworth, Zimbabwe.


May 29, Mary Jane Butler went to heaven.


May 31, Doyle described this morning's program as setting the church in order.
Doyle prayed "grace, grace, grace..". seven or eight hours today and something came out of the cornea of his eye, maybe the size of a pin.


June 6, Doyle mentions on the program a recent vision, being full of grace and traveling through the atmosphere.


June 7 (Sunday) Kathie Davidson gave a prophecy during the 10:00 AM program, "The Lord would say to you, my children, all the battles are won in the valley, all the battles are won in the valley..."


June 14 (Sunday) Three seminary students visited Water of Life Church for the evening service.


June 16, Posted on Facbeook Daniel 12:1-4, “...even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.” That evening Doyle saw 5 men in a vision while sitting at his kitchen table, 3 Jewish and 2 Arabs, and when he went up stairs, at the top of the landing, he saw 7 men.


June 22, Water of Life received a $10,000 gift. The Spirit of God directed Doyle to give it, along with another larger amount, to the poor and needy in Israel according to Roman 15:24-27. He was notified the monies were received on June 29th and available for distribution to those in need.


June 28 (Sunday) Doyle named the private Livestream Broadcasts for the morning and evening service, "Bringing Forth Fruit." The Spirit of God through Doyle exhorted those listening, "You will be sent to the four corners of the earth with the same anointing that's on me..."


June 29, Water of Life sanctuary is closed to the public; staff only, will be admitted.


June 30, While sitting at his kitchen table in the evening, Doyle had a vision of at least six men in black hats who came up to him, one at a time. He believes they are Orthodox Jews.


July 5 (Sunday) Doyle posted on Facebook, since he began praying for all that are in authority, according to 1 Timothy 2:1-6, their authority is anointed.


July 26, Doyle prayed for a group of men, Orthodox Jews, in his night vision. After he did so they left, and another group appeared, who he also prayed for.


July 27, "Today withdrawal of my ministry from Zimbabwe is complete, but I will continue to pray for them." -Doyle


July 28, During the 10:00 AM private livestream program, Doyle addresses a situation in Indiana of a little girl who suffered a stroke at age four, whose mother has been believing for complete soundness for her daughter. Doyle and his co-hosts believe God "has taken her case." During the 7:00 PM program he welcomes the entire family.


July 30, Today while praying, Doyle received more understanding of the visions coming to him of men in black hats, brown hats and other head coverings. The Lord said to him. "These are people you are praying for."


  August 14, 7:00 PM program:Doyle states, “I’ve got in my spirit, Israel, the Davidson Center, (not related to me) and Dome on the Rock, the Western Wall, amen…that’s as far as I can go, but I know in my heart, I’ll be praying in the Spirit for things in Israel to be established.."


August 16, Tongue and interpretation given by Kathie Davidson during the 10:00 AM Livestream broadcast, "The Lord would say to you, you have a situation, but there is one here that is greater than your situation..."


August 20, Doyle prays for Israel. (Transcribed excerpt from the 10:00 AM Livestream Broadcast.)


August 26, I have been wrestling with a spirit and Kathie Davidson said to me, "You're wrestling with a Puritan spirit.


August 31, Doyle Davidson and Kathie Davidson conducted Water of Life's first Zoom webinar at 10:00 AM. All daily and evening livestream programs have been replaced by Zoom webinars except the Sunday 10:00 AM Livestream service, which  will remian the same. The sanctuary will be open by invitation only, for the Sunday morning service.
William Hurtado went to be with the Lord.


September 3, Kathie Davidson conducted her first Zoom webinar Women's meeting today at 12:10 PM.


September 8, The church sanctuary will be open to those who are invited: Sunday mornings 10:00 AM CT, Sunday evenings 7:00 PM CT, and Wednesday evenings 7:00 PM CT and we will be sreaming live for those meetings, instead of Zoom webinars.


September 12, Transcribed prayer from tonight's (9/12/2020) Zoom webinar:
"I pray the Lord send out the Spirit of God with his anointings according to his purpose to the four corners of the earth to minister unto the people that are humble, in Jesus name amen."


September 24, Doyle was praying since 5:00 AM and as the Zoom Webinar began he went into interecession.


September 28, Discontinued the 7:00 PM Zoom Webinars, with instructions God's people will spend that time in the evenings reading the word of God out loud.

October 4 (Sunday) Paul Peters debuts the song, "Blessed Assurance" duing the 10:00 private livestream program. Doyle describes seeing sixteen angels in the sanctuary and he saw them again during the 7;00 PM program.


October 9, Doyle began praying Isaiah 53:4-5 this afternoon.

October 15, Doyle addresses the Orthodox Jews of New York during the 10;00 AM program, "...you need the power of the kingdom..."


October 17, David Kaspareit joins Doyle and Kathie on Zoom this morning to discuss events in the Middle East and the Abraham Accords Peace Agreement, in relation to God's covenant with Abraham in the book of Genesis.


October 18 (Sunday), A tongue and interpretation were given:
"The Lord is the strength of your salvation. Yield to that salvation and walk in the Spirit and believe the gospel, the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. Believe and doubt not, for the power of God is increasing in this house and will increase as needed, saith the Lord of hosts. Trust in the Lord, trust in the Spirit of the Lord and watch the salvation of God flow through you and minister to you and give you great peace, saith the Lord of Hosts."


October 19, About 4:00 PM today Doyle began choking and sneezing and with grest stress broke through some persecution in his soul.


October 20, Doyle posted on Facebook: "Men of Water of Life need to gird up their loins, stand up, pray, and see what is troubling Water of Life Ministeries." Later he posted: "To men of Water of Life:Yesterday about 4:00 PM, while talking to KD about the persecution, I started choking and sneezing, and with great stress, I broke through some of that persecution in my soul."


October 22, Doyle began walking again. He walked for 30 minutes in the Fellowship Hall.


October 23, This morning when I woke up, there was a good change in my faith. Posted: "I have the Apostle Paul’s revelation and he and I walk in the same Spirit. And he sent every person that walked with him where and when to go minister. And I repent now I did not believe what I should have. So, I am asking the Lord to forgive me, and I am from this time forth telling people where to go minster and when..."


October 25 (Sunday) Tongues and interpretations were given during the 10:00 AM program, "For the Lord is your light and your salvation, he will lead you, he will guide you, he will cause you to triumph in these dark days..." and "I am the God of ALL grace, I am the God of all grace and my grace flows into this place..." The praise team (Terre Brown, Paul Peters, David Brown, Phillip Brown and Lou Ann Brown) led the congregation in live praise songs.


October 26, Doyle experienced pain all day and was aware the battle axe was in operation. He overcame in victory. The senate voted to confirm the new associate justice, Amy Coney Barrett.


October 28, David Kaspareit began joining the Zoom meetings as a regular panelist.


November 13, Doyle repented of asking certain people who had left the ministry to return to Water of Life.


November 15 (Sunday) Doyle was attacked by the devil this morning; The evening service was via Zoom from his office with Kathie opening and closing.the meeting. 


November 22 (Sunday) Doyle states during the 7:;00 PM service that he is convinced the battle axe is an anointing. Kathie Davidson announced the Thursday Women's Meeting is discontinued.


November 23, Doyle was in a war this morning, Kathie D opens and closes the Zoom meeting.


November 27, Doyle shares the Lord ministered Isaiah 41:10-11, five times to him in the night: "Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness. Behold, all they that were incensed against thee shall be ashamed and confounded: they shall be as nothing; and they that strive with thee shall perish."


December 13 Doyle has been sharing that during the meetings in the sanctuary, he has been seeing visions of tall angels lining up in fron of the platform and also in the back .


December 30, Offering sent to "The Guardians of Israel" program.




January 1, While waiting in the car for Kathie at the grocery store, Doyle began speaking, "nothing but the blood of Jesus".


January 3 (Sunday) Today's program recognized Doyle's forty year anniversary preaching the gospel from the current location of Water of Life Church of Plano, Inc, 1621 18th St,, Plano, Texas.


January 6 (Wednesday) A tongue and interpretation is given during the 7:00 PM Private Livestream Broadcast,“There is no fear in the perfect love of God..."


January 14 As Doyle was praying early this morning, fear came out of the left side of his chest and there was peace.


January 16, As Doyle was praying, out of him came, "The Lord is my shepherd."


January 17 (Sunday) David Kaspareit opens the 10:00 AM Private Livestream Broadcast, Doyle and Kathie were home praying and overcoming the spirit that blinded Doyle. The entire program is devoted to prayer and praise. There was no Sunday evening program, the Church is instructed to devote the evening to praying and reading the word of God aloud.


January 20, Doyle prayed for the incoming Biden administration during the 10:00 AM Private Livestream Broadcast. Paul Peters debuts the song, "The Blood Will Never Lose It's Power" during the 7:00 PM program.


January 28, The Lord showed Doyle the fear he senses in his heart is fear of what he is wrestling with in prayer, "principalites, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world and spirtual wickedness in high places."


January 31 (Sunday) Anthony Reece joins Doyle and Kathie on the set during the 10:00 AM and 7:00 PM services.


February 6, The Spirit of God directed Doyle to send money to Zimbabwe for the poor.


February 9, The the sanctuary will be opened to the public for the Wednesday evening, Sunday morning and Sunday evening services beginning tomorrow (Wednesday February 10th).


February 14 (Sunday) Severe winter weather in Texas. Services in the sanctuary were canceled and the meetings were conducted via Zoom from Doyle and Kathie's home office.


February 15, Due to rolling electrical blackouts, there was no 10:00 AM Zoom webinar.


February 17, Wednesday evening service in the sanctuary was canceled due to weather conditions (ice). No Zoom meeting either.


February 24, Wednesday 7:00 PM meetings are discontinued at this time. The Church is instructed to spend the time reading the word of God out loud and filling your heart with the Word.


February 28, Zoom meetings canceled at this time. The first Sunday of each month, beginning with March 7th we will conduct a meeting in the sanctuary.


March 1, The Lord said to Doyle this morning that "I am firm and consistent and I'm coming out of this."


March 17 (Wednesday), This morning Doyle and Kathie conducted a pre-recorded Zoom webinar with Water of Life staff, according to 1 Corithians 14:26. Several staff members ministered either doctrine and/or testimonies, and/or songs and Doyle and Kathie ministered tongues and interpretations, "There is great love turned your way...." and "God is love..."


 April 21, 10:00 AM Daily Zoom webinars resume.


April 24, Kathie Davidson returns to ministering on radio, broadcasting at 8:00 AM in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


April 25, Regular Sunday morning services in the sanctuary will resume. Kathie Davidson began ministering again on radio in Pittsburgh, Kansas and an FM station in Joplin at 8:30 AM.


May 1, Paul Paino of IFCJ visited Plano.

May 14, Received photos from IFCJ of bomb shelters being placed in Israel, one of which was purchased for them by WOL.


May 29, Began livestreaming evening praise meeting on the private channel from the sanctuary, 7:00 Pm to 8:00 PM every night; it is not archived. (Sundays and Wednesdays are archived.) Those with passwords are invited to the sanctuary. (May 28th was the first one, from, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM and it was not livestreamed.)


June 18, Doyle shares, "Jesus came to see me...he was sitting right beside me on my bed..." (Recorded video "I Talked to Jesus".)


June 20, Doyle posts about identifying a spirit of wickedness in high places.

July 22, Discontinued evening praise meetings.

July 26, Daily praise meetings begin today at 10:00 AM.


August 30, Doyle began riding his stationary bike again today (Monday), completing 9 miles.  He completed 100 miles on Saturday, Sept. 4.


Sept 5 (Sunday), Doyle saw at least 20 angels in the room with him and Kathie, during the Zoom program. Kathie gives a tongue and Doyle interprets, "The war is great, but the victory is greater; the victory is right in front of you, don’t look right, don’t look left and don’t listen to any person or you will drown in the deep water saith the Lord of hosts. I’ve prepared you since your birth for this job as an apostle/prophet in these latter days and you have not hesitated to obey every one of my commandments and I know you will do the same ahead..."


Sept 10, Kathie Davidson gave a tongue and interpretation during the 10:00 AM Zoom webinar: "I am Jesus, the Alpha and Omega. When there is nothing left, there is me; when you have used all your resources and there is nothing left there is me. When you have nothing to rely on, nothing to trust in, trust in me. I am the one the Father sent; I am the one who satisfied God almighty for you. When there is nothing left, there is me, saith Jesus."


Sept. 15 (Wednesday), Doyle shared the testimonies of Wally and Peggy Edge both being healed on Thanksgiving 1975, when Doyle prayed for them.


Sept 24, Vickie Wilmarth went to be with the Lord.


Sept. 26, Begin meeting with staff on Zoom, Monday and Thursday at 7;00 PM for prayer and praise.


Oct. 16, Zoom meetings suspended. Beginning Sunday (Oct. 16), meetings will be conducted on Sunday mornings at 10:00 AM, Sunday evenings at 7:00 PM and Wednesday evenings at 7:00 PM, via Private Livestream Broadcast in the sanctuary.


Nov. 15, Yossi Weiss, Israeli guide, passed away.


Nov 16, Paul Paino prayed for Doyle and spoke three things, revelation, resolution, renewal.


Nov 18, As Doyle was praying, the Spirit of God brought to mind, Zerubabbel 4:10, “For who hath despised the days of small things? For they shall rejoice and shall see the plummet in the hand of Zerubbabel…”


Dec 7, Wally Edge went to be with the Lord.


Dec 13, Doyle fasted Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, seeking what God wants.